Dante vs Bayonetta: The Witch dances with the Devil Chapter 2

“Crap, I forgot they can do that,” the blonde woman said with dismay. Before she can even begin her search for the two Assaults that eluded her, she has to deal with the rest of their family first. Two break into a short sprint and lunge at her. She jumps back, leaving them clawing at the ground and not her. The moment she lands, she arcs her body back to keep her from being beheaded by a fast slash. For a moment she sees the air distort from the creature’s finely sharpened claws. A kick to the ribs and a heel drop to the back of its head takes the Assault out. The blonde woman prepares to fire a shot in its back when the Assault quickly dives in the ground. That’s three demon lizards below her feet and a half dozen more waiting to tear her to shreds.

“Hmm, these guys usually aren’t so organized. Plus I don’t see a leader,” said the blonde woman. She has fought these demons before and knows how they operate. The Assaults are pack hunters with two or three small ones flanking a large one. Without a leader, the small Assaults will attack wildly. They tend to be more organized with a leader present. Remembering this, the blonde woman suspected that at least three pack leaders have to be nearby. Two Assaults lead the next wave. They rush the golden haired maiden with their claws bared. With a sway to right and a sway to the left, the blonde woman avoids the first two strikes. She then ducks, slides and delivers a powerful back kick to take out one Assault while evading the other one’s attack. With quick reflexes, she grabs the next Assault by the wrist, halting its attack. Then, with the flick of her arm, the blonde woman whips it to the ground and turns it to dust with a shot to its back. Another Assault lunges for her, but she evades it with a well-timed back flip. More of the lizard demons charge at her. They begin attacking ferociously. The blonde woman weaves her way through the swirling curtain of razor sharp talons. The other Assaults soon join the fray. The woman does less dodging and unleashes more counterattacks. When a successful evasion was made, she quickly whips out a kick and then blast the creature to dust. She has already deduced the best time to attack is after their attack fails, having noticed they can’t raise their shield while striking. She bats another one and fires an electrically charged bullet in its hide. Slowly, the Assaults’ numbers are starting to diminish yet they press on.

The blonde woman has already taken out half of her attackers. She flips over one as it threw itself at her and jumps again to avoid the fast sweeping tail of another. An Assault suddenly appears at the woman’s left. Whipping around, she quickly knocks it away with a fast somersault kick, and then she leaps into the air. The three Assaults who buried themselves before burst from the ground to pursue the woman. Unfortunately for them, this was part of her plan. Three well-timed and well-placed axe kicks launch them right back down, slamming into ground as well as taking out several of their comrades. The blonde woman finishes her deadly onslaught with a hail of electric bullets, decimating the defenseless demons. Ending her attack, she lands on the ground. Only two Assaults remained. They hesitate in attacking after seeing their brethren destroyed so utterly.

The blonde woman smiles coyly at the remaining reptilian demons. “I know big brother’s watching. So where is he hiding?” she says, strolling towards the Assaults casually. The two demons step back, fearful of the woman. “Don’t be shy. I just want to know where your big sibling is hiding, that’s all,” the woman teasingly asked again. No sooner than did she finish speaking, something explodes from underground. She whirls around just in time to see the ten-foot beast slam onto the street. This is the Assault Leader. The woman shines her eyes on the giant demon, undaunted by its fearsome appearance. The Assault Leader glares at the faired haired female who has stricken down his subordinates. Unlike its smaller brethren, it doesn’t carry a shield or wear a protective helmet. But the blonde woman knows that the Assault Leader has no need for protection due its extra thick hide. While she contemplated on how to deal with her new enemy, the street suddenly rumbles again. Four more large eruptions explode around the woman and the same number of Assault Leaders thunderously land on the ground. The quartet of giant lizard demons shines their yellow eyes on the woman. With their big brothers on stage, the two smaller Assaults join them at their sides. The lesser demons whom the woman was fighting before the arrival of the first few Assaults also band with their reptilian counterparts.

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