Industrial band SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD will be on the J1 Studios soundtrack list!!

Check out the new SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD album cover!

SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD is an Industrial, EBM, Electronic band started by singer and songwriter Michael Sky with Kitty Meowsers, and John Ruszin, formerly of Carfax Abbey. Since originating in 2008, SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD has made its mark on the club scene. SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD is being spun in many industrial clubs all over the United States and in Europe.

The big announcement is that they will be featured on at least one of the official soundtracks of either Angel Savior, Super Bounty J1, or Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai. The cover of their new album was created by J1 Studios. They went and took the pages from Angel Savior and made a cool video announcing the new album coming in 2013. More SYS2MATIK OVRL0AD/J1 Studios collaboration news coming soon!!


Check them out here:


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