Arcana X 1st Assignment: Gunslinger Swordsman Ch.1 Pt.2

Arcana X title

The men close in on Ecks who stands with a confident smile. The man in the red tunic strikes first. Ecks sways to the side, avoiding the overhead swing. He then hops back twice from the man in the red tunic as he came at him swinging his sword. Angered, the man lunges forward intent on impaling the young man. Stepping aside, Ecks avoids getting skewered and kicks the man in the backside, sending him stumbling forward. Two other men attack Ecks from behind. Ecks dives forward as the men swung down. Rolling to his feet, he finds himself in the path of another man’s charge. The man in the leather vest swipes his sword repeatedly. Ecks nimbly avoids each strike while stepping backward. A man in a red bandanna and black vest attempts to strike Ecks in the back. Ecks anticipates the man’s attack and drops down. The two ruffians’ swords clang together. Without skipping a beat, Ecks leg sweeps the man in front while at the same time he uses one of his shotguns to trip up the other one at his back. He then quickly gets to his feet with a flashy move.

By now the man in the red tunic is up and running toward him with an angry yell. Ecks hops to one side then the other. The man chases him, swinging his sword wildly. “Stand still you little punk,” he growled with each stroke.

“I can’t make this any easier. Perhaps if I stood still, would that work?” Ecks shot back while swaying around each strike with comfort.

“SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!” the man in the red tunic hollered. He swings his sword down hard, only to end up splitting the floor instead of Ecks. The man struggles to dislodge his weapon.

Meanwhile, the man in the beige tunic tries to catch Ecks off guard. But Ecks is quick to react, avoiding the strike and tossing the beige tunic man over his head. The man crashes through one of the few remaining tables left standing. Ecks quickly blocks a strike at his left with one of his shotguns. The man in the white tunic is shoved back, but he quickly throws himself right back at Ecks, forcing him to block with his other gun. Ecks realizes that this man may be more skillful with sword play than his other comrades. He shoves him away again, harder this time. Then he whirls around with the gun in his right hand and knocks the red tunic man’s sword aside. The force of the counterstrike spins the man into the bar. Ecks throws the other gun over his shoulder stopping the white tunic man from slicing into his back, and then he kicks his attacker away, sending him stumbling across the floor.

The two men wearing leather vests, one brown, one black, throw themselves at Ecks who blocks both their attacks. Shoving both men away, Ecks decides to go on the offensive. With a couple clicks accompanied by a flashy twirl, he stands with his guns ready. Now he is going to fight seriously. The three men attack together. They are fed up with the young man’s brashness.

“Now Ecks is getting serious,” the young lady said before biting into another danish. The man in the red tunic leans up from the bar counter. He looks at the girl. “Your friends might need some help,” she said cynically. “Don’t worry, I’ll still be here.” The man looks over at his comrades who are having no luck with Ecks. He throws his eyes at the girl once more. For a moment, he thought about taking her hostage but there was something about her that pushed the idea out of his head. The red tunic man rushes over to help his friends, opting against taking the girl.

The young lady keeps her eyes on the fight as she reached for another danish. Instead of touching a warm pastry, her fingers tap the plate that is now empty. “Aw, they’re all gone,” she pouted. She then picked up the mug next to her only to find that empty as well. Thirsty after eating the danishes, the young lady swings her legs over the bar as she turned around to the bar tender and another woman huddled down on the floor. “Excuse me, but could you get me some more ale, please?” she asked with a gentle smile.

The middle aged man looks at the girl. His eyes grew wide at the sight of her beauty. The girl is dressed in a black and red outfit with a short skirt and white top. Criss-cross laces adorned the outfit as well as a couple small chains. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. However, the man was mostly drawn to her large bust barely covered by the low cut neck line of her clothing. The young lady taps her mug again. The middle aged man regains his composure enough to refill his lovely patron’s mug and hand it back to her.

“Thanks,” the girl said with a cheery smile before swinging herself back around to continue watching Ecks’ fight.

The middle aged man gawked longingly at the girl’s behind, oblivious of the woman next to him who’s been stabbing at him with a piercing stare. Finally frustrated with the man’s foolishness, she punches him hard in the back of the head hoping that will bring him to his senses.

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