Defenders Episode 1: Guardian Chapters 10, 11, 12

Chapter 10
He arrives at a section of James Creek Park where hardly anyone goes to, so he is sure no one will see him. The area was very spacious. There was a small river that flowed through the area outlined by two large riverbanks. The left riverbank was bare and very large, compared to the right riverbank which was slightly smaller and composed of a lot of trees. He lands on the ground and is ready to begin training himself to use his new speed with some Tae-Kwan-Do that he learned from when he was 8 years old until just last year when he was 17; as well as some Judo techniques that his father showed him. He started with some punching drills he learned when he took Tae-Kwan-Do just see how fast he can really move. He started the drill punching at steady pace, then as few seconds went by his punches were becoming faster and faster until his hands were merely a blur. He continued this for about 10 minutes and the switched to the kicking drill. Just like his fists, his legs were moving so fast that they could hardly be seen. Brandon spent the rest of the day incorporating his lightning powers into his two martial art techniques through a series of more punching and kicking drills as well as flips and katas. He also included his flying and lightning attacks in his training. He uses the terrain to target and fire his lightning attack powers and the trees became an obstacle course for his flying ability. It was almost dark when Brandon decided to end his training and head home, by air of course.

Chapter 11
As he was flying home Brandon starts looking for a place to land so no one would see him. He soon finds a dark area that’s about two blocks from his house. After landing he continues his way home on foot. As he approaches his house, he notices the lights are on, telling him that his mother is home. He opens the door. “Hey mom,” Brandon said as he entered, shutting the door behind him.

“You’re home late,” Brandon’s mother says, walking from the kitchen to the dining room.

“Sorry, I was at the library doing some research,” Brandon told his mom.

“Oh ok, well dinner’s ready. Can you set the table?” Brandon’s mother asked.

“Sure,” replies Brandon. He takes a couple plates and silverware from the China cabinet while his mother returned to the kitchen to get the food. Brandon didn’t like lying to his mother, but what else can he tell her. Clearly, he can’t tell her the truth. Just telling his mother that he was struck twice by lightning would be too much for her to handle, let alone that he now has some kind of special power. Keeping it a secret is Brandon’s only, and best, option. Brandon finishes setting the table just as his mother brings their dinner to the table—meat loaf with potatoes and carrots. The mother and son sit down to eat.

“So, how was school today?” Brandon’s mother asked, breaking the silence.

“It was alright. Had a little run in with Derrick again,” Brandon answered casually.

“That Derrick Johnson still giving you trouble?”

“A little. Nothing to really worry about,” Brandon replies before taking in another mouthful of food.

“Still, he has no business harassing you the way he does,” Brandon’s mother said with concern.

“Don’t worry about it. I just handled it like I always do. He keeps talking and I keep pretending I give a flying rat’s butt,” Brandon says nonchalantly, “Besides, if he studied just as much as he works out, he might actually be dangerous.”

Brandon’s mother laughs at her son’s comment. “Brandon,” she said chuckling.

Soon they finish dinner. Brandon put what remained of the meatloaf in a container and placed it in the fridge. His mother washed the plates and pan that the meatloaf was in. Once the kitchen was cleaned, the mother and son turned in for the night.

Chapter 12
At an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Philadelphia, a cloaked figure stands in the middle of the large work area. The building is nearly completely dark save for the beams of moonlight shining through the dingy windows. Across from the cloaked person sat another person who is keeping to the shadows. The moonlight partially illuminates the other person. Rippling muscles and a broad chin suggests that the person is a man.

“So, you say he survived two lightning strikes and chased down a bus going forty miles an hour. And he’s also learning to use his abilities as well, hmm?” the man spoke with a deep voice. A sinister grin slides across his face. “Let’s wait a couple days and then you can pay our little friend a visit and take him for a test drive.” The cloaked figure gives the man a silent response.

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