Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura!! The Battle Begins!!

Asura vs. Kratos

Asura takes a moment to gather his bearings. Climbing the pillar out of Naraka back to this physical plane takes a toll on him. However, the fatigue is not a great as the first time. Once recovered, he stands to his height. He scans the decimated village and the bodies sprawled across the ground. Anger begins to rise in Asura. What has become of the Guardian Generals, he wondered, for them to cause such senseless destruction? Is this the salvation Yasha spoke of? Is this what Mithra is being forced to partake in, the slaughter of hundreds of lives? Angrier Asura became the more he thought about it. He cannot let them use Mithra for their own selfish gains. He hops to the ground and walks away. Asura will destroy them all for what they’ve done.

Kratos watches the god walk away. First, he abandons his worshipers and now he mourns not their deaths. He snarls with contempt. The gods of this world are no different than the gods of Olympus. They are all petty, pitiless and worthless. “You there!” he called loudly. Asura turns to look at the stranger. A man with bone white skin and a large red tattoo wrapped around his body approached him. “Why have you abandoned these people?” Asura stares at Kratos blankly. The Spartan resumes his interrogation. “They seek your salvation and you turn your back on them. You will not mourn their death?”

“You’re saying I had something to do with this?” said Asura finally. His anger boils more. He has already been blamed once for a murder he did not commit. He will not have that happen again. “I have nothing to do with this. None of this is my fault.”

“You’re right. You had nothing to do with this. While they prayed to you, you did nothing for them. A god who turns his back on his worshippers, even in death, is no god,” says Kratos.

“Do not call me a god!” Asura hollered back, remembering that Yasha used that word to refer to himself.

“Then I call you a coward, for turning your back on these people.”

“What did you say?!” Asura said, clenching his fists tightly. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m a warrior seeking a worthy challenge. Are you the challenge I seek?” said Kratos.

“It’s a fight you want? Fine, I’ll give it to you!” Asura drops into a stance, ready to face Kratos.

Kratos scoffs contemptuously. “Then come at me, false god.” He draws the Blades of Exile and takes a battle stance.

Asura grinds his teeth, sneering at Kratos. He balls his fists tightly. All he can think about is how loosely Yasha referred himself to being a god to justify his actions and betrayal. Yasha may call himself a god if he wants. Asura will not be referred to as one. “I told you,” he says. Then he breaks into sprint. “Don’t call me a god!”

Kratos is surprised by Asura’s speed. He barely manages to block the punch with the Blades of Exile. The force sends Kratos crashing through several buildings. He explodes out of a building at the edge of the village, taking brick and mortar with him. He stabs a wicked blade into the ground, carving a trench as he slowed his momentum. Once the blade catches hold of the ground and stops him, Kratos stands to his height. Hearing a high pitched whistle, he looks to the sky to see Asura diving towards him. He dives out of the way just before Asura slams into the ground. Rolling to his feet, Kratos takes a battle stance. He waits for Asura to stand to his feet before he rushes at him with the Blades of Exile tight in his grip. Asura rushes to meet Kratos. Kratos slashes with the blades. They clang loudly against his opponent’s metal arm. After blocking one wicked blade again, Asura drives a fist forward but it meets the other blade. He hops back to avoid having his belly split open when Kratos slashes with the other blackened blade. However, putting distance between him and Kratos will not help Asura any. Kratos casts one blade out on the chain bound to his forearm. It carves through the air at Asura but he manages to avoid it. The fallen Guardian General weaves around the blades that flourish around him. He tries to advance forward but a quick slash that threatens to take his nose off forces him back. Asura is not the most graceful when it comes to evasive maneuvers as he takes a cuts on his arms, legs and body. The heat of the godly fire that surrounds the blades sears his flesh but he keeps on dodging, using his mounting rage to push out the pain. After another dodge, Asura knocks aside one Blade of Exile with an angry yell, and charges at Kratos.

Kratos is now the one dancing around furious attacks. His years of combat experience allow him to adapt and defend against any enemy’s assault. Occasionally he uses his blades to deflect and counter Asura which doesn’t prove difficult. Kratos has dealt with this kind of wild attacking numerous times before. He gets glimpse of Asura’s face in between each exchange and notices that his focus is solely on defeating his enemy with brute force. This is a feeling that Kratos is all too familiar with. He has harbored this feeling for a long time. He still does. The Ghost of Sparta blocks and evades Asura’s barrage attacks. He hooks his opponent’s arm, spins behind him and cleaves his back. Asura responds back with a back fist which Kratos ducks under and carves another crimson trench in Asura’s side. He then slides to his right to avoid the roundhouse kick aimed at his head and swings a blade low. Asura gets wise and hops over it then he drives forward an angry fist. This is the opportunity Kratos waited for. He deflects the punch with the Golden Fleece armor wrapped around his right arm. Kratos shudders at the power the fleece absorbs. His power is godly, Kratos thought. Using the stolen power, Kratos lands a solid knee into Asura’s sidea and then kicks him away. Before the power runs out, Kratos swings the Blades of Exile in a rising arc. They hook Asura under his arm pits and toss him skyward. Kratos casts the blades out, hooks them onto his opponent’s shoulders and tugs the chains hard, drawing himself up. The Spartan slashes fiercely and bashes Asura to the ground. The same hook and reel attack brings Kratos to Asura again where he delives a powerful knee to his ribs. Stabbing the blades into his shoulders, Kratos leaps back, yanks the chains taunt and hurls Asura into the side of the canyon leading to the village. Rock and dirt explode from the canyon wall from the force of the impact. Kratos holds his position. This man may have godlike power. He knows this little tussle in not enough to finish him.

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