Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 19

Bayonetta deflects the Devil Arm Rebellion with Rosemary. Under her command, Parsley follows suit. Dante cleaved the air with surgical precision, spinning and twirling the massive blade with stylistic flare. Each gesture is simplistic yet highly effective. The Umbra Witch surely is no slouch either, gracefully dancing her way around Rebellion as it sang her its death chorus. Scarborough Fair and Bayonetta matched the tune of Dante and Rebellion as they danced their deadly ballet. The buildings, now free of their dingy glass, carried the sound of clashing metal through their hollowed structures and amplified the soundtrack of the witch’s dance with the devil under the pale moonlight.

Dante presses his attack. Rosemary nearly dislodges his beloved sword from his grasp. Adjusting his grip, he counterstrikes. Bayonetta sweeps her right leg, executing a beautiful roundhouse kick with Sage. Using the momentum of the deflection, Dante whirls around with a backswing. With a quick twirl, Bayonetta whips out another roundhouse kick with Thyme. Rebellion is knocked away again but Dante keeps the hilt in his hand. Flicking the sword around, he thrusts the massive blade forward. Bayonetta spins toward Dante, using Rosemary to push the blade aside and takes aim with Parsley. Dante quickly drops his shoulders; he narrowly avoids having another hole put into his head. The only part of him that gets damaged is a few strands of hair. He then rolls from the path of the shot fired from Thyme, the gun on Bayonetta’s right foot.

After rolling to his feet, Dante rushes back in and swings his sword hard. Sparks fly from the impact. He pulls back and immediately leans in with another strike from below. Bayonetta arcs her back just as the blade’s tip nearly skims the end of her nose. Dante lets loose with Rebellion, attacking the witch with the superhuman speed that he is known for. Bayonetta finds herself putting more effort into countering his deadly barrage. She is starting to get a glimpse of the power the Son of Sparda possesses. Dante attacks are relentless and powerful enough to drive her back even though she has taken on the strongest of Heaven’s deities without so much as batting an eye. But there is something about Dante that seems to make all that second class. Dante drives down with Rebellion. Crossing her guns above her head, Bayonetta stops the attack. The force cracks the ground beneath her feet. Dante quickly takes Rebellion in his right hand and whips around with a fierce back swing. When Bayonetta goes to block, he pulls the attack, spins on the balls of feet and snags Rebellion in his left as he went around. He then draws back and unleashes a powerful wave of demonic energy at point blank range, giving the Umbra witch no time to counter.

Bayonetta scarcely has time to summon the hand of Madama Butterfly for defense. The resulting shockwave from the impact knocks her back some distance but she manages to stay on her feet. She watches as the dust settles. Seeing Dante’s silhouette, she sees a man standing tall in his confidence. There is nothing that is going to make him waver now. That is what Enzo told her about Dante once he gets into his groove. He’ll face anyone who challenges him and proves their worth. This is evident when Dante did not pull his attack. For moment, Bayonetta got a glimpse of his power. She expected nothing less from the son of the Dark Knight Sparda. It made her tremble, but not out of fear. She trembled with excitement. A soothing feeling she hasn’t felt since tackling the highest circle of Heaven’s angels. Now that it seems that Dante is starting to get more serious, she is glad to have challenged him despite Enzo’s warning. Looking toward the cool sensation she feels, Bayonetta sees a crimson drop bubble from her thigh and slowly roll down her leg. No one has caused her any kind of injury other than someone she referred to as “sister.” She is truly enticed by the kind of power Dante has yet to display.

“You definitely know how to keep a girl entertained. I expected no less from the son of a master Demon Swordsman,” she said with her usual retort.

“What can I say, I aim to please,” Dante snapped back with a cool grin. “So do you plan to stick around and see how our evening goes or do you have a dinner date with the Queen?”

“And cut our wonderful evening short? I thought we were hitting off nicely,” said Bayonetta.

“Well then, care to make it an evening we’ll never forget? This is if you can…handle this,” Dante says, gesturing to himself.

“Hm, there isn’t anything or anyone I can’t handle, darling,” cooed Bayonetta.

“In that case, love, it’s Showtime,” Dante shot back imitating her accent. With a quick flick of the wrist, he returns Rebellion to his back. The eyes on the sword’s demon-head hilt glow ominously. Dark energies surround the weapon, wrapping it in a blood red aura. Soon Rebellion vanishes and a new item manifests in its place. It is silver in color with two spider leg-like appendages that hung from the demonic looking skull that rested just behind Dante’s left shoulder. The weapon is a spoil from his battle with the powerful demon Berial. Its fearsome appearance is as fitting as its name—Lucifer. A rose appears in his mouth which he clenched between his teeth.

Bayonetta smiles coyly with interest in her eyes. Then she goes through a short series of sexy dance moves, swaying her hips at the end. Scarborough Fair is replaced by another set of weapons. The guns on her heels are replaced by two bazookas and a magenta colored whip with a snake-head handle forms in her hand. The whip—Kulshedra—and the bazookas—Lt. Col. Kilgore—are two weapons forged by the Demon Meister Rodin that harbor powerful spirits. Kulshedra is lightning fast with excellent range while Lt. Col. Kilgore has incredible stopping power. She has used these weapons in junction with each other for speed and power. They’ve helped her deal with the angels; hopefully, they’ll be able to handle the offspring of a Demon Master Swordsman.

“Ooh, kinky,” Dante said curling his lips into a sly grin. Then he reaches one hand back and draws a blade from Lucifer’s claw like appendages. A new blade manifests in the empty space. He then holds the slender blade up as he shot Bayonetta a piercing gaze. With a flick of the wrist, he sends it sailing through the air. Bayonetta cracks her whip and destroys it. The second half of their date is about to get intense.

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