Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 18

After a stretched-out moment, the Umbra Witch leaps into the air. She rains down a torrent of bullets while flipping in the air like a saw blade. Dante fights gunfire with gunfire, deflecting the bullets with Ebony and Ivory. Bayonetta rotates once more before shooting herself down with a powerful dive kick. The aura-charged bullets strike with more impact. Even with his super-human trigger fingers, Dante cannot stop the few bullets that skim various spots on his coat. Momentarily ceasing fire, he uses his powerful legs to throw himself backwards. Bayonetta slams onto the ground in burst of dark energy. Then with a quick twirl, she baseball slides across the ground continuing to pepper her half-demon adversary with aura charged gunfire. The Son of Sparda breaks into a short sprint before flinging himself in the air. Twisting his body into a fast spin, he showers the witch with lead who break dances into a handstand to return fire with Parsley and Sage attached to her feet.

Upon landing, Dante turns on the balls of his feet, unsheathes Rebellion after pocketing Ebony and Ivory and thrusts forward with the Devil Arm. Bayonetta pops up to her feet and meets Rebellion with Rosemary, knocking it aside. Recovering, Dante renews his effort with a powerful back swing. His witchy opponent stops it with her foot catching the massive blade with the heel of her stiletto. Bayonetta shoves the sword forward and then she takes aim with Thyme. In a hair’s breath, his superhuman reflexes take Dante from the bullet’s path. Rosemary is quickly thrown behind Bayonetta’s back. Ivory finds its way into Dante’s right hand just as the Umbra Witch coaxes Rosemary. On the sound of the bullets’ impact, both dark warriors whirl away from each.

Dante flips his sword blade-down and draws back. Demonic energies surge through Rebellion. The eyes of its skull adorned hilt glow ominously. Then, swinging the sword forward to a rising arc, Dante sends a powerful energy wave tearing across the ground. Striking a pose, Bayonetta summons the hand of Madama Butterfly. A giant fist shoots up from the ground to intercept the dark energy wave, which clashes with the conjured fist before dispersing immediately afterward. Madama Butterfly’s fist draws back through the portal where it was summoned. It is then that Dante is fast upon the lady witch with Rebellion in tow. Bayonetta nimbly flips back to avoid the first strike and the one that follows. Dante whirls around with Rebellion. The tip of the blade barely grazes the witch’s body as she narrowly avoids sporting a nasty scar. However, her safety has yet to be assured.

The famed Devil Hunter spins on the balls of his feet to quickly bring Ivory to bear. He fires several rounds but Bayonetta flips high over Dante just as the first bullet barely touches the tip of her nose. With a quick twist, the woman in black comes at him with a heel drop. Dante dives forward from being crushed under foot by the heel of Madama Butterfly’s conjured foot.

Wasting no time, Bayonetta, after dispelling the foot, lunges forward with a punch calling upon the Madama’s mighty fist. The Madama’s knuckles clash against the broadside of Rebellion. Dante’s powerful legs prevent him from being pushed back. The resounding shockwave whips up his coat tails. The fist of Madama Butterfly dispels, allowing Bayonetta to rush at her silver haired opponent. She begins delivering powerful melee attacks, unafraid of the massive blade defending against her. The witch fights fiercely using her guns. She has seen how easily Dante can swing the massive demonic sword. Attacking him with more speed, not to mention her overwhelming strength, seems to be the best course of action. Unfortunately Dante hasn’t seen all of Bayonetta’s power as of yet. Bayonetta swings hard with Rosemary. A loud clang echoes. She then whips around with Parsley in her left hand. Another clang rings out. Sage and Thyme obey their mistress as she commands them to attack Rebellion. The sound of clashing metal fills the air, echoing through hollowed wrecks of buildings. Dante resists another strike and answers back with Rebellion. The initial strike is blocked as are the ones that follow afterward. Dante’s silver hair waves across his brow as he whirls around for another strike. His target leaps high into the air and gingerly lands on a streetlight.

Bayonetta looks down at the silver haired man in red and blows him a kiss, throwing a seductive wink as well. Then she swings herself under the head of streetlight. Kicking her legs back hard, she tears the structure from its concrete bindings, sweeps it above her head and brings it crashing down upon Dante. The resounding crash thundered through the small town, rattling and then shattering the remaining glass that hung loose in the windows of nearby buildings. Floors of the more dilapidated dwellings lose their grip after struggling to hang on for so many years. Returning to the ground, Bayonetta peers into the cloud of dirt that was kicked up. Suddenly, a wave of demonic energy streaks towards her which she avoids with a simple step to the right. Her sleek yet powerful legs shoot her into the dust cloud. A split second later the dust is scattered to the wind from the force of Bayonetta’s stiletto against Rebellion’s blade.

Dante shoves hard, giving himself some breathing room to employ Rebellion. Each powerful strike is matched with equally powerful blocks by the Umbra Witch. The Devil Arm sang a song of death but its tune is silenced effectively by Scarborough Fair. Dante has fought against strong opponents before but of all of them, the only one to give him so much trouble was his brother Vergil. Being sons of the Legendary Dark Knight, their powers were evenly matched. Plus Vergil had another of their father’s swords, Yamato, which was also endued with demonic powers like Rebellion. Dante fought a hard battle against his twin brother. He won’t admit it out loud, but judging from Bayonetta’s skills thus far, this battle may be able to match the experience Dante had with his long-lost brother.


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