Starling City “Dodger”!! Arrow S1 Ep15 Recap!!


"Catch me if you can." The Dodger hosts Starling City

A new criminal arrives in Starling City who uses hostages to do his dirty work and his first job was to have a security guard at a museum steal a large ruby called the Sherwood. At his hideout, Oliver sets out to target another name on the list but he is stopped by Felicity who urges him to spare the man as he has a young child. Oliver readily disagrees. Moira is still in shock over the incident involving Arrow. Deciding that she had enough, she seeks help from a friend in order to leave the arrangement she involved in. While at her office trying to make amends with Felicity, Oliver and Diggle overhear a news report about a thief called the Dodger and that he is in Starling City. Oliver decides to take him down with Felicity’s help. The Dodger meets with a group of men in order to sell the jewel only to be nearly double-crossed. He takes out three men with guns using a stun rod and shoots the last man with detached sympathy. At the restaurant, Oliver and Diggle discuss their next move with the Dodger as well as their relationships. Later, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity listen to a phone conversation between Detective Lance and McKenna Hall courtesy of a listening device Felicity made that Oliver slipped into Hall’s cell phone earlier. They learn of the Dodger’s location. That night during a sting set up by Lance and Hall, the Dodger escapes in the commotion and encounters Arrow. He uses one of his collar bombs to elude him as well. The next day, Thea’s purse is snatched while she and Laurel were grabbing lunch. She later tracks the thief down and has him arrested. Meanwhile, Oliver hatches a plan to catch the Dodger.

"That's a dynamite necklace you have there."

Meanwhile, Det. Lance brings in Roy Harper, Thea’s purse snatcher. During questioning, Roy tells lance about his mother’s addiction to Vertigo, the same drug that Thea was on. Guilty, Thea decides not to follow through with the arrest. At her home, Moira meets with Frank to discuss her resignation. Frank tells her the other members are willing to meet. She tells him that Malcolm knows where Walter is.

That night, Oliver hosts a mock auction to sell his family’s jewels. As expected, the Dodger shows up and takes one of the jewels with a tracking device planted on it by Felicity, who confronts the thief. After the encounter, she finds Oliver and Diggle with a bomb collar around her neck. Diggle tries to disarm to bomb while Oliver chases down the Dodger. Using her tracking device and traffic cameras, Felicity helps him pursue the thief. Oliver eventually stops the Dodger and uses the remote control to unlock the bomb from Felicity’s neck. Afterward, both Diggle and Oliver make amends with Carly and Hall while Thea learns a harsh lesson about trust. The story Roy told Lance was a lie. Elsewhere, Moira meets with China White where she plots to have Malcolm killed so can leave the secret organization.

"Oh, Supernatural's all new tonight."

It was interesting to see an episode of Arrow take a lighter turn with Diggle and Oliver challenging each other to the “date contest”. Diggle asks Carly to dinner while Oliver does the same with McKenna Hall. They soon discover that mixing business with pleasure is harder than they thought especially with the pasts they have had. Diggle’s date with Carly doesn’t go well when he starts to talk about his brother to whom Carly was married. Similarly, Oliver has the same experience with McKenna asking him about the island which prompts a flashback. However, they manage to move past this little setback and make amends. Felicity’s addition to the “team” is sure to bring some sunshine into Diggle and Oliver’s dark world. She initiated the dating game between the guys. Before she was just used as a background piece, so it would be nice to see her fleshed out a little more now that she is joining the spotlight. Somehow, I don’t think her membership with Oliver’s crew will end with Walter’s rescue. Hey, Batman had Oracle.

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