Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Ch. 4

The four large Assaults, the two smaller ones and the remaining dozen lesser demons have Trish surrounded on all sides, leaving her with no chance of escape. However, that doesn’t matter. The blonde haired devil hunter isn’t planning on running away. She intends to eliminate each one. The demons plan to do the same and then destroy Dante for defeating their master Mundus.

One of the large Assaults swipes its massive claws. Trish effortlessly removes its claws from its wrist as she twists through the air and lands on its arm. She sprints up to the giant demon’s shoulder and hops off, turns back to the Assault and swings the massive sword twice, severing its arm and cleaving its back. Defeated, the Assault Leader crumbles to dust. Another Assault Leader swings its mighty tail. Trish jumps over the fast moving appendage and dives to escape being crushed underfoot by the other Assault Leader. The two smaller Assaults take aim and fire their claws in an attempt to catch the blonde woman off guard. Trish slashes the Sword of Sparda rapidly in front of her, slicing the claws out of the air. The pieces clatter to the ground. Two Assault Leaders attack together. They raise their massive and bring them down. Trish quickly leaps into the air. The third Assault Leader quickly rushes in and swipes its long tail skyward. Trish uses her sword to block the strike. Despite their size, the Assault Leaders are extremely fast.

Trish is slammed into the ground, but she remains on her feet. The Assault Leader presses its attack. Trish pushes back. Another Assault Leader rushes in to assist its kin. The giant lizard demon brings its claws down upon Trish. Trish shoves the tail away just in time to block the incoming strike. Yet another Assault Leader charges in, threatening to impale the blonde woman as it thrust its claws forward. Shoving one set of claws away, Trish quickly leaps up to avoid the second set. She lands on the demon’s arm before it could retract it and jams the sword into its forearm. The Assault Leader reels back in pain, inadvertently tossing Trish in the air. With her amazing agility, Trish lands on the creature’s shoulders with the Sword of Sparda pressed against its throat. However, something is different about the sword. It has taken on a new shape. The blade curved inward giving it a scythe like appearance. Trish held the newly formed handle that was the hilt. Before the demon could react, Trish leaps from its shoulders with a twist of her body. Another Assault Leader has been defeated.

While airborne, one of the two remaining Assault Leaders makes for Trish. It jumps up towards her and whips out a fast strike. Trish swings the Sword of Sparda scythe form into the giant lizard demon’s arm as it came at her. She plants one foot on its arm, dislodges her weapon and, with a quick spin forward, implants the scythe into the demon’s chest. Its body crumbles to dust before Trish finishes slicing home. As soon as Trish’s feet touch the asphalt, the last Assault Leader lets loose a mighty roar and charges at her. Trish stares the rushing demonic lizard down as she draws her weapon back. The Sword of Sparda changes again. With a couple metallic clicks it extends to three times its length and becomes a long spear. The Assault Leader is nearly upon her. It prepares to attack. Trish quickly sprints toward her incoming attacker and thrusts her weapon forward, impaling the giant Assault on the end of it. She pushes the monster back some distance before its body disintegrates into dirt and rock. Quickly transforming the Devil Arm back into a scythe, Trish draws back and whips it forward, launching through the air. The scythe carved through the air like a boomerang, slicing through the circle of demons as it returned to Trish, who catches it. The sword returns to its original form and Trish places it on her back. The remaining demons dissolve into blackened dust. Only the Assault that cut Trish’s hair remained, just as she promised.

The Assault seemed to be beside itself. It panned across the remnants of its demonic brethren and then returns its reptilian eyes back to Trish. It knew that now it stood zero chance against the female Devil Hunter. Deciding to cut its losses, the Assault takes off running down the street, fleeing from death. Trish smiles at the demon’s cowardice and walks over to Dante. When she gets there, she notices him with a pizza box on the step next to him and a nearly finished slice in his hand. She exasperates a sigh. “You’re unbelievable,” Trish says shaking her head.

Dante finishes the slice and asks, “How far you planning on letting him go?”

“Hmm, probably for another five seconds.”

“Un-huh,” said Dante as he drew the last slice of pizza out of the box. But before he could place it in his mouth, Trish swipes it from his hand and takes a bite. “Hey, that was mine!” Dante exclaimed.

“Oh was it? You snooze, you lose,” Trish says with girlish charm and then takes another bite of the pilfered pizza slice. “Oh, speaking of which.” She then draws one gun with her free hand and fires a single shot down the street while she bites into the pizza again. The lone Assault is a considerable distance away. But Trish’s shot is true. The bullet pierces its hide and it crumbles to pieces midstride. With a quick twirl, Trish places the gun back at her waist. She then finishes Dante’s slice of pizza. “Thank you,” Trish says as she walks away.

“I can’t believe you took the last slice. I was going to savor that too,” Dante mused, staring at the empty grease stained box. He sighs as he places the box on the step. His heart was really set on the last slice. If it were to happen, a bugle would be playing Taps for his loss. Dante went to follow Trish but not before bending down next to the building. But to his surprise, what he was looking for has disappeared. “What the hell?!” He quickly stood up and chased down Trish, knowing full-well what happened. He gets to her just as she sticks another spoonful of his strawberry sundae in her mouth.

“Mmm, this is really good. Thanks, Dante,” Trish said, eating another spoonful.

“Thanks? You took my sundae. I was going to eat that,” Dante shot at her.

“What? Fighting all those demons, I worked up an appetite,” Trish eats more of Dante’s lost dessert. “I’ll get you some more, alright?”

“I don’t care about that! I just wanted my daggone sundae!” Dante snapped. Trish just smiles teasingly and merry swallows another scoop of strawberry sundae. They headed back to the shop with Dante pouting about his strawberry sundae that he wanted but was denied to enjoy.

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