Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1 Part 3!!


“So are you ready, runt?” Taito says. He places his bey Desert Rattler into his launcher and aims it at the Bey Stadium built into the ground. “To hand over your bey!”
Yami Yugi follows suit, aiming his launcher as well. “I will not lose my Dark Magician to you!” he said sternly.
Taito laughs and says, “You know, I’m getting tired of y’all saying that. All your little buddies there said the same thing and I got all their beys. None of them were worthy for parts but hey, you gotta start somewhere.”
“You!” Yami Yugi says with disgust. Now he got the full story. Taito has challenged these young bladers to a battle just so he can get their beys and use them for parts. Yami also wagers that these kids just started out Beyblading. His assumption stems from how Taito and his gang cornered Haiji and Yasha in order to force them into a battle despite the fact that Haiji and Yasha have only been blading for a few weeks. This is no different than an experienced duelist dueling against someone who is just starting out just to sooth their own ego. This upsets Yami. Normal Yugi is just as upset as Yami and convenes his feelings to him.
“This isn’t right. Taito battled against these kids even though they were just learning to Beyblade,” said Yugi.
“I agree. Which is why Taito must be taught a lesson about honor and respect,” Yami replied.
“Yeah but,” Yugi started to say. He knows that something has to be done about Taito or he will just keep targeting novice bladers. However, he is greatly concerned with their chances of defeating Taito since they have little knowledge of Beyblade. If this was Duel Monsters, they would have a far better chance against Taito Katsuya.
“I sense your concerns, Yugi,” said Yami. Because of their strong connection through the Millennium Puzzle, they are able to sense each other’s distress. Yami shares in Yugi’s worry but he is not one to back down from a challenge. “We are inexperienced as well in this new game but we cannot let that stop us. We will learn this game’s rules as we did with Dungeon Dice Monsters. Remember?”
Yugi is taken aback for a moment. He had nearly forgotten about when he was challenged to a duel by Duke Devlin in his game Dungeon Dice Monsters. The odds were stacked high against him and Yami since they had to learn the rule of Duke’s game while battling against him. That’s it, Yugi thought. They got down the basics of Beyblade just a like they did in Dungeon Dice Monster. They will apply that and learn the rest as the battle progresses. With Dice Monsters, they had the help menu from the computer. Here, Yugi and Yami have people who can help them with the mechanics of Beyblade. Yugi now smiles on with confidence. His worry begins to waver. He and Yami will defeat Taito Katsuya and help out Haiji and Yasha’s friends.
“So you’re ready, punk?” said Taito with a snide grin. “First I’ll take you out and then those two runts beside ya. All your beys will be added to my collection.”
“You will not be getting our beys, Taito,” Yami Yugi shot back. “However, when I defeat you, you will return all the beys you have taken.”
Taito laughs out loud. He then says, “You’re a real comedian, ain’t ya? You really think you’re gonna beat me?” He laughs again. “Alright, whatever. I give ‘em back. But only if you beat me.”
“I will,” Yami said with firm assurance.
“Alright, let’s do it!” said Taito. “3…2…1! Here I come!” He yanks hard on the rip cord and sends his Desert Rattler flying into the stadium. Yami Yugi does the same sending Dark Magician to meet Taito’s bey. The beys land in the ring and circle around. Taito carefully looks at Yugi’s Dark Magician, sizing it up. He grins. “Alright, here I come, runt!” he hollers out. “Go Rattler!” On his command, Desert Rattler bursts forward and clashes furiously with Dark Magician. Yami Yugi grinds he teeth. It seems Taito is not all talk. Neither is he.
“Dark Magician!” Yami Yugi calls out. The Duel Monster turned Beyblade surges forth and bashes Desert Rattler back. Sparks fly from the beys’ relentless assaults. Haiji, Yasha and the other kids cheer Yami Yugi on. Taito’s gang does the same but with more arrogance. Dark Magician and Desert Rattler clash hard, break away briefly and then clash again.
This kid ain’t half bad, Taito thought. Still doesn’t mean he’s gonna beat me though. He swipes his arm forward. Desert Rattler clashes furiously against Dark Magician, pushing it back. Taito laughs. “You’re pretty good, runt. But I’m done wasting time with you. So here I come for real!” he says grinning. “Rattler, put the squeezed on him!”
