A-backstabbing we will go!! Revolution S2 Ep.10 Recap!!


Miles (Billy Burke) leads Monroe (David Lyons) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchel) to Mexico where Miles hid Monroe's son

Miles (Billy Burke) leads Monroe (David Lyons) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchel) to Mexico where Miles hid Monroe’s son

Patriot soldier enter the school to find Horn and the other soldier dead, burned alive by Aaron. Gene Porter is held captive in the paper mill until he is rescued by Charlie and Monroe. They take him to Miles who is suffering from the infection spreading through his body. The next day, Aaron stands over Cynthia’s grave. He recalls what the nanites said about a town called Spring Falls, Oklahoma. Miles awakens thanks to Gene’s treatment. Monroe goes to see him and asks where his son is. Miles tells him that his name is Conner and that he will take Monroe to see him. Neville and Jason join a convoy with Julia and her new husband. Rachel is against the idea of Miles going with Monroe to find Conner. Miles convinces her to come with them. Tom has made his way to the White House where he and Julia plot to poison Julia’s new husband and the Chief of Staff. Back at the barn, Charlie finds a note from Aaron stating that he left. While searching for Aaron, Gene follows a wagon to a Patriot camp. Miles, Monroe and Rachel arrive at the Mexican border where Monroe’s son Conner is hidden. Security at the border is tight. Rachel charms her way to get Monroe and Miles in with her. Neville plots to poison the Chief of Staff while Julia distracts. The cabinet member, along with the Chief of Staff and Allenford are called away by the President, putting Tom and Julia’s plan on hold. In Mexico, Monroe commandeers the wagon they are on.

Charlie attacks a wagon driven by Patriot soldier, only to discover that the wagon’s contents to be oranges. Monroe, Rachel and Miles find the house Conner was living at and discover that his aunt and uncle had died and Conner no longer lived there. They continue their search in a local bar where they are approached by a group of men. Monroe confronts one of them. Miles tells Monroe the man before him is his son Conner. Conner asks about his mother Emma only to learn from Miles that she is dead. Monroe tries to speak with Conner. Conner threatens him. Monroe tells his son who he is but Conner doesn’t believe. Somewhere outside the town, Monroe is upset with Miles for leaving his son in Mexico. Rachel shoots back, telling him that Conner is no better than he is. Later while Rachel and Miles are asleep, Monroe visits Conner and asks him to help restore the Monroe Republic. Conner does not accept his offer. In Willoughby, the Patriot pass out oranges tainted with a drug. Aaron arrives in Spring Falls, Oklahoma where he runs into Grace.

You’re a crook. A cheat and swindler, that’s what you are! ~ Grandpa Joe from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! ~ The Wizard from “Wizard of Oz”

What will Monroe's intentions be now that he has found an heir to his empire?

What will Monroe’s intentions be now that he has found an heir to his empire?

How does so much fit into an hour episode? Some serious stuff is going in this return episode. Let’s start with the trip south of the border. Last season, Monroe learned that he had a son. In the middle of this season, he learns that Miles hid him. In this episode, he has Miles take him to find his son in Mexico. While there, Monroe meets his son Conner who is clearly following in his father’s footsteps as he commands his own small gang. Monroe’s visit with his son isn’t about catching up on their lost father-son time but for Monroe to restore the army he once commanded with his son at his side. I really thought Monroe was trying to make a change for the better. He helped out Charlie when she was taken by bounty hunters, helped save Aaron from Patriot soldiers and warned Rachel about the bounty on her head. Through those actions, it seemed that Bass Monroe was on the better path. Nope, no such luck with that. Like they say, a leopard can’t change its spots. If Miles doesn’t see it, Rachel certainly does. She tags along with Miles and Monroe on this little expedition. She is still resentment of Monroe for killing her son Danny now she has to help him find his. This point is illustrated when she takes a pot shot at Monroe after witnessing how Conner turned out like Monroe. She takes delight in Monroe’s plight when his son rejects him. Rachel figures since she can’t have her son, Monroe can’t have his either. But there’s no telling how long that is going to last as Conner captures his father. We’ll see if Conner can learn just how persuasive his father is.

Tom and Julia Neville (Giancarlo Esposito and Kim Raver) vie for the sweet they once had within the Monroe Republic. However, it seems Julia desires are stronger than Tom's.

Tom and Julia Neville (Giancarlo Esposito and Kim Raver) vie for the sweet they once had within the Monroe Republic. However, it seems Julia desires are stronger than Tom’s.

Dirty dealings and elaborate plots are conducted between Tom Neville and his ex-wife (?) Julia. Well, I can’t really say ex-wife since they are still working towards getting what they want. Neville wants to disrupt the U.S. Government for the inside and Julia wants to high life she had in Philadelphia before the City of Brotherly Love was vaporized. Usually, Neville is the one with the driven initiative but it looks like Julia is taking the lead in this parade. She seemingly reprimands Tom for not taking the initiative in pouring the poison in the Chief of Staff’s drink before he and the other staff members are called away. This is a contrast from how she was perceived last season where Tom spoke and she listened. How the roles have changed. Julia’s little spat with him drives Tom to take aggressive action and he administers the poison to the Chief of Staff directly. Julia told Tom that she is doing her part to help him get promoted but I had a feeling that she has an ulterior motive that doesn’t involve Tom, which begs the question where is Jason going to stand in all this.

The Patriots revealed their true colors, or rather we get to see just how corrupt they really are. While hunting for Aaron after he ran off, Gene finds a Patriot camp with wagons loaded with something. He and Charlie ambush one of the wagons to find it full of oranges. What they don’t know (yet) is that the Patriots have tainted to delicious fruit with a drug which I suspect is from their little brainwashing program. No doubt their amassing an army of obedient soldiers in order to issue marshal law across the country.

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