Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 10 Pt.1!!


Lightning streaks across the sky as the storm grew in anger. Bellows of thunder rumble through the clouds. The intensity of the massive thunderstorm over one of the Indonesian islands continues to grow. Gusty winds whips across the island, bending the branches of the trees of the forest to near breaking. Somewhere, the indigenous life of the island runs for shelter from the storm. However, the danger is not the fury of the storm in the sky. It is the fury of the storm on the ground. Incubus attacks Guardian with all his ferocity. He unleashes ferocious attacks with rapid fire fury. Guardian gracefully dances around each fire-charged strike. Incubus throws a fiery kick high. Guardian anticipates and blocks it. Incubus whips his other leg high but Guardian anticipated this as well and defends accordingly. Snarling, Incubus tries to sweep his opponent’s ankles. A short hop by Guardian avoids this attack. Still in rotation, Incubus quickly gathers fire energy in his hand and fires it like a bullet. Guardian jerks his head aside to keep it from being burned off. Incubus quickly comes up with a fiery uppercut and follows with a roundhouse kick. Both are nimbly avoided. Incubus throws out another uppercut, but this one is a feint as he conjures a flame pillar beneath Guardian’s feet. Guardian jumps back to avoid it. He jumps again to evade another and another after that. Dodging again, he bats aside a Meteor Flame and counters with a Lightning Sphere. Incubus dives, hurls a Meteor Flame, rolls and comes to his feet. Then he hurls himself at Guardian. Guardian dodges the fireball and blocks the Aussie’s knee. His punch is blocked by Incubus and the two fighters engage in a quick exchange of attacks. They break away briefly before throwing themselves back into the fray.
Guardian is having some difficulty defending against Incubus. The Aussie Dark Realm warrior has switched fighting styles. His movements are looser and more fluid, not rigid like before. Most of the time Guardian has fought against fist-fighters rather than someone who actually has shown skill in a martial art. The Dark Realm ninja Shadow was diverse in martial arts but none that Guardian is unfamiliar with. This fighting style that Incubus is displaying, Guardian has not encountered. Each defensive move he makes is instantly met with a fast counter strike. Incubus moves like a water over stone, smooth and fluid yet quick and powerful. Guardian employs all his skills to stave off his attacks. Despite his efforts, Incubus finds a way through his defenses and lands several clean hits. Guardian blocks another strike and when he goes in for a counter, he is knocked back by a powerful stomp to his chest. Guardian bounces once on the ground and rolls to his feet. He glares at Incubus as the Aussie charges him down. Incubus dodges the lightning bolts Guardian calls down, takes to the air with a short hop and whips out a kick. Guardian calls down one more bolt of lightning to strike him and shock Incubus when he grabs his foot. Drawing a lightning charged fist low and driving it up hard, Guardian launches his opponent into the sky. He shoots above Incubus in a flash of lightning, grabs his face and hurls him with all his might toward the volcano. Incubus slams into the volcano’s side. Wasting no time, the lightning powered Defender appears on the side of volcano a distance above where Incubus crashed. The cloud of ash created from the impact is blown away by the increasing winds showing Incubus standing on the mountain side. He exchanges glares with Guardian. Then he swipes one arm up and Guardian breaks into a ground devouring sprint, dodging the erupting columns of fire Incubus conjures with amazing agility. Powering through the last column of fire, Guardian drives a lightning charged fist in Incubus face. Incubus slams into the ground with a thunderous crash. Guardian leaps from the volcano and lands a distance away.
Incubus forces himself to his feet. He slowly draws in energy from the volcano, restoring his lost strength. He stabs Guardian viciously with his eyes. Gnashing his teeth, he builds up whatever strength has been restored and begins launching round after round of various fire attacks—fireballs, waves, and flame bursts. Guardian draws his whips and counter with rapid fire lightning attacks. He hurls Lightning Spheres, crescent shaped waves and electrical streaks. Guardian, after dispelling another fireball, summons a row of Lightning Spheres on his whip and swipes it in a wide arc, sending all the spheres screaming through the air. Incubus calls upon a wall of fire columns to intercept the incoming barrage. He then thrusts his arms forward and sends the flames roaring across the ground like a flood. Guardian pours his power into his whip and draws it back. “Thundercracker!” he calls out as he swings his whip in a fast rising arc, unleashing a powerful wave of lightning that bores through the flames and at Incubus. To protect himself, Incubus summons a massive fire column. The two powers collide with Guardian’s attack threatening to extinguish the fire column. The Aussie warrior calls upon more power to strengthen his fire column and extinguish the attack. Though, he was able to stop Guardian’s attack, the effort was taxing on Incubus. He hadn’t recovered all his lost strength and exerted what power he had left. He watches Guardian drop into a low stance and prepare to launch another attack.
“I thought I’d be able to let you off easy, Incubus but you’re leaving me with no choice,” Guardian says. The ball of lightning forms in his hands and began to grow larger as he channels more energy into it. “You’re too much of a threat to the Earth and everyone here. I see now that reasoning with you will not work.”