“Not if I stop you first!” Yami Yugi hollered back. “Dark Magician!” On Yami Yugi’s command, Dark Magician counters with a quick powerful strike that knocks Desert Rattler back momentarily. The serpent bey immediately leaps back at the spell caster, spinning around it as the numerous blades on its sides grind away ferociously. Yami Yugi is stunned by the barrage attack. He quickly becomes concerned for his most faithful Duel Monster.
Taito bursts out with laughter. “I told ya! You’re not gonna beat me! My Desert Rattler is gonna squeeze your magician until he passes out!”
“Passes out?” said Yami Yugi.
“Yugi,” Yami looks at Haiji. “There two ways to win or lose a Beyblade battle. You lose or win either by sleep out or a stadium out.”
“Sleep out or stadium out? I’m sorry Haiji but you’ll have to refresh my memory,” Yami tells him, keeping up his pretense.
Haiji nods. “A sleep out is when one bey stops spinning. The winner is the one whose bey hasn’t stopped spinning. And a stadium out is when you successfully knock your opponent’s bey out of the stadium,” he tells Yami.
“I see. Thank you, Haiji. You have been most helpful,” said Yami. He then shows his appreciation with a smile. Haiji returns his acceptance in kind. Yami Yugi returns his attention to Taito and his bey Desert Rattler that is putting the squeeze on Dark Magician. He begins to contemplate a way to save his precious bey. Meanwhile, Yugi tries to make sense of what he and Yami have learned from Haiji. He meets with Yami in the astral space within the Millennium Puzzle.
“This isn’t good. Taito can simply wait until Dark Magician stops spinning and win the battle! I have to find a way to get Dark Magician free from the grip of his Desert Rattler! But how?” said Yugi. He watches from within, paying close attention to Desert Rattler as it grinds around his bey. Yugi has always been good at solving problems and figuring things out. He has applied this ability to Duel Monsters plenty of times before which has led to his victories over Maximillian Pegasus, creator of the Duel Mosters game, Seto Kaiba, the teenage president of Kaiba Corp., and Marik Ishtar, who sought the power of the Pharaoh in order to rule the world. They were Yugi’s toughest opponents and he was able to best them by accessing the duel and executing countermeasures. Yugi must do the same if he wishes to beat Taito and help Haiji, Yasha and their friends. Still watching Desert Rattler, he spots a possible solution. “Desert Rattler is spinning in a counterclockwise circle around Dark Magician. If I can have Dark Magician dodge in the opposite direction, he should be able to escape. Timing is everything and unfortunately, time is something I don’t have. I have to make this count,” says Yugi.
On the outside, Yami has been listening to Yugi’s plan. With him, Yami is able to execute Yugi’s plans with intricate precision. He has trust in Yugi and they have developed a strong connection since Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle. They have gotten out of tight spots before by working together. They will do the same here. Yami Yugi watches Desert Rattler carefully. They have to time their countermeasure correctly or risk Dark Magician taking further damage. They watch as Desert Rattler passes by them. Yami Yugi sees that there is a split second where any one side of his Dark Magician bey is not being attacked by Taito’s Desert Rattler. That’s the window he and Yugi must take. Yugi locks his eyes on Desert Rattler, making calculations in his head. Then the moment comes. “It’s now or never!” he says. Yami conveys Yugi’s thought outwardly. “Now Dark Magician!” Yami called out. On his word, Dark Magician shot to the right just as Desert Rattler came around for another rotation, stopping it cold. The action stuns everyone especially Taito. Yami Yugi seizes the moment and commands Dark Magician to push harder. The Duel Monster turned Beyblade strikes hard, sending Desert Rattler flipping through the air. The snake themed bey bounces twice before righting itself and continuing to spin.
Taito looks on in disbelief. Never has anyone escaped the grip of Desert Rattler. It was always his sure fire move that helped him win a lot of Beyblade battles. He glowers at Yami Yugi. He will not be upstaged by this upstart. “You got lucky, punk. But that won’t happen again,” he snarled.
“That was a close one,” Yugi said. “If I had waited any longer, Dark Magician would have suffered a lot of damage. He’s still spinning. That’s good. I better go on the offensive while Taito’s distracted.”

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