Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura: When Powers Collide!!

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Asura assaults Kratos with furious punches. Kratos uses his agility to weave his way around the false god’s fists. Asura drives up an uppercut then follows with a wild punch, and left hook. All are avoided by the Spartan. The fallen Guardian General sways his head from the path of a flaming blade intended to take it off. He then sways, ducks and slides to avoid the follow up strikes. They engage each other in close quarters, attacking and defending with amazing skill. Kratos blocks with his blades and parries Asura’s fist, shoving him back. Asura quickly hurls himself back at him, his fist carving the air in a wild punch. Kratos quickly places the blade in his left hand on his back and catches the incoming fist. After throwing the other blade on his back, he bashes Asura hard in his face. Kratos bashes him again when Asura snarls at him and gets ready to deliver another blow when Asura buries his fist in Kratos’ gut. Kratos grits his teeth, ignores the pain and drives forward a crushing blow that sends Asura staggering back. Asura recovers and fires back with a wild punch, threatening to take the Spartan’s head off. They pound each other relentlessly with each blow becoming stronger than the last. Rage and fury drive their punches. They break away briefly and hurl themselves back at each other with no time wasted. They clash fists once. Then they clash fists again. And finally, they clash head-butts. A powerful shockwave is generated with each strike. Kratos and Asura growl and snarl with contempt for the other. They lock their hands together. They strain against one another in a power struggle. Asura pushes hard. Kratos pushes back harder.

Asura breaks his hold of Kratos’ left hand to plow his face in with a hard punch. Kratos answers back in kind. They bash each other repeatedly until Asura delivers a punch that sends Kratos stumbling back. He then lunges at the Spartan and buries his knuckles into Kratos’ cheek, sending flying through the air and slamming into large pile of rocks. Digging his feet and pushing off hard, Asura runs at full stride. Once he closes the gap, he draws his right fist way back and whips his arm forward, putting his whole body into the punch. Bits of rock fly into the air from the impact. However, Asura did not send his opponent through the rocks. He grinds his teeth in disgust as he looks down his extended arm to the burly hand gripping his fist. Kratos shoots a fierce gaze before driving a burly fist into the false god’s face. He pounds Asura a couple more times before ducking under a punch aimed for his head and slipping behind him. Kratos grapples Asura, lifts him up and slams him on the ground. He goes to pound his face in when Asura kicks him off and rolls backward to his feet. However, Asura is unaware that Kratos excelled in close combat. He throws a punch but Kratos grabs his wrist and spins into his body, delivering a powerful elbow to his chest. Kratos gives Asura a few more elbow strikes before grabbing him by the back of his neck and flipping him to the ground. He stomps on his chest for good measure. Kratos moves quickly to grab Asura by his left leg. With a mighty heave, he whips him around and lets him fly.

Asura’s body slams against a boulder. Rock and dust shoot in all directions. Asura stands to his feet. His body is already feeling the effects of pushing his power too far. Calling upon the Mantra twice is very taxing even for someone of his incredible strength. However, this will not stop him. Asura will fight no matter how drained he is. He charges at the ash colored man, yelling out a battle cry. Kratos digs his sandals in the ground as he runs full stride at his charging opponent, bellowing forth a mighty Spartan war cry. Asura grapples Kratos with Kratos grappling in return. The two men wrestle. Asura manages to grab Kratos in a headlock. He delivers blow after blow to his face. But Kratos can take it, thanks to his Spartan training and the despised blood of Zeus that flows in his veins. Kratos wraps his massive arms around Asura just he takes another shot to the face. Bunching the muscles in his shoulders and spreading his legs for better leverage, he heaves the fallen Guardian General off his feet and falls back with him, slamming him shoulders first on the ground. Kratos then pounds his gut with his elbow until the grip Asura has around his neck loosens. He stands to his feet before hauling up his opponent. He sets returning the favor and delivers blow after blow to Asura. Kratos receives blows of his own from Asura but he just returns them even harder. He is in his element, fighting his opponent with no weapons, just his preternatural strength.

