Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 5!!

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“Where are we going, Angus?” Gus asked as he, Tiph, Barlot followed Angus through the training grounds.
“There’s someone I want you to meet. Especially you, Tiphanee,” said Angus.
“Who?” Tiphanee asked.
Angus simply says, “You’ll see.” He leads the trio of recruits to the front gate through the small town of merchant carts with several of the peddlers asking them to see their wares. They arrive at the front gate just as Beatrice and Amanda exit the castle. Angus is not shocked by their appearance, for he already knew about High Captain Ashcroft’s trip to Eshtar. The recruits, especially Gus and Barlot, are struck with awe. Angus approaches Beatrice who stops to greet him. “Aye, trouble in Eshtar again?” he asks with a grin.
“Those bureaucratic idiots can seem to get their stuff straight so Amanda and I have to go smooth things over,” said Beatrice with a huff. It is then that she notices the fresh young faces flanking Angus. “And who do we have here?” she asks.
“New arrivals, Lady Beatrice,” replied Angus. “You’ll find them quite interesting especially this lass right here.”
“Is that so?”
“Aye, they are the best I’ve seen so far. They have more potential of bearing the crest than the rest of them.”
“Really,” Beatrice said with interest. “Well then, do these recruits have names?”
Barlot steps forward to introduce himself. Even though he can see eye to eye with Beatrice, her exposed chest makes it difficult for him to look her in the eye. Still, he cannot insult a superior. Barlot gathers his fortitude and forces himself to stare straight at Beatrice’s nose. Damn, even her nose is beautiful, he thought. He mentally tells himself to not get too distracted. However, Barlot cannot ignore the very attractive, very beautiful woman standing before wearing the most revealing outfit he has ever seen. Soon, his nose staring plan fails as his eyes slowly drift back to the large bust calling to him. Just then, a streak of pain shoots through Barlot’s right foot. The shock snaps him out of it. “Barlot Matheson, Milady!” he blurted out. Immediately, Barlot knew the culprit who stomped on his foot and shoots a glare at Tiphanee. “What the hell was that for!?” he yelled.
“You were standing there like you just saw an ogre! And you were wasting her Ladyship’s time!” Tiphanee hollered back.
“I was going to say something if you were so impatient!” Barlot shot at her.
“Your brain was taking too long to think!” Tiphanee shot back.
Beatrice chuckles at the banter between them. She allows them to finish while she speaks with Gus. “And what about you?” she said to him.
“Me? Oh, my name’s Gustavo Ulrich. Gus for short, Milady,” he replied after straightening himself up.
“Gus, eh? So you’re the one who wanted to be Ecks’ subordinate,” Beatrice said. The same day after Ecks and Willow had returned from their assignment to retrieve the Ring of Fenrir, she had run into Angus and asked him about the young man who spoke to Ecks. From Angus, she learned about Gus. Beatrice knows that Ecks will not take on a subordinate simply because he doesn’t want the responsibility. However, she will not say anything to deter the young man from joining the ranks. “Well, if that’s the case then you better work hard,” she says.
“Yes, Ma’am,” replies Gus.
“So who’s our timid young flower?” Beatrice said with a bit of sarcastic flare. Tiphanee stops bantering with Barlot once she realizes that Beatrice is addressing her. She looks up at the statuesque woman. She is imposing as she is beautiful, thought Tiphanee. She catches herself staring like Barlot did and gathers her composure.
“Tiphanee Ann Knoxville,” she says with a polite curtsey.
“Knoxville? Why does that name sound familiar?” Beatrice wondered. She looks at Amanda for an answer but Amanda is also stumped.
“My sister is Tamirei Knoxville,” Tiphanee tells them. She then disgruntledly adds, “Apparently she some sort of lieutenant or something.”
Beatrice, hearing that Tiphanee’s sister is a lieutenant, ponders which level she is at. It isn’t long before she remembers that Tamirei Knoxville is a Fourth Lieutenant who serves under Third Lieutenant Caleigh Oxford in the Communications Room. She also recalls something very specific about Tiphanee’s sister. “So that prude is your sister?” she said bluntly.
“Yes, she is,” Tiphanee answered while throwing a smug look at Gus and Barlot who doubted her.
Amanda and Angus shake their heads in shame at Beatrice’s bluntness.
“Sometimes Lady Beatrice can be as forward as Miss Willow,” said Amanda. Angus nods in agreement.
Beatrice chuckles lightly and says, “Must’ve been interesting growing up with a sister like Tamirei?”
“Ah, you get used to it,” Tiphanee said waving her hand dismissively.
“I know the feeling,” said Beatrice.
“You have a prude for a sister too, Milady?” Tiphanee asked.
