Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 24

Blocking a fierce backhand, Bayonetta uses her mysterious ability to dodge just as Dante whips around ready to crush her face in with an elbow strike and boot him in the ribs. The fiery claws sear Dante however he doesn’t wince or even blink. He just drives forward another gauntlet-encased fist at her. Bayonetta initiates the time-altering magic ability known amongst the Umbra Witches as Witch Time. This special spell allows the Umbra Witch who cast it to unleash multiple attacks upon her enemy while altering time and space. To Bayonetta, Dante is moving at about a tenth of his speed, giving her plenty of time to set up and strike. She takes hold of his wrist of his extended arm and goes through the motion for a shoulder toss. Witch Time ends and Dante is slammed into the ground with tremendous force, generating a small earthquake. Bayonetta then leaps into the air and dives down with both legs outstretched. The flames of Durga wrap her legs in an unearthly fire. Her attempt to stomp the Devil Hunter further into the ground is stopped when he rolls back to a handstand and her feet slam against his.

Bunching his stomach muscles and unbundling his legs, the Son of Sparda kicks out hard sending Bayonetta through the air. He then flips to his feet and charges hard at the falling witch. His opponent’s agility has her land safely on the ground. Unfortunately for her, he is already in range leaving her no chance to dodge. The steel-bladed knuckles of Gilgamesh make contact with Bayonetta’s exposed back. This is it. Dante will end this battle.

Suddenly, Bayonetta’s body bursts into a cloud of bats at the moment of contact. Dante is caught by the action but he is still on guard. The bats swarm briefly around him before they come together and reform into the sexy spell caster who whips out a quick strike. He manages to block it and continue to defend well against the others that follow. A strong attack pushes Dante back. He recovers and immediately jumps back into the action. The man in red launches a series of his best attacks, showing her his true fighting prowess. He keeps her on edge with his acrobatic combat. For the moment, he seems to have gained control of the match as Bayonetta isn’t employing Witch Time as quick this time. Unknown to Dante, she is waiting for the right moment. Contrary wise, Dante is waiting for the same thing. He figures if he keeps throwing random attacks, she’ll slip up and reveal her secret. Dante shoots forward with one arm drawn back after defending against a counterattack from his sleek opponent. Driving his fist up, he watches Bayonetta closely. And then, he notices it.

Bayonetta appears at his left and discharges a powerful electric shock from Durga that disorients Dante. She then rams him in the gut with her forearm and, with a hard shove, launches him across the street, sending the man in red crashing into a weather beaten car. The force of his body crushes the vehicle and blasts the door on the other side off.

Dante lies against the car for a moment before hoisting himself to his feet. He casts his eyes upon the woman with electric claws on her hands and fiery claws on her feet. He has faced tough opponents before but none as tough as her, except his brother Vergil. The only true reason his bouts with his long-lost twin were so engaging was because they shared the same blood—the blood of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Vergil’s skills were on par with Dante. It wasn’t until he fought his brother after he was corrupted by the King of the Underworld Mundus that Dante had finally achieved victory. However, it was a hollow victory. The final battle with Vergil was more about freeing him from Mundus, not allowing his father’s name to be tarnished. Before being corrupted by Mundus, Vergil fought with dignity, honor and, most of all, pride. Pride was Vergil’s strong point. Dante knew this and freed him from Mundus’s control the only way he knew how—with an honorable defeat. His battles with his twin were tough. His current battle with the Umbra Witch is tough. Dante stands to his full height. The large gashes that decorated his chest have healed completely. He is ready to continue this tough battle.

The Son of Sparda takes a moment to study his recent clashes with Bayonetta. He quickly picked up on her speedy surprise attacks. For the moment, he is reminded of a battle with a devil that possessed superior maneuverability. The devil’s name was suited perfectly with its overwhelming speed—Blitz. Blitz’s speed and reaction rivaled even Dante’s superhuman reflexes. It was when Dante called upon his full demonic powers that he was able to defeat the speed demon. However, that is not the case now. Before her last attack, Dante noticed something just before Bayonetta vanished and dealt the blow. In her eyes, there was a small glint. Courtesy of his supernatural powers, he was able to notice something that ordinary people cannot. Also, he was able to pick up on her aura moving at sonic speed. It was then that the notion struck him harder than Bayonetta’s kick. Bayonetta is able to manipulate time and space. With this newfound knowledge, Dante has figured out a way to cancel the witch’s time magic.

“You know, it is awful rude to stare,” Bayonetta shot at him coyly.

Dante flashes a cool grin. “Well, when you see something you like,” he says.

“Is that so? Then tell me, do you like what you see, Dante,” Bayonetta asks while striking a couple of seductive poses.

“Can’t say that I don’t,” Dante replies, rubbing his chin while tracing over her sleek curves. “However, I will say this.” He then quickly drops into a battle stance and throws himself at her. Bayonetta prepares to cast Witch Time when she notices something is wrong. She barely blocks the punch with the claws on her right arm. The force of the impact pushes her back but she digs the fiery claws on her feet into the ground. Bayonetta stares into the steely gaze in Dante eyes.

“You have pretty eyes,” Dante finishes with a confident smile drawn across his face.

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