Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 23

Dante and Bayonetta drive their fists forward. The clash of their powers produces an intense shockwave. Loose debris, lampposts, even the abandoned cars are jarred violently. The dilapidated buildings hold strong though their tattered curtains and termite ridden furniture stir around like frightened birds. The remaining glass of the windows is blown to dust. Soon after the first shockwave, several more begin to manifest. However, these are much smaller and are backed by the soundtrack of clashing metal and electric pulses.

Bayonetta whips out a high kick. Droplets of flame break off from Durga’s clash with Gilgamesh. Dante shoves her leg away and lunges forward. Electric claws hold his fist at bay. They do so again twice more. Bayonetta, after preventing the blade armor of Gilgamesh from carving more marks into her, retaliates with a fast spinning roundhouse kick. The flames of Durga’s claws nearly singe the Devil Hunter’s silver hair as he drops down. Pooling his energy into the Devil Arm, Dante shoots up with a powerful uppercut, forcing Bayonetta to lean back. Dark energy of his demonic heritage swirls around Dante as he rises to the sky. Thinking quickly, he twirls around once more and dives down with a flying kick. If it worked for the Umbra Witch, why not, he figured. The Devil Hunter slams into the ground. It is unclear whether he made contact or not, but that quickly becomes very clear as he throws up his right arm to stop a fast strike from Bayonetta.

Rapid fire blows are exchanged again, each one with devastating impact. A normal human would have easily been killed just from the radiating force. Concrete would crack like glass from the impacts. Steel would bend like aluminum from a direct hit. The buildings of the town hold their ground, too stubborn to simply collapse. For years, they have been beaten by the elements from pounding rains to frigid winters to scorching summers yet they will not yield. Not even the rats, the termites, the other disease ridden vermin that continuously gnaw and dig and bite and scratch at the wall, floors and ceilings could tumble these buildings. And neither will the supernatural forces that are now shaking their very foundations.

Dante and Bayonetta, much like the dilapidated dwellings, also refuse to fall. Overwhelming magical power versus equally overwhelming demonic energy, this is true test of strength. However, it is also a test of grace and refinement. Their powers may be radical but their executed attacks are nothing short of accurate. Bayonetta weaves her way around Dante’s barrage attacks with the gracefulness of a dancer and the acrobatic agility of a gymnast. Then, when opportunity arises, she’d lash out with the sleek fierceness of a panther.

The claws of Durga graze his chest as Dante jolts himself backward. A couple sways from side to side keep him just out range of the electric claws but within range for a counterstrike. Dante’s moves aren’t as fancy as his magic wielding opponent but they are effective nonetheless. Since his early years, he has studied and mastered several different fighting styles and is diverse in many manners of weaponry. These skills coupled with his superhuman strength and reflexes have allowed him to become an extremely formidable opponent. Because of this, it is said that he has far surpassed his father.

Bayonetta thrusts an electric blue claw forward. Dante reaches across his body to grab hold of her wrist, whip around and hurl the woman through the air. He then charges after her and catches up just as she lands sure footed on the ground. There is no chance for her to defend or dodge. He drives the gauntlet on his right arm forward. This will be a clean hit. Suddenly, the woman vanishes. Before Dante could process what happened, his senses alert him to his right. A peek over has his eyes lay upon Bayonetta as she attacks from his exposed flank. He is already committed and cannot defend himself.

Bayonetta drives her knee deep into Dante’s ribs, threatening to break his back. Then she kicks him away. Dante tumbles across the ground a few feet before using his amazing agility to throw himself to his feet. Then he throws one gauntlet up to stop the electric blue claws aimed for his head. The fiery kick whipped at his ribs is blocked by the other. Dante exchanges time-defying blows with Bayonetta. Sound could not catch their speed. Where the clashing of lightning to metal is heard, two to three more attacks have already been launched in that span. Dante soon unbalances the witch with a strong counterattack and quickly goes for the finishing blow. Like before, he has her dead-to-rights when Bayonetta vanishes and he finds her, this time, at his back and already attacking. The hard strike to his exposed back sends Dante tearing across the ground before he uses his superhuman agility to flip himself to his feet and bring himself to a halt. He spots Bayonetta rushing in and blocks just in time. Dante issues another counterstrike, but, once again, the witch appears out of his blind spot to deliver a fierce attack.

Dante is barely able to keep pace with Bayonetta. His fast attacks are met by even speedier counterattacks. How is she doing this, he wonders as he takes another hit. His first counterattack is blocked and his second avoided, resulting in him taking damage.


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