Beatrice laughs. “Maybe not a big as your sister but she isn’t too far behind,” she says. Then she leans in close to Tiphanee and adds, “And my sister has a lot of behind.” Tiphanee laughs at the comment. This lady, whoever she is, has nearly the same tough love regard for her sister as she does.
“Ahem, Lady Beatrice, we must be on our way,” said Amanda.
Beatrice looks at Amanda for a moment. She would rather send Amanda to deal with the issue in Eshtar so she can continue her discussion with Tiphanee but her duties come first. “Very well,” she says with a heavy sigh. Beatrice stands fully and prepares to leave with Amanda. She turns back to the recruits and says, “It was nice to meet you all.”
“Wait, Milady,” Tiphanee stops Beatrice. “We never got to know who you are.”
“Oh, that’s right,” said Beatrice. She adjusts her stance and introduces herself. “I am High Captain Beatrice Ashcroft. And this is my subordinate First Lieutenant Amanda Blayke.”
The recruits were stunned. They had a suspicion that they were in the presence of someone important but not a high ranking knight. Let alone a female High Captain. Since arriving in Arcana Kingdom, they have heard about a female captain from the whispers of merchants and resident alike. Gus and Barlot were a bit skeptical with Barlot being the more skeptical of the two. Tiphanee found the prospect of a high ranking female knight intriguing. Upon hearing about it, she had hoped to meet this high ranking female knight. She just hadn’t expect it to be so soon. It is then that she remembers her previous inappropriate behavior and she begs for forgiveness.
“Lady High Captain, I’m so sorry for my straightforwardness! I apologize for insulting you and your sister, Your Ladyship! Please forgive me!” Tiphanee pleaded respectfully.
Barlot soon follows suit. He had never expected to be in the presence of a High Captain and a First Lieutenant. He felt embarrassed for ogling Beatrice earlier. “Forgive me for my behavior as well,” he says with a bow of his head. Then he throws a comment Tiphanee’s way. “Way to go, Tiphanee. Great first impression,” he shot at her.
“Shut up, Barlot or do want me to kick your ass again,” Tiphanee shot back.
“Oh yeah, that’ll really impress her Ladyship. Going off like rabid Warg,” Barlot remarked.
“Barlot, I swear by His Grace I’ll—” Tiphanee started to say before Gus cuts her off.
“Guys, please, can’t you two not argue in front of the High Captain and her subordinate. You’re embarrassing Mr. Angus,” says Gus.
Gus’ plea for peace between Tiphanee and Barlot is meet with deep hearted laughter from Angus. The recruits look at the burly man. His expansive chest bounces with each chortle. Then they hear a more delicate tone of merriment. Gus, Tiphanee and Barlot shift their eyes to Beatrice. Though they tried not to, they found themselves unable to keep from staring at the High Captain’s ample bosom bob up and down with her laughter.
“I told you they were interesting, didn’t I?” Angus said still laughing.
“You certainly did,” Beatrice answered.
“Remind ye of anybody we know,” asks Angus.
Beatrice thinks for a moment. “You’re not referring to my sister and Ecks are you?” she says, recalling the many spats Willow has had with him.
Angus chuckles and says, “Actually, I was thinking of you and Ecks, lass. The way you banter with him is not different than Barlot and Tiphanee here.”
“I’m not that terrible,” Beatrice said pouting.
“Actually, Milady, with all due respect, you can be at times,” Amanda commented giggling.
“Hey, whose side are you on!” Beatrice shot at her with a whine. Amanda and Angus share a laugh. Beatrice crosses her arms with a huff. “You know I can have you two clean the stables for a week without a shovel,” she says.
Angus raises his hands in surrender. “Easy, lass. Easy,” he said with a big grin.
Beatrice relaxes and uncrosses her arms. With this action, Angus knows he does not have to worry about him and Amanda having stable duty. Beatrice eventually smiles and shakes her head lightly. Angus is the only other knight who addresses her in an informal manner besides Ecks. The only difference—Angus won’t be penalized for such behavior. Angus has served with Beatrice and Willamina’s father Rowland Ashcroft before Rowland returned home to fulfill his duties there. Angus has known the sisters since they were young. He had promised to watch over them while Rowland was away. Because of this, Beatrice has the utmost respect for Angus, seeing him as a fun-loving uncle. He knows exactly what to say to make her smile.
“Milady, we should get going. We must be in Eshtar before day’s end,” said Amanda.
“You’re right,” replied Beatrice. She then says to Angus, “We must be going, Angus.”
“Aye, lass. Good luck in Eshtar,” said Angus.
Beatrice nods. Then she looks at the three recruits Angus brought before her. “It was nice meeting the three of you. Angus shall oversee your training personally,” she says.
Gus, Barlot and Tiphanee snap into attention and salute Beatrice. “Thank you, Your Ladyship,” they said in unison.

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