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Dropkick on my Devil is getting smartphone game!!

Yukiwo’s Dropkick on my Devil manga is inspiring a new smartphone game. The game, titled Jashin-chan Dropkick ~Jinbōchō Hōchi Daisakusen~ (Dropkick on My Devil! Jinbōchō Idle Great Mission), is an idle RPG being created by Memory. It will feature an original story, PvP, Spirit Characters and the voice cast of the anime. Memory began streaming …

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Battle anywhere in new upcoming Ikki Tousen smartphone game!

Hello gamers, DevilDriver1313 here with an little tid bit for your smartphone game players (from one to another). Marvelous, the developers of the Senran Kagura franchise, has announced that a smartphone game is coming for the Ikki Tousen franchise. Ikki Tousen Extra Burst is slated to launch on iOS and Android devices this Spring. For …

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Survive the world of Dr. Stone in new escape game from SCRAP!

Think you have what it takes to survive in a stone world? Then put your mental fortitude to the test in the new Dr. Stone escape game. The game will kick off at SCRAP’s Kichijoji location on February 21, 2020. Participants are required to perform real experiments if they want to win. To do so, …

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Shiva and Ifrit are summoned

The evil Shinra corporation rules the world with an iron fist and continues to spin its web of lies. Have the rebels, known as Avalanche, bitten off more than they can chew? Get your first look at Shinra’s agents, the Turks, powerful summons, Ifrit and Shiva, and much more in this trailer from Tokyo Game …

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War is coming to Darksiders Genesis!!

Darksiders Genesis is an action/adventure that tears its way through hordes of demons, angels, and everything in-between on its way to Hell and back with guns blazing and swords swinging. Genesis gives players their first look at the world of Darksiders before the events of the original game, as well as introduces the horseman Strife. …

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Cult Classic ‘Moon: Remix RPG’ is coming to the Switch!!

Who says Zelda can be the only RPG on Switch? The cult classic Moon, a game referred to a the ‘anti-RPG’ by PS1 gamers, will finally be available in English for the first time. Indie studio Onion Games announced they will be working on re-releasing the title for the Nintendo Switch. As of now, there …

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Johannes Roberts promises Resident Evil reboot will be scary!!

Just as Capcom has done with the second game in the franchise, Johannes Robert, director of 47 Meters Down and it sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night, intends to do the same with the Resident Evil movie reboot that he has in the works. He promises that the film will be scary and, more importantly, …

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Date A Live Ren Dystopia held back to 2020!!

Compile Heart announced that Date A Live: Ren Dystopia, the upcoming video game based on the Japanese romantic comedy light novel series written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, is being delayed. The game was originally planned for Summer 2019, now it will release in 2020 due to “various circumstances” as cited by the …

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Down but not out, GameStop to offer new store concept and retro gaming!!

It’s no secret that GameStop has been on life support for some time now, and they are not pulling the plug just yet. The retail chain is looking to turn their woes into ‘wows’ with an idea for new store concepts and by [re]introducing retro gaming. According to IGN, the new direction is part of …

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New Line Cinema to make a Space Invaders movie – yup, it’s happening

Movie news website Deadline reported that New Line Cinema has tagged Greg Russo to write the script for a movie based on Space Invaders, the classic arcade game created by Tomohiro Nishikado. Russo is also penning the script for the proposed sequel to Netflix’s Death Note movie, writing a Resident Evil reboot movie and working …

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