Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 21

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just to warn you, it does get edgy in one part. It’s just how I feel the characters would interact with each other.*

Bayonetta gazes at Dante intensely from behind her butterfly-motif glasses. She knows the look in his eyes suggest to her that he will not hold back. He will face her with all his skills—the same skills he used to send many demons back to the Underworld and slay their master. She looks at the gauntlets and greaves of Gilgamesh. Dante is an excellent long range fighter as she witnessed during their earlier romp with the angels in the cemetery. And if his skills are as legendary as they have been foretold, fighting at close range should also be in his resume. She can’t wait to see if the stories of Dante’s exploits truly hold water.

Dante looks at the Durga claws attached to Bayonetta’s hands and feet. He has fought many high ranking devils and their defeat, some of them, resulted in them becoming weapons for his use. He is not sure if the same was true for his sexy, spell-casting opponent, but he is familiar with elemental weapons, for he has wielded a few of them before. Durga reminded him of one weapon in particular whose lightning based abilities granted him incredible speed. He knows what Durga lacks in power can be made for with sheer speed to launch numerous attacks in quick session. However, something in the back of Dante’s mind tells him that there is more to the witch’s weapons than what’s being shown.

“Ladies first,” Dante says with a gesture.

With a smirk, Bayonetta lunges at him. Her speed is blinding. Dante sways from the initial strike and hops back to avoid the follow up. Bayonetta comes at him again, swiping down. Dante blocks with the electric claws just inches from his face. A sleek leg is whipped high, aimed for his head. Dante sees and blocks the kick but not the one that is nimbly delivered to his exposed chest. Bayonetta twists her body in the air after shoving her foot into Dante’s chest. The tips of Durga’s claws barely touch the ground when she shoots herself forward and drives a knee into Dante’s ribs as he staggered back. A distant street lamp takes to force of his body slamming into it, sending the metal and wire structure crashing to the ground.

Her sleek, powerful legs carry Bayonetta to Dante with amazing speed. Once in range, she raises high one claw and slashes it down. Durga clashes with Gilgamesh, producing a pulsating shockwave. The lightning claws come close to taking a few strands of silver hair when Dante threw an arm up to halt the attack. He casts a steely gaze upon the Umbra Witch—a gaze that has struck fear into many devils. For those that met his gaze, it became an everlasting memory in their deaths. Dante burrows deep into Bayonetta’s eyes. He caught a glimpse at the depths of her power when she threatened to break his back with that knee strike. Now realizes he cannot give her any benefit. Bayonetta’s powers and abilities may rival his own; she could give him as hard a time as his brother once did. Dante cracks a smile.

Dante shoves hard, unbalancing Bayonetta and then he slams one fist against the ground, producing a powerful shockwave that pushes the witch back. Pushing off hard, he flies at her with a raised fist. The sword edge-like plating of Gilgamesh clashes with the electric claws of Durga. A lightning charged shockwave radiates outward vertically from the impact. Bayonetta and Dante exchange glares. They can see in each other’s eyes that there will be no holding back from here on out.
Bayonetta shoves Dante’s fist aside and whips out a kick aimed for his head. A quick block saves his face and knocks her leg away. She bends to side and locks her arm around his when Dante lunges forward with a punch. She then pulls him close and drives one knee into his gut. The blade-like armor of Gilgamesh carves into her shin from Dante’s free hand blocking. Ignoring the pain, Bayonetta gets her footing and thrusts forward an electric claw. Her arm is caught in his grip, but she is not yet at a disadvantage. She issues a head-butt that doesn’t seem to faze Dante who immediately returns the favor.

Bayonetta pulls Dante as she rolls to her back and kick flips him over her head. Twisting his body, Dante lands sure footed on the asphalt. Bayonetta catches up to Dante through a series of back flips. Midway, she leaps high in the air and dives down with a flying kick. Dante reels back and thrusts his right fist forward. His demonic energy clashes with Bayonetta’s witchy powers. Their powers repel each other. A moment passes before they throw themselves at each other again. Fists and feet fly with gale-like force. They unleash a flourish—a torrent—of powerful attacks that no human—no weapon—could muster. Bayonetta utilizes the lightning speed of Durga to keep Dante on edge. With each swipe of the elemental demon’s claws, trails of lightning course around her like ribbons. Dante defends as best he can against the electric onslaught. He blocks high, sways left, avoids a low strike and ducks under a high swipe to keep his head on his shoulders. The shimmering armor of Gilgamesh absorbs each strike from the electric claws of Dugra. It disperses the lightning over its razor like surface.

Dante blocks and shoves a delicate arm that threatened to give the closest shave of his life away and quickly hops back to avoid a fast sweeping kick. He thought he had gotten clear when he noticed his life fluid sputtering from the gouges carved into his chest. The demon-half of his blood begins immediate repairs. A couple counterattacks and a defensive block-and-counter later, the wound is healed. Dante retaliates with a hard punch. He then whips out a roundhouse when his fist fails. If it weren’t for the greave of Gilgamesh covering his leg up to his knee, the electric power of Durga would’ve electrocuted him. His witchy opponent shoves his leg away and comes at him with raised claws. Dante bats her arm away with such force that it spins her around. However, she keeps her balance.

Bayonetta takes a moment to catch her breath. Looking at Dante, she wishes she had his superhuman healing. Cuts and scrapes left by the many exchanges with the razor sharp armor of Gilgamesh cover her arm and legs with fresh cuts to her left arm. Payback for the wound she inflicted upon his chest. Her life blood trickles from the newly opened gash down to sizzle against the lightning-composed claws of Durga. However, this is not the time to worry about such minor details. “You most certainly know how to show a girl a good time. It’s a wonder why you don’t have a girlfriend,” she says with coy.

“Can’t say that I really haven’t tried. Maybe my touch was a little too rough for them,” Dante answered back with is usual banter.

“Too rough? Your touch seems quite fine to me. Maybe you just need a girl who…likes it rough,” said Bayonetta with a sultry tone.
Dante chuckles a bit and says, “I see you like it with chains and fuzzy handcuffs.”

“Mm, it’s really fun when hot wax is poured on your nips followed by a good spanking,” Bayonetta responds back with a flirtatious coo.

“Yeah. You like it like that, huh?”

“Masochism can be fun if you give it a chance.”

“Well, I’ve been shot and stabbed one too many times. The hot wax on the nipples thing might be a little too much,” Dante said with a bit of sarcasm. “However, I’m all for a good spanking.” He then drops into an attack ready stance.

“Ooh, you horny little devil,” cooed Bayonetta. She drops into a low attack stance, swaying her body and the claws of Durga in a mesmerizing dance.

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