Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 20

Dante goes into a stylish dance, shooting Lucifer’s needles as he twists and turns with a flashy flare that is unique only to him. Bayonetta, with a few simple gestures, has Kulshedra destroy each needle. Swinging his arms wide, several more needles quickly line up in front Dante before he snaps his arm forward to send them on their way. Kulshedra arcs wide through her mistress’ command, reducing the needles the flashes of red light. Bayonetta whips out her right leg and fires a rocket from the Lt. Col. Drawing another needle, Dante counters with a flick of his wrist. The needle from Lucifer detonates the rocket mid-flight.

Bayonetta prepared to fire another shot when picks up the sound of buzzing a moment after the explosion. Looking around, she finds herself surrounded by a half dozen of Lucifer’s needles. Dante used the cover of smoke from the explosion to launch his true counter strike. How clever, she thought. Coiling her sleek yet powerful legs, she shoots to sky just before the needles detonate. Twisting her body into a quick twirl, Bayonetta swings her legs around, commanding Lt. Col. Kilgore to fire upon Dante. Dante hurls his newly drawn needles, taking out the quartet of rockets in explosive glory. Then he immediately deploys more of the ominous glowing barbs. Bayonetta slashes Kulshedra to keep from being skewered. She then goes on the offensive. Lashing the snake whip around the support beam of a half demolished building, she pulls herself towards it and sprints a short distance down the wall before leaping off, and launching two more rockets. Because of the close proximity, Dante shoots himself back and then lets loose with more needles, exploding the rockets just above the ground. He follows up by summoning more of Lucifer’s needles and sending them to surround Bayonetta just as she lands. There is no escape. With a toss of the rose in his mouth, the needles explode in a bright red flash that quickly dissipates. To Dante’s surprise, there is no sign of the witch.

Suddenly, something tightens around his ankle before the Devil Hunter is whisked into the air and slammed into the asphalt. Another tug on his ankle drags Dante across the ground, whirls him around and catapults into a nearby building. The force of his crashing body finishes the demolition of the building that was started by contractors years prior. Wood and mortar rain down to bury him as the building crumbles like dominoes. Silence returned to the town on the sound of the last falling brick. The cloud of dust that was kicked up rolls across the street, wrapping around the sleek legs of Bayonetta who has somehow survived the exploding needles of Lucifer set by Dante. She gazes upon the ruined pile of rubble however, she can’t claim victory yet. She knows it’ll take more than dropping a building on him to take out the one who defeated the King of the Underworld and raised all kinds of trouble in Hell. Also, it has been a while since Bayonetta’s had this kind of entertainment and she surely doesn’t want it to end just yet. Her wish is soon granted in the form of a violent explosion that obliterates the pile of brick and mortar and damages the buildings on either side.
The dust soon settles to reveal Dante wrapped in a dark aura. The Devil Hunter stood to his feet and casts a steely gaze Bayonetta’s way. Gone from his shoulder was the demon weapon Lucifer, replaced by another item from his collection. Attached to his hands and feet is a set of gauntlets and greaves. They are unusual in their appearance as if the blades of swords were sewn together in this fashion. They resembled armor and radiated with a spectrum of energy. Like Lucifer, this is another spoil from one of Dante victories. The gauntlets and greaves known as Gilgamesh were won after he defeated Echidna, the dragon-lady demon.

Checking himself over and seeing the debris covering his clothes, Dante goes about brushing it off. “Man, do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to get this cleaned,” he said as he batted the pieces of building off the sleeves of his trench coat. Leather is tough and expensive to clean and red leather trench coats are hard to come by. The current one he is wearing is yet another item bearing his personal extended warranty. He doesn’t get as much debris off as he liked to. A sigh from him says that a laundry bill has now been added to his debt. Dante then begins brushing the pieces of plaster and brick dust from his silver hair. He mused over this as well. “Aw hell, I just washed it this morning too,” Dante says. He almost choked on those words. “Dammit, Trish.” Apparently, his partner’s almost constant worries about her appearance are in some way contagious. He’s been with her for so long; it was only inevitable that he’d begin to pick up some of her mannerisms. That was a terrible thought in Dante’s mind. He puts the matter aside and returns his focus to the Umbra Witch.

“Are we altogether now?” Bayonetta asked.

Flashing a cool grin, Dante answers, “Hey, it ain’t easy to look this good. Gotta look presentable for the ladies, ya know?”

“Hmm, well you weren’t all that bad. Besides, how do you know I don’t like dirty boys?” Bayonetta said, eyeing him the way a cat spies a mouse.
Dante chuckles lightly and says, “Well the fact that you’ve been with me all evening just may answer that question.”

“Perhaps,” Bayonetta slowly scans him up and down. “The truth is, however, I tend to prefer bad boys over dirty ones.”

“So I fit the bill I take it? Hmm, well,” Dante traces the Umbra Witch’s sleek curves with his eyes. “I might have a thing for naughty girls.” His eyes dance across Bayonetta’s body, however, his focus is still on their duel.

The same goes for Bayonetta who dips her glasses to take in Dante’s well-toned frame. Never before has she met someone who can give her this much pleasure in battle. Any disappointment would come from this duel coming to a close. “Ooh, I’m all a shudder,” she cooed. With smooth feline-like movement, she slides her sleek legs wide into a low stance with her arms stretched out while holding the snake-whip, as if she is ready to pounce at him. “Then let’s just see how naughty we can be,” she said, looking at Dante with bewitching eyes. Kulshedra and Lt. Col. Kilgore become wrapped in an ominous red aura which soon begins to take shape, manifesting a new set of weapons. Attached to the witch’s hands and feet is a set of claws that crackled with electricity. A cat-like tail behind her and a set of ears on her head complete the look. The set of claws known as Durga is another weapon forged by Rodin that houses the spirit of an elemental demon.

Bayonetta gives a sultry smile. “I should warn you; this cat likes to scratch,” she replied flirtatiously.

“I’ll be gentle,” says Dante.

“Don’t be.”

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