Flying Lotus: Until the Quiet Comes

If you’ve been watching [Adult Swim] late at night you’ve definitely heard his work.


They used to broadcast the High Scores of the week to this song.

You might recognize This Track more.


Flying Lotus has been producing since year 2000. Known to work in Reason and Ableton Live, he  is an experimental multi-genre producer and laptop musician from Los Angeles, California. He’s been releasing his music through Brainfeeder Records and the acclaimed Warp Records since 2007.

As an experimental artist, the flavors of his music are vast. although most of it is usually instantly recognizable as Flying Lotus material, many of his songs stretch far from the usual sound and technique of this producer. His primary technique, from my experience, is to put the listener into a strange atmosphere of unrecognizable percussion and a steady kick drum, then bring in strange, but pleasant vocal samples or synth patterns. A lot of the time, these atmospheres sound cosmic, or spacey.

flying lotus – roberta flack – A perfect example

“Trippy” is the most frequent response I hear from people who listen to him for the first time. However, some of his music can be very calm, lacking drums completely even.

This music video of his song titled “Infinitum”, is a a great taste of the more relaxing side of his work.

Recently, Flying Lotus released his newest album Until the Quiet Comes. Its got a very moody, jazzy vibe, while taking you away to a beautiful otherworldly musical realm, as his music usually does.

I found a very cool video that gives you small samples of each of most of the songs on this album.


Having listened to the whole thing, I’d like to congratulate Flying Lotus on another successful album, and suggest that you, the reader, get on itunes and support this mans work. if this is what you’re into, you’ll be happy with what you hear.

Also if you have any other music you enjoyed from adult swims ongoing collection of bumps, please post them in a comment below. Perhaps I’ll do my next post on your suggested artist!

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