Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 8

Outside, the young man who delivered Dante’s pizza was still outside, totally beside himself about what to do about the money owed for the pizza. His attention is drawn away by the sound of a motorcycle driving up and parking. He watches with captivation as the attractive woman with short dark hair eased herself off the bike. The young man looks her up and down as she strolled towards him. She was wearing a pleated plaid skirt with a matching military-style utility belt, a white blouse and knee-high red boots. The woman spots the delivery boy and takes a quick look back at the moped and empty warming bag. She smiles.

“So he owes you, too,” the short-haired woman said. “Well, get in line.” Then she enters the building.

The young delivery man is left again wearing a bewildered façade.

Dante picks up another slice of pizza when notices the woman with short dark hair. He regards the woman with a familiar annoyance. “Oh crap, what’re you doing here, Lady?” he says. Dante is not known for his people skills.

“Still see you’re getting free pizza. How much is your tab going to be this time?” the short haired woman named Lady said.

“Like I already told Trish, I’m working on it,” Dante says and takes another bite.

“Oh, does he know that,” Lady retorted, indicating the delivery boy still outside the shop.

“Is he still out there? I said I would owe him,” Dante said lightheartedly. “Anyway why are you here? And don’t say it for a social visit.”

“Nothing much, just to ask you for a favor,” Lady started to say.

Dante quickly cuts her off. “No thanks,” he said bluntly.

Lady brushes aside Dante’s quick remark. “Don’t you want to hear my offer first?”

“Nope,” Dante shot at her. “All you bring me are crap jobs with no profit. And the good ones you do bring I get screwed in the end and you line your pockets with my cut. Thanks, but no way.” Dante knows Lady very well. He has gone on jobs with her before and is still waiting on his share. She always has a reason to keep Dante’s share of the pay keeping him always in debt with her. That’s why he choosy with the jobs he takes even with Lady. The only reason now he’d take a job from her is out of pure boredom. For Dante it’s about interest, not money when it comes to doing jobs with Lady.

Lady knows this. She is an excellent Devil Hunter so it’s not like she needs Dante’s help. She just likes to bust his chops now and then. “You’re still upset about that job with the Red-eyed demon? Well, don’t get mad at me, no one told you to total that bridge,” she says nonchalantly.

“Whatever,” Dante says, brushing the matter aside to eat more of pizza.

Trish was curious about the job. She asks Lady where it was located. “It’s out west, on the other side of the city,” Lady told her. “Apparently a small town is finding most of their livestock mutilated. They thought it was an animal but there are none large enough in that area. I thought it might be worth checking out.”

“See, what’d I tell you? Crap job,” Dante shot in.

“So how about it? If nothing turns up, I’ll treat you to the salon for a trim,” Lady said.

“You noticed?” Trish said surprised. Then she looks at Dante, “You said it wasn’t noticeable.”

“If you were listening, I said it was barely noticeable,” Dante said with his usual relaxed demeanor.

Trish shoots him a look before returning her attention to Lady. “Alright, I’ll tag along. Nothing much going on around here anyway,” she said. With that, she and Lady go to leave Devil May Cry.
From the door way, Lady turns back to Dante. “Are you sure you don’t want to come along?” she asks teasingly. Dante responds by leaning back in his chair and placing a magazine over his face. Propping his feet up in the desk, he settles in deeper into his chair. Lady shrugs her shoulders and closes the door, knowing she won’t get any more out of him.
Outside, Trish and Lady run into the delivery boy who is still waiting to get paid. He looks at them and none too soon did his eyes fall on Trish. Gliding his eyes across her, his mouth drops open at the sight of the blonde beauty before him.

“Friend of yours?” Trish says to Lady.

Lady laughs and says, “You got this one, I took the last one.”

“He’s gonna owe me for this,” Trish says to herself. She then leans in close to the startled young man. The young man’s heart was racing and his palms started to sweat. Trish looks at him with a cat-like stare. “You know cutie, why don’t we keep this our little secret, hmm?” she says with a sultry voice while slowly gliding one nail up his neck to his chin. Suddenly, the young man faints.

“Wow, ten seconds. A new record,” said Lady.

“Dante better appreciate what I’m doing. I think I’ll get that outfit I wanted and put on his tab,” Trish said.

“That’s fair,” Lady said with a laugh. The ladies walk to their respective motorcycles—a red motorcycle for Lady and black for Trish. They start their engines and, after a couple revs of the motor, the drive off with Lady in the lead.

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