Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 30

She takes the empty stick out of her mouth. Her wounds are healed but her strength hasn’t fully recovered. Those attacks from Dante in his devil state were more damaging than she thought. Bayonetta muses over the empty lollipop stick a bit before blithely tossing it away.

“Daydreaming are we?” Dante says with sarcasm.

“Not at all. Just wondering how we should end our date,” Bayonetta said back with equal cynicism.

“Heh heh, what’s up? You gotta give a poison apple to your step-daughter? Or no, there’s a couple fat German kids you just gotta have for dinner,” Dante shot out with his usual banter.

“I thought it was because you had a sacrificial ritual to attend. Or do you have to shoot another pontiff in the head?”

Dante laughs and says, “I kinda like you, Witchy Lady.”

Bayonetta chuckles and replies, “The feeling’s mutual, Devil Boy.”

“So how about it? We have the best Showtime ever! And you can invite your Infernal Demon friends for the grand finale!” Dante joyfully spread his arms wide. “Let’s make it one hell of a goodnight kiss!”

Bayonetta adjusts her glasses and throws a coy grin. “According Enzo, I believe your expression is…” Shihaba glows ominously and vanishes.

Rosemary and Thyme return to her hands. With a flashy twirl of her guns and even flashier dance moves, the witch brings them to bare, ready for the conclusion. “Let’s rock, baby!”

“Ha-Ha! Now you’re talkin’!”

With that, Dante takes off, flourishing Rebellion around him to deflect incoming gunfire and give himself enough room to sheath Rebellion and draw his handguns. Volleys of bullets fly as the Devil Hunter charges toward Bayonetta with his trademark grin drawn across his face. He hops from side to side without slowing his pace, hoping to throw the Umbra Witch off guard. Dante pumps her his fingers hard the closer he got to Bayonetta. Bullets spew from Ebony and Ivory with machine gun like force. Noticing this, Bayonetta changes her stance to where she can fire three of four guns while balancing herself on one leg. More bullets shower Dante but he presses on. The smile on his face stretches wider. His excitement is building. He pumps the triggers faster, unleashing a torrent of gunfire. Then Dante leaps into the air and, with a swing of his legs, twirls his body into a corkscrew.

Bayonetta aims high to deflect the bullets Dante rains down upon her. Soon, the bullet battle ends. Coming out of his whirling rain of death, Dante drives down with a powerful heel drop. Bayonetta crosses her arms over her head for protection. Dante pushes off her arms and, with a fast back flip, lands safely. They quickly engage each other in close quarters hand-to-hand combat. Rounds of gunfire were fired off with each strike. They did this in the hopes of distracting one another. However, in a battle, focus is the one thing that either of them cannot lose. Bayonetta leaps on to Dante, wraps her sleek legs around his waist and sets to beat him senseless with her pistols. Dante flashes a cool grin and hooks his arms under her thighs. With a joyous yell, he swings her around and hurls her through the air. The silver haired Devil Hunter quickly pools his energy into his guns and fires.

Bayonetta sees the demonically charged bullets coming at her. She endows Parsley and Sage with magical energy, clicks her heels together and fires, cancelling the shot fired by Dante. The force of the blast flips her backward and the witch nimbly lands with a slide.
Standing to her feet, Bayonetta casts a sultry glare. She then goes a series of sexy dance steps before striking a pose at the end.

Dante stares back with a raised eye brow, showing interest. He goes throw his own routine—a foot stomping street dance drenched with his unique style complete with a fast spin of his guns followed by crossing his arms with his feet spread shoulder length apart.

Swaying her hips, Bayonetta dances a sultry sashay that melds into a tantalizing salsa. Each move is executed with elegance and grace. She drops to the ground with a graceful twirl for a sensual pose like a cat poised and ready to pounce.

Dante answers back with a break dance pop-and-lock number followed by a quick whirl of his body that fades into a one-arm handstand and a kick that pops him back on his feet.

Bayonetta fires back with a saucy routine, swaying and rolling her body like a seductive temptress. She does some short quick foot work before striking another statuesque pose.

The Son of Sparda does some fancy foot work of his own. He flawlessly dances the Irish jig, ending with a high kick and stomp.

Bayonetta strikes pose after pose; each one is sharp and precise. “AVAVAGO,” she calls out, striking the final pose. Her outfit vanishes from her body. A pillar of hair rises up and plunges through a portal in the ground to reemerge through a second close behind Dante. The hair quickly forms into the head of the fearsome dragon Gomorrah which resides the demonic wood, Johnson Forest. With a mighty roar, Gomorrah wastes no time snatching the silver-haired man in its powerful jaws, threatening to grind him into paste as it has done with many of Heaven’s angels.

However, this meal has a bite that is more serious than the dragon.

The blade of Rebellion pierces through the forehead of Gomorrah from within. Dark energies surround the blade before it slides onward, destroying the demonic dragon and ending the summon spell. Dante stands with his faithful blade draped across his shoulders. “So what else ya got?” he says wearing a cool grin.

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