Defenders Episode 2: Revelations Pt. 1 Ch. 3

The muggers quickly jump up from the bench frightened by the unseen voice. They began to breathe heavily as fear entered their minds. A dead silence fell upon the park as the two scared men stand still; listening for some type of sound that would give away whoever else was in the park with them. They scan the park hoping to catch a glimpse of the person behind the voice. The only sights they got were the street lights in the distance. The only sounds that they heard were the occasional car driving down Market Street, a homeless man sifting through the garbage cans in search of tonight’s dinner and two screeching alley cats fighting over territory in the alley across from the park. “It’s way too quiet in here, man,” Joe said with fear and concern in his voice.

“Yeah, let’s just grab the stuff and get the hell out of here,” Charlie said sounding a little frightened himself.

“Yeah, let…let’s just go,” Joe stammered softly.

“Aw, now you can’t leave yet. I didn’t get a chance to have any fun with you,” the voice said again. This time the sound of the voice came directly from behind them.

The men slowly turn their heads around and look behind them to see a shadowy figure standing less than two feet away from them. Their eyes widened as they stared at the figure in black. The figure was wearing biker boots, black jeans and a shirt. A lengthy, sleeveless trench coat flowed over him. A pair of fingerless gloves and a black leather Australian hat complete his rugged outlaw look. The person was none other than the former Brandon Mitchell, who now calls himself Guardian. He stood behind the men with his head tilted down so that his hat was covering his eyes. “I saw you rob that family. Now that’s something that gets me electrified,” he said, slowly lifting his head revealing his eyes, which were glowing with an intense bright blue.

The men quickly turn around and run away from Guardian, practically stumbling over each other. They continue to run through the park fueled by fear; occasionally they look back to see if Guardian was following them. When they no longer see him, the men stop running to catch their breath. “Where is he?” Joe asked breathing heavily.

“I don’t know,” said Charlie.

“But I do,” said Guardian’s voice. The men turn around slowly and see that Guardian is once again standing behind them.

“Jeez!” Charlie said surprisingly as he and his friend quickly back away from Guardian and stop abruptly.

“Who the hell is this guy?” said Joe with fear and disbelief.

“I don’t care who he is but he’s dead,” Charlie said mustering up some courage as he pulled out his gun and begins shooting at Guardian. Guardian moves one hand rapidly in front of him as the leather coat man continues shooting. When his gun runs out of bullets, Charlie cocks the trigger two more times before stopping. “N…no way. There’s no way…” he stuttered with disbelief. Neither man could believe that not a single bullet touched him.

Guardian stares at the men coldly. “I believe these are yours,” he says. The men watched with their mouths agape as Guardian slowly poured the bullet slugs out of his hand.

Joe takes out his gun with a trembling hand as fear began to swell up inside him. “You don’t want to do that,” Guardian said staring at the men with piercing eyes. In an attempt to steady his gun, Joe grips the handle with both hands that were shaking nervously. He begins to sweat as fright and terror crawl on his face. “Go ahead. Shoot,” says Guardian coldly with a piercing gaze that seemed to cut Joe straight to his soul. Joe could feel Guardian’s intense glare slicing through him like cold steel razor blades as he struggles to steady his trembling hands that are riddled with fear. He hesitates for a moment, and then he fires his gun. Guardian instantly catches the bullet with his right hand, holding it between his first two fingers. The bullet is just mere centimeters from his face. Joe quickly loses his composure and drops the gun. Guardian crushes the bullet and drops it on the ground. Then the men turn around and run away fearfully in an attempt to escape from Guardian. Unfortunately their escape is quickly halted when Guardian appears right in their path.

The men stare frightfully at him with open mouths and wide eyes as they are completely overcome by the intense, chilling fear that has consumed their hearts. Guardian then raises his right arm and fires a bolt of lightning at Charlie. Charlie doesn’t have a chance to scream as the lightning ripped through his body painfully. He loses consciousness and collapses to the ground. Guardian lowers his arm and walks over to Joe slowly. The red capped man is bound by fear as Guardian approached him. He grips Joe by his shirt and lifts him off the ground. “D…don’t kill me. Pl…please, don’t kill me, man,” he begged fearing for his life.

“I’m not going to kill you. I want you to tell every mugger, pick pocket, and anyone else like you about me,” Guardian said firmly.

“Who are you, man? Just who are you?” Joe said nervously.

“I am the protector of this city. I am the savior of all who live here,” Guardian pauses and then gazes at the man fiercely as his eyes began to glow, “I am Guardian.” He releases Joe’s shirt and lets him drop to the ground. Then he charges himself with lightning and vanishes in a bright flash of lightning. Joe is left alone in the park with his unconscious friend and the sounds of the city night. Fear and terror have driven him mad as he sat in the park muttering Guardian’s name to himself.

A few minutes later police officers arrive at the park after someone called 911 and reported gunfire. They enter the park and find Charlie still unconscious and Joe kneeling near a tree still uttering Guardian’s name as he rocks back and forth while staring blankly in front of him. One officer approaches Joe and snaps his fingers to get his attention. Then officer waves his hand in front of his face; but the red capped doesn’t give any response as he continues to stare into space. “He’s gone,” said the officer. “Man, this Guardian character must’ve really scared the bejeezes outta him,” his partner said observing Joe.

“How’s the other guy?” the officer asked.

“He’s alive. Just unconscious, that’s all,” his partner said, “Medic is on the way.”

“All right, let’s put him with the others,” said the officer.

The officers help the man up to his feet and put him in the back of their cruiser and waited for the ambulance to arrive. “Think we’ll get anything out of him?” the officer’s partner asked. “Not a chance. I mean look at ‘im. He’s as white as a ghost,” said the officer, “Honestly, what could this Guardian have done to this guy that was so terrible that it turned him into a babbling idiot.”

Joe continued to stare blankly, muttering Guardian’s name.

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