Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade!! Chapter 1!!


“Pharaoh!! Attack me now!!”
“Right!! Now attack!!”
In the finals of the Battle City Tournament hosted by Kaiba Corp CEO Seto Kaiba, Yugi Motou fought against and defeated Marik Ishtar who has become possessed by an evil entity born of his own hatred. The good portion of Marik held the evil part of him at bay, allowing Yugi, whose body is inhabited by the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, to banish the Evil Marik to the Shadow Realm. With this victory, Yugi won the Battle City Tournament and acquired all the Egyptian God cards—Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra. Soon afterward, Yugi is visited by the Egyptian God of Judgment Osiris who offers to test his abilities as a duelist before he takes part in what will be the final duel. Osiris transports Yugi Motou to a different place. Yugi has spent some time walking around the city which is vaguely similar to his city in Japan. He has yet to see any of his friends—Jonouchi Katsuya, Anzu Mazaki and Hiroto Honda. He assumed they were brought along with him to this strange yet familiar place. So far there is no sign of them. ‘Am I alone,’ he wondered. Yugi turned the corner when he hears the sounds of clashing metal. Looking towards the sound, he sees a group of people gathered together. He goes over to them. Perhaps they can tell him where he is. As he got closer, he hears the group cheering excitedly. Something of great interest is happening. Yugi manages to find an opening in the crowd. He is awed by what he sees.
It is hollow basin carved into the ground and in it, two strange objects that look like spinning tops clash together furiously.
‘Is this some sort of game,’ he wonders. Yugi looks at the boys standing on either side of the basin. He notices the strange device each of them is holding. They are not like anything he has seen before.
“Don’t give up! Keep going!” cheered the boy to his right.
“Hang in there! That’s it!” the boy to his left cheered.
Yugi is curious as to whom they were speaking to. The sound of the clashing tops draws his attention. The boy on his left calls for an attack and the boy to the right calls out an evasive move. The tops respond in junction with the boys’ commands. Those strange tops; they react to their commands? Yugi did not know what to make of this. What strange world did Osiris send him to? Is this part of the test; to learn this game of this world? Not even the Pharaoh spirit that resides in the Millennium Puzzle hanging from Yugi’s neck knew the answer. The only thing that is certain is that they are being judged and they must prove themselves worthy. Yugi watched carefully as the boys’ top clashed together. The boy to his right with brown straight hair calls out for his blue top to attack. The blue top charges forward in a headlong rush at the red top. The other boy with spiky hair like a dandelion commands his red top to counterattack. The red top bursts forward and clashes with the blue top. The boys cheered excitedly for their tops and the surrounding crowd cheered for the battle. Yugi began to find this game interesting. It almost reminded him of Duel Monsters.
“Go now!!” the straight haired boy called out. His blue top makes a quick move to avoid a strike from the red top and then quickly slams into it from behind. The red top is sent flying out of the basin where it clanks along the ground. The spiky haired boy reacts in dismay while his competitor cheered with excitement. “Yeah, way to go!” he said. He picks up his top from the basin and addresses the spiky haired boy. “Hey, that was a pretty good match. You almost had me there for a sec,” he says.
The spiky haired boy picks up his top, turns to the straight haired boy and smiles. “You weren’t so bad yourself. Your bey is pretty strong,” he said.
“Thanks,” said the straight haired boy.
Yugi, thinking the boys can help him, walks over towards them. If he must learn this strange and interesting game, he must start somewhere. “Um, excuse me,” he said politely. The boys look at him. “That was interesting what you two were playing. It was fun to watch.” he tells them. Yugi figured he had better start with light conversation before asking the boys to explain the game they were playing.
“Hey, thanks,” the straight haired boy replied.
The spiky haired boy nodded in kind. Then he looks at Yugi curiously and says, “Hey, you’re a blader, too, I see.”
Yugi looks at the boy oddly. He did not know what the spiky haired kid meant. “A…blader?”
“Yeah, you’re carrying a launcher and a bey, aren’t you?” the spiky haired boy said with a laugh.
Now Yugi is more confused than before. What are these items they are talking about? A launcher and a bey? He takes a moment to look the boys over. Attached to their waists, he sees what could only be a holster for something. Yugi checks his own waist and finds that he has the same thing. He takes the device out and examines it. It is purple with a lavender rip cord. He notices that there is a recess to insert something. Yugi checks his waist again. He finds the pouch where he normally keeps his duel cards. However, they are not there. Flipping it open nd reaching inside, he takes out an intricately designed purple top. His dueling deck had been replaced by this strange top and where his duel disk would’ve been, a launcher now rests at his hip. This must be the bey they are referring to, he guessed. Yugi began to put the pieces together. The recess in the launcher is where he would put his bey and then he would pull the rip cord to, as the device’s name suggests, launch the bey. Yugi carefully looks the bey over. He spots a crest on the top of it with a wand set behind a pointed purple magician’s hat. The Dark Magician, he exclaimed in his mind. His entire duel deck had been replaced by the bey that depicts his favorite duel monster. Yugi smiles with relief. This world truly is strange yet he can still count on the Dark Magician to guide him through it.
Suddenly, the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle speaks to Yugi. “Yugi, we must keep a low profile in this strange world until we find a way to return to ours,” he advises.
“You’re right. Guess we better play it safe until we find somebody who can help us,” Yugi agreed. Once the spirit fades, he returns his attention to the two boys. He throws them a smile to keep from raising suspicions. “Sorry about that. I’m kinda new at this,” he says innocently.
“Oh, you’re just starting out too?” said the straight haired boy.
“Too? You two are new at this as well?” said Yugi.
“Well, we’ve started blading about a couple weeks ago,” the spiky haired boy replied sheepishly.
“But we getting pretty good,” the straight haired boy added.
Yugi chuckles at the boys’ zeal. “Well, if you don’t mind, could you help me with a refresher course? I seem to have forgotten.” Yugi did not like lying but he must do whatever it takes to help him and Yami, the Pharaoh Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, complete Osiris’ test and return home to their family and friends.
“Yeah, that happens,” laughed the spiky haired boy. He recalls a moment when he forgot the basics of Beyblade. Knowing that feeling well, he accepts Yugi’s offer. “Sure, we’ll help you out.”
“Thanks,” said Yugi.
“No problem. By the way, my name’s Haiji,” said the spiky haired boy.
“I’m Yasha,” said the straight haired boy.
“Yugi. It’s nice to meet you,” he said.
“While you’re at it, you can help us out too,” said a voice.
The boys and Yugi look at the group of men who suddenly appeared. They were all wearing identical leather vests. The men stared down the children. A couple of them take a step back, holding their arms up in fear. Yugi watches the children cringe as the men approach. They must be familiar with them in some way, he figures. However, he doesn’t need further confirmation that it is not in a good way. Yugi doesn’t like the looks of the men. Neither does Yami. One of the men with dark hair that is dyed red at the ends steps forward. He is wearing a green shirt, dark red pants and black boots. He stares down Yasha and Haiji with a snide grin.
“Well, it’s you little punks again,” he says.
Unlike the other children, Yasha and Haiji stand their ground and put on a brave face. “Why don’t you just leave us alone, Taito?!” Haiji yelled.
“Sure, after you pay for blading in my territory,” said Taito.
“These stadiums don’t belong to you, Taito!” Haiji said firmly.
“Yeah, they’re for anyone to blade in!” Yasha added.
“Hey, hey, easy there. Sure anyone can blade in these stadiums as long as they pay first,” Taito said raising his hands in mock surrender. Yasha and Haiji stare back fiercely at Taito who simply laughs.
“What’s going on? Who is this guy?” Yugi said aloud.

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