Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 11

A new angel has arrived to join the fight. It is smaller in stature and carrying a trumpet. This angel wails on its golden instrument. Its taller brethren line up a gauntlet. From its trumpet, the smaller angel fires a yellow ball of energy.

Dante, with his usual light-heartedness, cracks a smile and then breaks into a sprint. While on the run, he hurls Rebellion and takes up Ebony and Ivory again. The sword slices through the air like a saw blade. The angels stand in formation, waiting for Dante. Unknown to them, their plan is about to be undone. Rebellion slices through the angels’ staffs. Their tips rain down on the grass. Dante quickly unloads with his pistols, destroying the confused angels. One after another, the angels disappear in flashes of light like exploding light bulbs. The moment the last angel hollers its death cry Dante quickly catches up with Rebellion. After returning his twin pistols to their holsters, he grips the sword’s hilt and takes a stance like a baseball player at bat.

“And it’s…gone!” Dante says with a cheeky grin as he swings Rebellion hard. He sends the energy ball careening back at the angel with the trumpet. There was nothing the angel could except end up being destroyed by its own attack. With the last one gone, Dante rests Rebellion across his shoulders while keeping a tight grip on the hilt. For a moment, silence returns to the cemetery. A light breeze licks the tails of Dante’s coat as he stood amongst the shattered headstones and churned up dirt and grass. All seemed calm. Then a familiar smile slides across Dante’s face. “You guys are persistent,” said the famed Devil Hunter, “I like that.” He turns to face a new set of angels. These were larger than ones he just fought. Some of them wore red and gold outfits and wielded large bows. The others wore the same blue and gold outfits as their smaller cousins and carried large staffs with spinning blades at their ends.

Dante regarded the newcomers with his usual flare. “You guys are definitely making this trip worthwhile. C’mon,” he said with a brimming smile pointing Rebellion at the angels. One of the blue angels roars a battle cry, sounding much like screeching bird. The angels prepare to mount an attack on Dante who continues to regard them in a nonchalant manner.

Suddenly something appears out of the sky and crashes down on the group. Several of the angels are destroyed while others were knocked aside. Dante barely flinches when he sees what looks like a giant stiletto shoe accented with a butterfly motif. The large appendage radiated a dark aura. Dante examined the manifestation with a curious eye. He has never seen anything like it before which makes him even more cautious. He keeps a firm grip on Rebellion and his senses even firmer. Then the oddest thing happens. The large stiletto shoe and foot begin to unravel like ribbons, but these ribbons were hair-like in appearance. They disappear into what looks like a dark magic circle. Before Dante can put things together, he hears footsteps walking through the grass.

“You know, I came to America get a little rest and relaxation and perhaps a tan. And what do I find? A bunch of you cheeky little angels running around like lost children,” said a woman’s voice with an English accent.

When Dante looks to see who’s behind the voice, he is struck by a beautiful sight. Strolling towards him is a woman dressed in a form fitting black outfit with flashy tassels and gold talismans at the ends of them. Her hair was done up in a beehive with red ribbons wrapped around it. The ribbons’ ends flowed down behind her. Dante recognizes the woman not by her appearance but by her aura. It is the same aura he felt during his back alley encounter with a group of demons. Unlike then, he can see her clearly.

The woman’s arrival removes the angels’ attention on Dante. They begin to approach her with weapons ready. The woman stares at the angels with a casual grin. Then, raising one arm, she draws a circle with her finger creating some sort of magic template. Inside the template a pair of large double barrel pistols, magenta in color, appear. She takes the pistol in her hands. At the same time, another set of the same pistols appear on the heels of her stilettos. With a push of her glasses, the woman takes an elegant stance with her guns held high. “Come along children, it’s time I tuck you in,” said the woman.

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