Incubus glares back angrily. His power has yet to be restored fully. If Guardian uses his primary attack, there is a chance he may not be able to defend against it. He disregards that notion. Winning is his only option, losing is not. Incubus quickly draws in as much energy from the volcano at his back and the lava lake beneath his feet. If he can gather enough strength to defend against Guardian’s attack, perhaps Guardian will be worn out enough for him to deliver the final blow. “Come on Guardian! Take your best shot!” Incubus hollers out.
“Fine, if that is how you want it, Incubus,” Guardian says with a hint of pity. Then he calls out, “Thunder Blast!” The column of lightning tears through the air and strikes Incubus with cannon-like power, engulfing him in the bright flash. Guardian ends his attack and waits. The dust kicked up by his attack begins to settle. The storm overhead continues to make its presence known with its fantastic display of lightning illuminated clouds and thunder laden skies. He stands to his full height but remains vigilant. Incubus still has the volcano, that fact he cannot ignore. Guardian cannot be complacent. The winds blow the dust cloud away. Guardian is taken aback when he sees that Incubus has survived his Thunder Blast. The Dark Realm warrior has shielded himself from the attack with a wall of fire.
Incubus sneers wickedly at Guardian and says, “You missed, mate.”
“Figures,” Guardian says with a deflated sigh.
“Ha, that was a nice attack, Guardian. Fortunately, my Fire Wall stopped it just in time,” Incubus said sneering at Guardian, “You can try to attack me directly if you want to.”
“Whatever you say Aussie-boy,” said Guardian. He shrouds himself in lightning and dashes towards Incubus.
Once Guardian is within range, Incubus thrusts one hand forward and brings up another Fire Wall between him and Guardian. Guardian slides to a stop. Then Incubus stretches his arms out to his sides and the Fire Wall begins to encircle Guardian trapping him inside. He laughs wickedly and says, “Now I have you! You fell for my trap and there’s no way you’re getting out!”
“We’ll see about that!” Guardian said as he raised one arm in front of him and started channeling lightning to his hand. He creates a ball of lightning and shouts, “Lightning Sphere!” and he hurls the Lightning Sphere at Incubus’ Fire Wall. It strikes the wall and quickly dissipates. The Fire Wall is undamaged. “Well that sucks,” said Guardian surprised.
“It’s like I said before; my Fire Wall can stop all of your attacks. I told that there was no way out now didn’t I?” Incubus said with an evil grin.
“I’ll figure a way out of here,” Guardian said sternly.
“Oh by the way, mate, there is one more thing about my Fire Wall you should know,” said Incubus with a sneer, and then he brings his hands in front of him so that they are facing each other. They begin to glow a bright fiery orange. Suddenly, the Fire Wall begins to close in on Guardian.
“Not good,” he said surprised.
Incubus starts laughing maniacally as he closes in his Fire Wall even further on Guardian. “I say it’s time to throw another Defender on the barbie!” he said wickedly.
The wall of fire closes in further on Guardian as he tries to think of a way out of Incubus’ trap. “I gotta find a way out of here or I’m gonna end up with one serious tan,” he said to himself, “There’s gotta be a way out of here.” As Guardian continued to ponder the situation, the thunderstorm overhead seemed to be calling to him as it started to show a furious display of lightning. He looked up towards the storm for some type of inspiration. He stared long and hard at the darkly clouded sky as lightning jumped from cloud to cloud; but it was when the lightning started to flash violently from behind the clouds that Guardian suddenly thought of a way out of his predicament. “That’s it. Thanks, I knew you’d come through for me,” he said. The thunderstorm seemed to respond to Guardian’s thanks by flashing a bolt of lightning in his direction. Guardian looks sternly at Incubus and says to himself, “Things are getting a little cramp in here. It’s time I gave myself some space.” He gathers his power and shrouds himself in lightning.
“What’s this? He’s actually raising his power. Hmph, go ahead and power-up all you want, you’ll never get through my Fire Wall,” said Incubus. He watched his Fire Wall close in on Guardian. Once he gathered his strength, Guardian crosses his arms across his chest and started to form his own shield within Incubus’s Fire Wall. “What the…? No way, he’s creating his own shield with inside mine!” Incubus said surprised. He watches as Guardian’s shield presses up against his and, after a short stalemate, begins to push it outward. “I don’t believe it! He’s using his shield to hold mine back!” he said in shock. He fears that Guardian may’ve found a way out of his trap. “No! You’re not getting out this, Guardian! I will not let another opportunity to destroy you slip away! You’re finished!” Incubus shouted. Then he thrust his hands forward and they begin to glow brighter. He pours more power into his Fire Wall, forcing it to close in on Guardian again. Guardian keeps his resistance high as he pushes his shield out just as much as Incubus is pushing his shield in. He drops into a stance and uses all his might to expand his shield even more. The two powerful fighters were pushing both of their powers to the limit as they struggled against each other to see who would give in first. It is a true test of strength. However, only one of them can be the victor.

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