Arcana X 1st Assingment: Gunslinger Swordsman Ch.1 Pt.1

Arcana X title

In the town of Syrus in the kingdom of Arcana, a band of men have rudely disrupted what was a quiet breakfast by the patrons of Boar’s Head Inn. The dining hall is in shambles. The chairs and tables, normally neatly arranged, were tossed about amongst the debris of shattered plates and glasses and silverware that carpeted the floor. The patrons huddled to the sides of the large dining hall with a few hunkered down behind the bar. Some watched on in fear. Others took whatever food they could grab and continued to eat while keeping their eyes fixed on the unexpected floor show. They aren’t sure of what prompted the men to become reckless. It started out as a quiet morning with everyone enjoying a nice breakfast. The men walked in just as casually as can be. No one seemed suspicious of them since all kinds of people come through Boar’s Head, even ruffians. Usually, ruffian types tend to be civil unless provoked. The men sat down and placed an order. Then one of them looks over at a nearby table and from there is where all the disruption started.

The six men stood around the target of their aggression. The young man in the middle had entered Boar’s Head an hour ago with a young lady. They were sitting down enjoying their breakfast when the six interrupted them. The largest of the men recognized him which led to his current situation. The young man’s lady friend stood just outside what has become the boxing ring. Unlike some of the other people, she watched with familiarity. The situation her friend has gotten himself into is not out of the ordinary.

“When will this guy ever learn?” the young lady said.

Her friend in the center looks across the small band of men and then places his eyes in the larger man in front of him, regarding them all with a relaxed gaze. He wasn’t threatened in the slightest by the men. In fact, he thought nothing of them other than a minor nuisance. They were no more annoying than a fly on one’s ear.

The large man looks at the young man wearing a wide grin. He felt triumphant. He feels that this is his time; that he may finally give his young adversary what he deserves. “Well, well, fancy meetin’ you here,” he says with a gruff voice. “I just came in here to get a quick bite and what do I find? Man, I got you this time.”

The young man smirks at the large man towering over him. “Is that so? And how many times have you said that before?” he says.

“Uh-uh, this time is different. I got myself a little insurance policy,” the large man said. Then he draws the sword at his side. The blade is massive, bigger than the young man standing before him. “You remember my old friend, don’cha…Ecks?”

“Heh, I see you got it reforged. Had to dip into mommy’s change purse, huh?” the young man quipped. “Well, it doesn’t matter.” He then draws the two weapons on his back. Giving them a flashy twirl, he brings the shotguns to bear. “I’ll just bust up your little toy again,” the young man named Ecks says with a flashy grin.

“Ha! Might be a little hard this time. You gotta get through these guys first,” the large man said. One by one, the other five men draw their weapons and then step toward Ecks. Ecks looks at each man—the two to his right, then to his left and the one at his back—all of them with swords. The one man on his upper right, wearing a deep red tunic with a leather vest and short cropped hair chuckles wickedly at Ecks drawing his attention.

“It’s a shame you brought those guns. With all these folks in here, you are risk for issuing friendly fire,” he says to Ecks.

“That won’t matter,” said a muffled voice. The men set their eyes on the young lady Ecks came in with, who was sitting on the bar counter munching away on danishes. They look her up and down, finding her to be rather appealing. She bites down on another danish, oblivious of the ruffians gawking at her. “Ecks will still win even if he doesn’t fire his guns,” she says.

The men roar out with laughter. “Yeah right, what’s he gonna do, use ’em like swords?” laughed the man in the red tunic.

“What’s the point of carrying guns if you can’t shoot ’em,” laughed another man with shoulder length straggly hair wearing a leather vest, black pants and green sash.

The man in the red tunic looks back at Ecks and says, “Hey pal, your girl’s a real riot. How about we have a little fun with after we kick your ass, yeah?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind the extra padding,” Ecks replied with a light-hearted smile.

“That’s alright. I like a little meat on my bones,” the man in the red tunic said back with a wide grin. The girl Ecks came in with continued to munch on danishes while remaining oblivious to the men’s’ discussion about her. The man in the red tunic looked at her hungry eyed, wearing a grin that threaten to tear his head in half.

“Hey, to get to her you still gotta get past me,” Ecks said, getting the man’s attention.

“That won’t be a problem,” the man in the red tunic said turning back to Ecks.

“That a fact,” said Ecks. “So what pig sty did Cleetus find you in?”
Ecks’ remark insulted the men. Their joyful grins immediately turned into sour scowls. “What? Say that again,” the man in the red tunic said.
Ecks snickers and says, “What, that you’re all a bunch of filthy, smelly pigs. Why state the obvious?”

“You got a lot of mouth, boy,” the man in the red tunic snarled.

“Let’s show ‘im,” one of the men dressed in beige tunic wearing brown gloves called out.

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