Asura sends Kratos to one knee with a hard right. Kratos gathers his anger and his strength, and charges. He rams Asura with his shoulder, hoists him up and drives him through a stone pillar. Kratos doesn’t break pace as he carries Asura and crashes him through several more stone pillars. After using him as a battering ram once more, Kratos quickly plants his feet and hurls Asura into a boulder. The impact cracks the boulder but it doesn’t crumble. Asura shoots a fearsome glare at Kratos who is rushing toward him. He meets Kratos’ charge and grabs the fist that is thrown at him. Lunging, Asura delivers a powerful blow to the Spartan’s broad jaw. He drives an uppercut that nearly knocks Kratos out of his sandals. Blow after blow, Asura fights his way out of a jam and drives Kratos back. His desire to save his daughter Mithra will not allow him to lose. With one more good shot, he has the Spartan standing wearily after sending him staggering. Asura looks at his battered opponent. He has no idea who the ash colored man is but to stay with him this long proves how strong he is. However, he had no time for sentimentalities. Mithra is crying. Asura gathers his strength and lunges forward with a punch that will bring this battle to an end.

Suddenly, Kratos reaches up and catches Asura’s fist in time. Asura looks at him in shock. He had him beaten. How did he recover his strength? He pulls back to discover that he cannot escape Kratos’ iron grip. Kratos lifts his head. Asura sees closely how much fury burns in his eyes. A mighty roar rips from Kratos’ lungs as he buries a fist deep into Asura’s gut. He then calls upon the last of the Rage of the Titans’ magic and begins beating Asura senseless. The burning rage of Prometheus fuels Kratos’ punches as he pounds the false god again and again. Nothing—no one—is going to stand in his way of bringing down Olympus. Asura’s desire to save his daughter is strong as he fights back. But Kratos’ desire to murder the King of the Olympian Gods is stronger as he beats Asura back. He exchanges blows with Asura before he delivers a haymaker that spins the false god to one knee.

Asura glowers back at Kratos. His anger mounts. He cannot fail Mithra. Jumping back to his feet, he whips around a wild punch. “I will not lose…to the likes of you!” he hollers.

Kratos capitalizes on the foolhardy mistake and blocks with the Golden Fleece. “You will die, false god!!” he roars back. He reels back to drive forward a punch when a powerful blow caves in his left side.

Asura had anticipated the ash colored man would use the golden armor on his right arm to block his attack, leaving his left side exposed. He punishes Kratos’ ribs again with another kick that staggers Kratos. Asura pummels the Spartan relentlessly before sending flying skyward with a powerful uppercut. Curling his legs tightly, the fallen Guardian General blasts himself into the air after his opponent. Asura catches up to Kratos and draws back a fist. Kratos sees the incoming attack at the last second, deploys the Icarus Wings and banks hard around allowing Asura to fly past him. Quickly, the Spartan whips around, dispels the wings and hooks the Blades of Exile into Asura. With a quick pull of the chains, Kratos draws himself to Asura to deliver a knee to his jaw. He then slashes at him with repeated attacks before sending Asura flying away with a powerful slash. Kratos casts the blades out again, hooks and reels Asura back and drives the butt of one into his forehead. He whirls the blades again, carving more gashes into his opponent. Hooking the blades into Asura once more, Kratos whirls him around and sends him spiraling to the ground. He then places the Blades of Exile on his back draws out the Blade of Olympus while he enters a power dive.

After falling uncontrollably for a few moments, Asura manages to regain his bearings and whip himself to a halt in midair. He peers back at Kratos diving toward him. Drawing up more power, he shoots back into air. His strength may be fading but he will not let anyone stand between him and rescuing Mithra. Asura digs for more strength and rockets skyward, gnashing his teeth in anger. Kratos looks on as Asura approaches. He can sense that this will be the final assault, winner take all. Calling upon what will be the last of the Rage of the Titans’ magic, Kratos funnels the power into the Blade of Olympus. The sword crafted by the King of Olympus himself glows brightly with ethereal light. He raises the sword mightily over his head and burns Asura with his fiercest gaze.

“ASURA!! This will be your end!!” he bellows, finally acknowledging Asura by name.

“I will not lose to you, Spartan!!” Asura rages back.

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