Jail Time For Rage Quitting?!? New Killer Instinct Update Info


Earlier today, Killer Instinct players received a long-awaited update patch, which included the long-awaited Spinal as a playable character in the game. However in the update patch, they also received what seems to be Double Helix’s answer to the large amount of ragequitting in online play, an issue that a lot of online fighting game players deal with. What is their solution? To put the ragequitters in a “Jail Pool”.


Let me explain. KI’s “Jail Pool” will be a pool for all ragequitters where they will only be able to face off against like-minded ragequitters in KI matches. Here’s the details of said “Jail Pool”:

The first time your disconnect percentage goes above 15 percent you go to JAIL
A 10 match minimum is required
JAIL lasts for 24 hours. During this time you can only be matched against other JAIL members
Each time you go to JAIL the amount of time increases by 24 hours (capped at 5 days – 120 hrs)
While in JAIL your profile icon will be automatically changed to a custom JAIL icon to let you know you are in JAIL
When your JAIL time is up, you go back into the public again (even if your disconnect percentage is back over 15%)
However, when back in public, if you disconnect and you are still above 15 percentage you go directly back to JAIL
For any match that sends you to JAIL, player will take a loss

It’s an interesting (and hopefully successful) solution to all those who decide to quit in the middle of a game b/c they are losing and don’t want the loss to appear on their record. Hopefully, other companies will adapt a strategy similar to it if it becomes successful. If you want to check out the full notes on the update, which includes info on the “Jail Pool” and more, click the link here!!!

Source: Kotaku

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