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Do you want a cheap table at a Music & Gaming CONcert in Philly this Feb.?

FEBRUARY 27TH 2016!!!! There are going to be vendors at BOSS WAVE because why wouldn’t there be? 🙂 The costs of the tables will be very reasonable, especially with hundreds of people coming out for music, gaming, and fun. The prices are as followed: Daytime Table (1pm – 8pm): $50 All Day Table (1pm – …

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Amp-X LIVE, J1 Studios, and more host Philly’s FIRST Electronic Music & Gaming CON-cert!

February 27th 2016 Welcome to…♪♪♪ BOSS WAVE ♪♪♪ PHILADELPHIA’S FIRST AND ONLY ELECTRONIC MUSIC & GAMING CONCERT EXPERIENCE! – Presented by Amp-X LIVE, J1 Studios, Funkadelphia & iSpinToys! So what exactly is this? It’s a electronic music themed concert, that’s going to have aspects of a convention sprinkled on top! So expect dope music, gaming, and …

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OLDSTYLE: The Baroque Remix Project

In the 17th and 18th centuries, musical composers like Vivaldi and Bach rocked the dance halls with their keys and pedal drops. Though they were popular composers in their times, today, the genius of their music is seldom heard by todays youth. With changing times, it would take a great electronic force to recreate the …

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Club Needlemouse – New album released from GameChops!!!

  New to the GameChops library is Club Needlemouse, a Sonic The Hedgehog  and 90’s house & club tribute album created by Italian producer RobKTA! This album is described as “a lens to the past, combining arrangements from Sonic the Hedgehog with the classic sound of 90s house and club music” and was mastered by …

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Industrial band SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD will be on the J1 Studios soundtrack list!!

SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD is an Industrial, EBM, Electronic band started by singer and songwriter Michael Sky with Kitty Meowsers, and John Ruszin, formerly of Carfax Abbey. Since originating in 2008, SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD has made its mark on the club scene. SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD is being spun in many industrial clubs all over the United States and in Europe. …

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Flying Lotus: Until the Quiet Comes

If you’ve been watching [Adult Swim] late at night you’ve definitely heard his work.   They used to broadcast the High Scores of the week to this song. You might recognize This Track more.     Flying Lotus has been producing since year 2000. Known to work in Reason and Ableton Live, he  is an experimental multi-genre producer and laptop …

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Music and Lights. The Obelisk.

This Saturday. Local from Philadelphia, the talented PSY FI Production group will be unveiling a glowing, painted installment, while bringing you Live Experimental Electronic Music by: Golden Spiral ( http://soundcloud.com/golden-spiral ) Agent Zero ( http://soundcloud.com/agentzero ) Mistah Manic ( http://soundcloud.com/mr-manic ) CounterVulture ( http://soundcloud.com/countervulture ) redHat ( http://soundcloud.com/redhat ) Hedzfallinoff Soundjack ( http://soundcloud.com/soundjack ) Illah’d Tau With Lighting by JK Concepts and Visuals by CounterVulture I had …

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