Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch dances with the Devil Ch.1

Bullets rain down on a group of demons who have been terrorizing humans for sport. Their bodies burst into ash, signaling their demise. A small band of demons throw themselves at a beautiful blonde haired woman. The blonde woman, wearing tight black clothing, casually dispatches her attackers with a few rounds of gunfire. She slides to the side to avoid a set of claws threatening to cleave her back. She then spins around and delivers a heavy boot to the demon’s head, sending it flying into its comrades. A few more demons emerge from the shadows of the poorly lit street, larger ones this time. This new set of demons is lizard-like in appearance with small shields attached to one forearm and helmets on their scaly heads. Extending their claws and letting out a guttural battle cry, the lizard demons drop the visors of their helmets over their faces, ready to engage the blonde woman. The blonde woman merely smiles coyly at them.

“You know I did have an appointment at the salon tonight. Do you have any idea how long it took me book a manicure and a pedicure at the same time?” she says. The lizard demons respond by hissing sharply. The blonde woman shrugs her shoulders and sighs. “You just better hope they have something available soon or I’m taking it out on your ass,” she says casually.

The lizard demons quickly converge on the blonde woman with incredible speed, covering ground very quickly. The woman dodges the first swipe and three more afterward. She then hops over the tail of one lizard demon to avoid being swept, and ducks under another tail swipe. One lizard demon, several feet away, thrusts its claws forward. The demon fires them like bullets at the woman. The blonde woman boots away one lizard demon and gets rid of another with a spinning roundhouse kick. She then quickly aims a gun and fires several shots. The first few destroy the flying claws. The rest head for the intended lizard demon, but it uses its shield to block the bullets. Then the reptilian creature growls and regenerates its claws.

The blonde woman throws herself back to avoid being cleaved in two by the lizard demon’s rush attack. The demon turns to come at her again. The woman deflects the scaly arm with one gun and kicks off its helmet revealing its iguana-like face. She silences the demon’s hissing with a bullet to its head before lifting it up and tossing it. The lizard demon’s body slams on the ground and crumbles like dirt. The remaining lizard demons roar into the night sky. They then go after the blonde woman to avenge their fallen kin. The blonde woman dodges the first swipe, then ducks under a high strike and dives from the path of an overhead strike. The attacking lizard demon smashes the ground instead. Two other lizard demons attempt to blindside their golden haired adversary. Nimbly, she avoids their claws with a back flip. She uses another one to evade a fast tail swipe. The blonde woman lands on top of one of the lizard demon and then shoots herself into the air with a sharp kick that also bowls her living perch over. She unleashes a turret of gunfire upon the horde of reptilian creatures. They use their unearthly speed and agility to avoid the deadly shower of bullets. Some have resorted to using their shields to defend themselves. Landing on top of a lamppost, the blonde woman continues to rain death down on her quarry. However, her efforts are proving futile.

One lizard demon breaks from the pack and makes a mad dash for the lamppost. With a couple well-placed sharp kicks, it ascends to the top. The blonde woman, without turning around, leaps straight up just as the lizard demon lunges forward with its claws. She kicks her attacker sharply in the back of the head, sending hurling to the street below while she lands safely back on the lamppost. Unfortunately, her safety is not assured as the lamppost begins to give way. On the way up, the lizard demon had sliced through the steel structure. The blonde woman jumps from the pole to the street below. When she lands, she scans the lizard demons surrounding her. They have proven to be more intelligent than she had assumed, for they had corralled her in the middle of the group.

The blonde woman’s nerves are not rattled. She flashes her opponents a smile. “I have to hand it to you; you Assaults have definitely made an improvement. Now,” she says. An unearthly power begins to radiate from the woman. Small streams of lightning flow around her hands and guns. “Let’s see just see how much.”

One of the lizard demons, known as Assault, rushed at the blonde woman with its claws drawn back. The woman begins dancing around as the Assault swipes and slashes at her ferociously. After sidestepping a thrust attack, she delivers a powerful kick to its chin, popping it up off the ground. Then she follows up with a deadly roundhouse that sends the Assault sliding across the ground. Bringing her guns to bear, the blonde woman unleashes a hailstorm of lead. Several Assaults quickly move to their fallen kin and deflect the bullets with their shields.

“They created a phalanx around him. Seems like they learned how to be organized. That armor is pretty annoying,” said the blonde woman. She takes aim again, this time pooling her power into her guns. Loud electrical pops resonate in the night air as she fires a few lightning charged bullets at the lizard demons. The Assaults raise their shields again only to have them knocked back. Three more shots are fired before the trio of demonic lizards recover, destroying them. Their bodies crumble to the ground like broken statues. The blonde woman lets loose with another blanket of lightning charged gunfire. Using their amazing agility, the Assaults scramble to avoid joining their brethren in oblivion. A couple of them advance toward the woman. She singles them out, spewing electric death from her pistols. The two Assaults employ their best evasive tactic. They quickly dive underground, leaving the bullets to pelt the asphalt instead of their scaly hides.

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