Arcana X 1st Assignment: Gunslinger Swordsman Ch.1 Pt.5

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A single shot rings out followed by deafening silence. The weight of Bella suddenly became lighter in Cleetus’s hand. Looking, he cries out in shock at his broken sword. With blinding speed, Grace found her way to Ecks’s right hand. The same speed rolls Ecks forward to drop Cleetus on his back with a speedy leg sweep. Then Cleetus’s eyes shot wide open as the top half of Bella saw-bladed overhead before spearheading into the floor right between his legs near his crotch. Cleetus howled out in shock. Fearing the worse, he scuttles across the floor, gets to his knees and checks himself. “One…Two…” he says, checking his crotch. After a moment, he exasperates a sigh of relief. “…three. Oh thank you, merciful Grace.” With his fear past him, Cleetus shoot angry eyes at Ecks as he stood to his feet. “You’re gonna pay for that you little punk,” he says through gritted teeth.

“What, I was only trying to do the ladies a favor,” Ecks said half-heartedly.

“I’ve had it with you! You’re dead!! Boys, show this punk what for,” Cleetus hollered. A hush falls over Boar’s Head Pub. There is no sound of attacking men. No clanging metal. Where were his men, wondered Cleetus. Finally, after a long awkward moment, he looks over his shoulder to find them sitting at a table ready to order a meal.

“I’m gettin’ leg of lamb. What’re you guys gettin’?” said the man in the white shirt.

“I might try the house special,” says Mangus. The rest of the men nod in agreement.

“What the hell are guys doin’?!” yelled Cleetus in shock. The men do not answer him. They simply lift their mugs and drink. “You losers, I’m payin’ ya to kick this guy’s butt!”

“Heh, pay?” said Ecks, catching Cleetus’s attention. “That’s money they’ll never see.”

“Y-You shut up!!” Cleetus yelled back. He knows Ecks isn’t lying. The young Arcana Knight has left him in debt in just about every town they met in. Of course, he’ll never admit it.

Just then a new person enters Boar’s Head; they survey the main dining hall and the damages down to several pieces of furniture as well as the floor. “What in the name of his Grace is goin’ on ‘ere!!” the person bellowed angrily.

The boar like voice laced with a heavily Scottish accent sent chills up Cleetus’s spine. He turns to look at the person whom is familiar to him. It is a stout woman wearing a brown and white fashionable Victorian dress. Her red hair is done up in a high hairdo. The woman’s full face is twisted with anger, which seems to be decreasing Cleetus’s prideful demeanor. “Aunt…Agnes?” he says with a slight whimper.

The silence in the room is broken by a lamp crashing to the floor from the ceiling. Agnes grinds her teeth hard. “Cleetus, did that lamp just fall from me ceiling?” she asks.

Fear filled Cleetus’s eyes. He is fully aware of his aunt’s extremely short temper. His mind went blank for second as he tried to come with a way to save himself from his aunt’s wrath. Right now he was wishing this was happening in a different place. Out of desperation, and fear, he whips out an arm pointing at Ecks. “It’s all his fault Aunt Aggie! I was just sitting down enjoying my meal when this little upstart picked a fight with me! It’s that guy’s fault your place is a mess! I tried to stop him but he and his big butted hot-looking girlfriend wouldn’t stop!” Then Cleetus indicated Mangus and his men, “These guys will tell ya! We were all sittin’ together. Weren’t we fellas?”

“Nope, never see him,” Mangus said, tipping his mug to his lips.

“Nah, don’t know him,” said two more men.

“You guys stink!!” yelled Cleetus.

“Cleetus, dear,” Agnes smiled gently. She beckons her nephew to come closer. Through cautious steps, her nephew is at her side. She then beckons him to bend toward her. With a hard gulp he complies. Cleetus’s aunt is scary enough when she is angry but this is something truly terrifying. Once her nephew was in range, Agnes reaches up and grips him by his ear twisting hard. Cleetus howls out in pain. “How dare you come in ‘ere with yer rooffian friends and ruin meh place o’ business!! Yeh ungrateful, ignorant booffoon!! If meh sister were still alive, she’d kill herself seeing wha’chu become!” Agnes scolded, yanking her nephew’s ear for harsh emphasis.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Aunt Aggie!!” Cleetus howled out with tears of pain in his eyes. Agnes gives his ear one more yank for measure before letting it go.

“Mother what’s going in here?” a voice came from just outside the main dining hall. A young woman enters. She is tall with flowing red hair down just pass her waist and a thick womanly body. She is wearing a black dress, where the bottom section was split in a solid top half and lace bottom, with a short red felt jacket. Red goggles donned her head. The young woman’s quickly scans the damaged the furniture before laying her eyes upon Cleetus. “Cousin Cleetus, what’re yeh doing ‘ere?” she spoke with a Scottish accent but not as heavy as her mother Agnes.

“Ulp, uh…C-Cousin Mildred,” Cleetus is visibly shaken by the presence of his cousin. He has known her to be the only person with a worse temper than his aunt. Mildred could tame a Bandersnatch just by looking at it. Ecks and the patrons of Boar’s Head aren’t sure what to make of the situation but given the owner’s treatment of her nephew, they had best stay clear and allow things to play out. Plus, it was quite amusing.

“Hiya doin’ cousin? Long time no see,” Cleetus said rubbing the back of his neck as he mustered up a laugh.

“Oh no, boy. Don’t yeh dare try an’ act all innocent! Not after yeh ruined meh furniture an’ frightened meh customers!” Agnes scolded again.
Mildred stared hard at her cousin. She had always known him to cause trouble every time he returns to Syrus. In fact, the last time he was there, she kicked him out after he had one too many pints of ale. Cleetus was just barely able to walk after the pounding she gave him. “Looks like yeh didn’t take meh advice, didja dear coosin?” she said sternly. “I told yeh tae stay away until yeh got your act together. An’ I toldja what would happen if yeh came back causing trouble.” Mildred cracks her knuckles as she throws her cousin an intimidating grin.

Cleetus threw his hands up in surrender. “W-Wait, Millie. H-Hang on a second. I can explain.” Desperate for help, he looks towards Mangus and his men once more and begs them for assistance. “C’mon guys, help me out here!”

Mildred looks over at the men sitting at the nearby table as well. She examines them carefully, taking in their suspicious behavior. Looking out across the dining hall, she sees that they are the only ones sitting comfortably at a table while everyone else is standing. “You fellas, do yeh know meh coosin and don’t dare lie tae me,” she says, piercing them with her gaze. Then she clasps her left hand and right fist together. “Or else,” she adds.

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