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Revolution Renewed!! 4 More shows join them!!

YES!!! I am so glad! NBC wised up and gave Revolution a third season. They went back and checked the ratings and realized that the Erik Kripke series about a world without power was amongst the top rated shows of 2013/14 season. Cancellation of the series back in May spurred strong reaction from fans who …

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The Revolution Ends?! S2 Finale Recap!!

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!! Aaron succeeds in getting through to Pricilla and she is able to reclaim her body. In Willoughby, Miles evacuates the courthouse while Gene, Charlie and Monroe disable the mustard gas. President Davis uses the raid on the courthouse to wage war against California, placing the blame on Miles and Monroe. Later, Miles …

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Memorial Day!! Revolution S2 Ep.21 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS!! THAT IS ALL!! Monroe and Tom resolve their differences as they plan to take down the Patriots and Washington. Miles and Charlie find the man Marion spoke of. Joe shows them the tanker car full of mustard gas. In Willoughby, Marion searches Truman’s office and discovers that Patriots intend to unleash the mustard …

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Chemical Warfare!! Revolution S2 Ep.20 Recap!!

WATCH THE SPOILERS, MATE!! Ed Truman meets with the President who is not happy with the incidents happening in Texas involving Miles and Monroe. Charlie finds Miles in a field and brings him back to camp where he is patched up by Gene Porter. Suddenly, flocks of birds swarm over the camp. Miles notices a …

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The Man Under the Hood!! Revolution S2 Ep.19 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS!! THAT IS ALL!! Charlie, Monroe, Connor and Miles return from Texas after stopping the assassination of President Carver. Soon they are pursued by Texas Rangers. They split up while Miles leads the Rangers on a goose chase until the wagon flips over. The Rangers keep Miles pinned down and he is forced to …

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Rock and a Hard Choice!! Revolution S2 Ep.18 Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! Tom and Jason are still on the hunt for Monroe but Jason refuses to follow. Miles discusses the plan to stop the Patriots from taking Texas. Jason arrives with Connor in tow and offers to help Miles and Monroe. They reluctantly accept his offer despite Charlie’s protest. Elsewhere, Aaron and Pricilla are camping …

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This Day We Fight!! Revolution S2 Ep.17 Recap!!

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!! Monroe is concerned that the Patriots will find them at their new location since Miles let the recruit they had captured go. Gene offers to go to Willoughby to find help and Miles escorts him. Tom Neville tries to convince Truman to take action against Doyle. After he leaves, Doyle’s men attack …

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Reeducation at its Finest!! Revolution S2 Ep.15 Recap!!

WATCH FOR SPOILERS!! Charlie, Monroe and Connor are on their way back to Willoughby when they run into Miles and Rachel. They arrive at a new location for a hideout. Miles takes Monroe to the Patriot training camp. On their way back, they discover two Patriot recruits who were spying on them. Aaron and Pricilla …

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The Curious Case of Aaron Pittman!! Revolution S2 Ep.14 Recap!!

YUP, IT’S AN AARON PITTMAN EPISODE…MATRIX STYLE!! SPOILERS, PEOPLE!! SPOILERS!! Aaron is back in the modern world where he doesn’t seem to remember anything involving the blackout and he is living with Pricilla. He arrives at his old job at Google where he is shown a board with the code he created for the nanites. …

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Welcome to Amerikhastan!! Revolution S2 Ep.13 Recap!!

WARNING: DEFCON 4 SPOILERS!! Miles and Monroe save Connor from Truman’s soldiers. Connor handcuffs the soldiers along with Truman. He returns to the quarantine camp where Rachel and Charlie administer the antivirus. Connor leaves the camp with Rachel, Charlie and Gene in a wagon. They meet up with Miles and Monroe outside. Meanwhile in Washington, …

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