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Screen Team presents “D.VA vs Soldier 76” rap battle!!

The duo of Angie and Chad, known as Screen Team, are at it again! They are known for making music videos and parody songs while cosplaying as several characters ranging from Pokémon to Star Wars. Angie and Chad have dropped another one on us. This time it is an Overwatch rap battle between D.VA and …

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The EDM Music CON-cert BOSS WAVE is offering FREE vendor tables!

FEBRUARY 27TH 2016 at District N9ne (460 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123) They are offering FREE vendors at BOSS WAVE! With hundreds of people coming out for music, gaming, and fun, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity? The SLOTS available are as followed: Daytime Tables (1pm – 8pm) All Day Tables (1pm – 2am) …

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Want to learn Nunchucks? We’ve found you a Sensei

Hey everyone, Forrest here! In my time at J1 Studios, I’ve collaborated on game remixes, interviewed cool people, and lead the video production of our TV Commercials. Last year, I produced the Cosplay LED Flow Arts Performance, where I cosplayed as Prince Zuko at the J1-Con Music Fest. Since 2011, I’ve been creating and drilling full body movement techniques …

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Amp-X LIVE, J1 Studios, and more host Philly’s FIRST Electronic Music & Gaming CON-cert!

February 27th 2016 Welcome to…♪♪♪ BOSS WAVE ♪♪♪ PHILADELPHIA’S FIRST AND ONLY ELECTRONIC MUSIC & GAMING CONCERT EXPERIENCE! – Presented by Amp-X LIVE, J1 Studios, Funkadelphia & iSpinToys! So what exactly is this? It’s a electronic music themed concert, that’s going to have aspects of a convention sprinkled on top! So expect dope music, gaming, and …

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Volume III from Dj CUTMAN is here!!!

Dj CUTMAN is back with a new album, titled Volume III. The album is a collection of his best work from 2012 – 2015, each track merticulously reworked and remastered, from games like Animal Crossing, Bravely Default, Mario, Zelda, Shovel Knight and more. The album is available on Dj CUTMAN’s bandcamp page, where you can download it …

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Nuance: Dancing with Light

Nuance from Marc-Antoine Locatelli on Vimeo. In this new short from Marc-Antoine Locatelli, dancer Lucas Boirat is seen battling with various geometric forms of light that launch and morph as part of a carefully choreographed dance that marries human motion with motion graphics. Gifs courtesy Vimeo.  2,376 total views

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Dj CUTMAN Free Compilation Album!!! Limited Time Only!!!

  This was just announced today. Dj CUTMAN has released a compilation album on his GameChops site. The best thing about it is that it’s a free download FOR TODAY ONLY!!! So click on the link below to get a free copy of the album because after today, you gotta pay for it. Click on …

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Transformers Gangnam!!

Deadpool’s done it! Mortal Kombat did it! And now the Transformers are doing it. Check out all your favorite Cybertronians kicking it to PSY’s insanely popular dance craze. I had to share this as a big Transformers fan. The animation and sequencing is amazing and the character designs are wonderfully accurate. And look for Megatron …

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Dance Central 3 now has Gangnam Style

PSY fans will be rejoicing over this piece of news. Gangnam Style is now available for Dance Central 3 players. Check out the video clip of it here.  3,306 total views

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Mortal Kombat VS Gangnam Style? Fun and hot!

What’s better than a hot Mortal Kombat cosplayer? MORE hot MK cosplayers! Mortal Kombat takes on Gangnam Style!!! Only way they could do it… LIKE A BOSS. Notice the fat Kano. Who’s fatality blows a ton of air in their opponent until they pop? I think he’s the result of that, or at least he’s …

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