Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 6

Rodin explains, “Just like our world, the Inferno is also divided, into nine parts. Hades, Hell, Place of Damnation, these are just a few names for the sections of the Inferno with the Devil residing over all of it. But not even the Devil can keep his eyes on everything so he divided the Inferno and designated rulers for each part. All but one of the nine parts has someone on the throne. The part is known as the Underworld. A couple thousand years ago the Ruler of the Underworld tried to invade the Human World. He got close but one of his own creations stood against him, a powerful Dark Knight who stopped his former master’s plans and sealed the gate to the Underworld along with his own powers. From what I understand, he lived his life as a human.”

“And this Dark Knight, did he have a name?” Bayonetta asked.

“He is the Legendary Dark Knight known as Sparda. And the silver-haired Devil Hunter you ran into is his son. His name is Dante. He’s the one who took out the Ruler of the Underworld, throwing that part of the Inferno into chaos. The Devil is vying for Dante’s head on a pike. That’s why he lets the Underworld’s rift to the Human World slip sometimes, to give those demons a chance to bring him Dante. But that’s just a piece of the puzzle.”

“How so?” Bayonetta wondered.

“Ever wonder why there’s been so much heavenly activity lately? It’s because the Devil been allowing the Underworld’s demons out that heaven’s been sending down its warriors to destroy them. In other words, the Devil’s been using Heaven to keep those demons in check,” Rodin says.

“Using demons to attract angels, your boss is a clever chap, isn’t he? And somehow he has connections with Heaven? And I suppose he’s trying to get the angels and demons to get Dante. Am I close?” Bayonetta says casually.

Rodin chuckles lightly and says, “Right on, baby. There is one other thing, but I’m not supposed to tell you. The Devil, at one time, used to be a servant of Heaven but he was cast out when he defected. Now he rules the Inferno.”

“So the Devil has abandonment issues. I don’t really care much about that. But the son of a demon, he wasn’t too shabby looking,” Bayonetta said with a gleam of interest in her eye.

“I’m not one to hand out advice but let me tell you something. Dante is one bad mother you don’t want to mess with. His skills are equal to or above yours. Then again, you’re not the one to take any advice but your own,” said Rodin.

“You’re right, you’re not one to be handing out advice,” Bayonetta says and then down the rest of her drink. “But you wouldn’t be telling me this unless you’ve seen Dante yourself in action.”

“Not me, but there is someone who has seen Dante in action first hand,” Rodin tells her. He then looks over at the Gates of Hell’s other patron sitting at a table off to the left, passed out from one too many Margaritas with his fedora hat resting over his face.

Bayonetta looks at the stout, pudgy man in a shirt and tie with dark brown slacks and a tan trench coat. “Enzo?” she asks unsurely. Rodin nods his head.

Enzo makes his living as an informant. His many connections allow him to get just about any information Bayonetta needs. So far he has proven his worth which is the only reason she keeps him around. She looks at Enzo wondering what kind of information he might have on Dante.

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