Introducing “Arcana X”!!

Arcana X is an new series I came up with that will delve into my love of fantasy and magic. One of my favorite games, Final Fantasy, is one of several inspirations for this new series. Below is an introduction. Read, enjoy and let me know what you think.

The Knights of Arcana have guarded the realm of Eiris from the Spirit Realm for hundreds of years. They are the guardians and keepers of the mystic items known as the Relics of Arcana. There were dozens of relics kept locked away in the vault deep in the castle where the Knights of Arcana held order. During the war between the Arcana Knights and the forces of the Dark Priest Carnello, the Arcana Castle was breached and the relics were endanger of being stolen until the White Sage of Arcana stopped Carnello’s forces. However, the Dark Priest’s warriors outnumbered the Sage and have overrun the Knights. Fearing defeat, the White Sage expelled the last of his magic to keep the relics out of Carnello’s hands–he dispersed them across Eiris. At the same time, he managed to decimate Carnello’s army and banish the Dark Priest. It was a bittersweet victory. Centuries have past and the day of that legendary battle is all but forgotten. During that time, however, some of the Relics have been recovered, but there are still many more out in the world, waiting to be found. It is said that the mystic energy within the Relics have the power to grant the wishes of whomever holds them. What those wishes are is dependent upon the holder of the Relic.


Ecks-A young brash Knight of Arcana. His skills as a Knight are top-notch earning him the respect of some of the Knights. Others disregard his unorthodox methods and brash attitude. Unlike the other Knights, Ecks does not carry a blade weapon. Instead he wields twin shotguns which he had custom made with heavily durable lightweight materials. He has learned to use the fire arms just as effectively as any Knight’s sword. He can even use his shotguns which he dubbed them the names Grace and Glory, like swords. This earned him the moniker the “Gunslinger Swordsman.”

Willamina “Willow” Ashcroft-Willow is a young girl who has the ability to sense the mystic energies of the Relics of Arcana. Her older sister had her train to become a Knight but the girl’s quiet demeanor and sometimes naive nature prevented her from enduring the harsh training. Seeing how useful her abilities are, the current White Sage partnered Willow with Ecks. Willow’s gentle nature might quell Ecks’ flamboyancy. Their partnership was rocky at first but they have since grown accustomed to each other though their constant bickering may suggest otherwise.

Beatrice “Betty” Ashcroft-Beatrice is a high rank Knight and Willow’s older sister. She is beautiful and strong and the only female in the Arcana Knights who holds a “captain” status which doesn’t bode well with a few of her male counterparts. When Beatrice learned of her sister’s pairing with Ecks, she was uneasy about it. She knows how Ecks is and just like any big sister she only looks out for her little sister’s best interest. However, she soon accepts Willow being partnered with Ecks after seeing how much they get along–like a quarreling brother and sister. Still, Beatrice keeps a close eye just in case.

Bultus Vangard-Bultus is another high rank Knight who also holds “captain” status but he is out ranked by Beatrice. He displays an arrogance not liked by many of the other Knights especially Beatrice who is the only one that will tell Bultus exactly how she feels. Bultus has a strong affection for Beatrice’s younger sister Willow and a stronger dislike for Ecks whom he constantly reminds each chance he gets. Bultus wants nothing more than to be rid of Ecks and have Willow for himself. Despite all this, Bultus is an excellent, highly skilled Knight whose devotion to the White Sage is unwavering.

Cleetus Claymore-A would-be thug who’s not worth the trouble he causes. Cleetus was leader of the Red Ruby gang until he had a run-in with Ecks. It was Cleetus’s desire to face an Arcana Knight. Ecks bested Cleetus with ease. Since then Cleetus has had it in for Ecks, resulting in the loss of gang, his leadership and his funds. He is constantly in debt thanks to the “Gunslinger Swordsman.” Cleetus may be clumsy and reckless but he makes up for it with determination. He will not stop his pursuit until he beats Ecks.

The White Sage-The mystic ruler of Arcana. The title itself has been handed through generations to those of Arcana who prove themselves worthy in the use of the Arcane Arts, the mystic proporties that flow around Eiris. Only a select few have the potential of becoming the White Sage. Once chosen they must endure rigorous training to further their abilities. The current White Sage is the latest in this long lineage of majestics. However, it has been many years since a new White Sage has been sought after and time is running short for the current Sage.

Dark Priest Carnello-Banished to the Shadow Zone by the White Sage hundreds of years ago, Carnello was once one of the chosen to become a White Sage at the time. When another was chosen, he defected and amerced himself in the Dark Arcane Arts known as Obsidian Magic. After finding the Black Onyx, Carnello formed an army and stormed Arcana Castle. He soon encountered the successor of the title of White Sage and was defeated by him. Carnello’s name and whereabouts have been lost in the pages of time. However, he did proclaim his return. Only time knows when that will come to pass.

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