Arcana X: 1st Assignment-Gunslinger Swordsman Prologue!!

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Arcana X title

1st Assignment:
The Gunslinger Swordsman

Prologue: It is the height of a great battle. The Dark Priest’s army marches onward to Arcana Castle. They have left a path of destruction in their wake. Villages are set ablaze and burn to the ground. People run in terror from the followers of the Dark Priest. Panic and chaos are wide spread across several kingdoms of Eiris. These nations have banded together by the orders of their respective counsels to fight the Dark Priest Carnello alongside the Knights of Arcana who have protected Eiris from the Spirit Realm for centuries. It was when Carnello opened a way to the Spirit Realm that prompted Arcana to take action against the malevolent Dark Priest. The Knights fought valiantly, but the Dark Priest’s forces soon overwhelmed them. Carnello soon breached the castle where, deep in lower levels, he found the White Sage.

“It’s fruitless. Your precious Knights are beaten. Your castle has fallen. Surrender the Relics and I’ll consider sparing your life,” Carnello said.

The White Sage knew better. If Carnello were to take the Relics, there will be no stopping him. The Sage cannot fail, for he has sworn to protect the Relics with his life. Gathering his mystic energies, the White Sage fought hard to prevent Carnello from claiming and using the Relics to throw Eiris into chaos. However, the Dark Priest’s army was proving too much for him to handle. Fearing the worst, the White Sage was left with no other choice. If he is to die this day, he must keep the Relics out of Carnello’s hands. He casts a spell that disperses the mystical items across Eiris. Then, with his remaining power, he tears a hole in time and space that led to the Spirit Realm, and banishes Carnello and his followers to that plane where they were never to be heard from again. The day was won, but at a terrible cost. The White Sage was left completely drained of his powers. He died making his last stand.

Centuries have past and the day of that legendary battle is all but forgotten. During that time, however, some of the Relics have been recovered, but there are still many more out in the world, waiting to be found. It is said that the mystic energy within the Relics have the power to grant the wishes of whomever holds them. What those wishes are is dependent upon the holder of the Relic.

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