Defenders Episode 2: Revelations Pt. 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Further down the highway, police pursued the yellow sports car at high speed, easily exceeding 100 miles per hour. The yellow sports car swerved around and in between cars narrowly missing some of the by inches; the car even drives between two tractor trailers. The other cars on the road move to the side allowing police to speed by after the robbers with sirens blaring. As the yellow sports car continues to speed down I-95, one of the robbers leans out of the rear window and begins firing the semi-automatic weapon at the police. The police car in front of the other officers swerves trying to avoid the bullets. Unfortunately, several bullets pierce the hood of the car, causing the engine to smoke and another bullet has exploded one of the front tires. The officer driving the police cruiser fights with the steering wheel as the car spins out of control and crashes in to the concrete median. The other officers drive by to continue the pursuit while one of them stops to make sure his comrade is alright. The officer in the damaged cruiser climbs out of the passenger window as his fellow officer exits his car and walks over to him. “Hey, you alright?” asked the officer.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” the other officer said slightly grunting from pain.

“Oh man, your shoulder,” said the first officer.

The other officer looks at his shoulder and sees that he’s been hit. “Damn,” he said.

“Where’s your first aid kit?” asked the first officer.

“In the trunk,” replied the injured officer.

The officer helps his friend sit down and rests him against the cruiser. Then he goes to the trunk to get the first aid kit. He inserts the key and pulls up, but the trunk doesn’t open. He tries to lift it open two more times but to no avail. “It’s stuck,” he said.

The injured officer sighs heavily and then looks up at the sky. He sees something flying in their direction and he narrows his eyes to try to make out what it is. “Hey, what’s that?” he said to his partner, getting his attention.

“What?” the first officer inquired.

“That,” the injured officer pointed. The first officer looks in the direction that his friend was pointing and sees the object that has gotten dramatically closer to them.

Flying down I-95 is Guardian. He spots the officers and the wrecked police cruiser, and flies down towards them. “Hey, it’s that Guardian guy everyone’s been talking about,” said the first officer. Upon landing, Guardian surveys the wrecked cruiser and the injured officer. “What happened?” he asked.

“Three men robbed the Red Clover and Winchester banks over twenty minutes ago,” the first officer explained. “We were after the ones that robbed the Red Clover bank.”

“They shot up his car and one of the bullets hit him in the shoulder,” the first officer said.

Guardian kneels down in front of the injured officer and looks at his wound. “The bullet’s still inside,” he said. “Do you have a first aid kit?”

“Yeah, it’s in the trunk but it’s stuck,” the first officer said.

Guardian walks over to the trunk of the cruiser and looks at the trunk for a moment. “May I?” he asked with slight smirk.

“Go ahead, given the situation I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference,” The injured officer said trying to smile.

Guardian places his hand under the lid of the trunk and opens it forcefully with a loud metallic clang as he broke the lock. He sees the first aid kit in the right corner of the trunk and takes it out. Then he walks back over to the injured officer and put down the first aid kit as he kneels down in front of him. Guardian looks at the officer’s shoulder again. He turns to the first officer. “Alright, what I need you to do is take out some gauze from the first aid kit.”

“What are you going to do?” the first officer asked with concern as he took out the gauze.

“I’m gonna take out the bullet,” said Guardian, then he looks at the injured officer. “You ready?”

“Yeah,” said the injured officer.

“This is gonna hurt; you might want to hold on to something,” said Guardian.

The officer takes out his nightstick from the hustler and clenches it. “Alright, go for it.”

Guardian raises his left hand to the officer’s shoulder and charges it with lightning. He emits small streams of lightning from his index and middle fingers and his thumb, which adhere to the bullet. The officer winces as Guardian slowly extracts the bullet. He clenches the nightstick harder as the bullet is further extracted from his shoulder. “Almost got it,” said Guardian. The first officer looks on with concern in his eyes. A few seconds later, the bullet begins to surface from the wound. “Ok, there’s the bullet. Once I get it out, you put the gauze right over the wound,” Guardian told the first officer. Guardian removes the bullet and the first officer quickly covers the wound in his friend’s shoulder.

The injured officer lets out a sigh of relief as the bullet in now out of his shoulder. “Thanks,” the injured officer said.

“Not a problem,” Guardian said as he stood up, “If you don’t mind, I think some of your colleagues might need some help. Here, you keep this.” Guardian places the bullet in the officer’s hand. “For luck,” he says.

“Luck?” the injured officer said slightly puzzled.

“Yeah, that bullet should’ve killed you,” Guardian said with a smile. “But it didn’t.”

“So I guess should be lucky,” the injured officer chuckled. Guardian turns away and prepares to take off. “Hey,” the injured officer called out to Guardian. He stops to look back at him, “When you catch those guys; give ‘em one for me.”

“I will,” said Guardian. Then he turns back around and flies up in to the air and takes off speedily after the bank robbers.

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