It’s “A Good Day to Die Hard”!! John McClane’s shows his love on Valentine’s Day!!

Next year will be 25 years since we saw Bruce Willis in action as John McClane in the explosive action flick Die Hard. Since then the franchise has gone to spawn three sequels and put forever into our minds that famous line “Yippie Kia-yay Mother–“, you know the rest. At 57, Bruce is showing his still has what it takes to be an action star as he is ready to bring his best loved role back into theatres.

The story is set in Russia and begins with John McClane heading to Moscow to sweet talk some cops into letting his apparently-wayward son out of jail for something he did, but when he gets there, things surrounding his son’s arrest are not as they appear and world-threatening terrorist hijinks ensue.

Jai Courtney will be portraying John “Jack” McClane Jr. He is best known for his role as Varro in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Sebastian Koch and Yuliya Snigir will portray Russian villians Komorov and Irina.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is returning as Lucy McClane.

Bruce Willis has said in a interview that he wants to do Die Hard 6 before hanging up the white vest for good.

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