New Line Cinema to make a Space Invaders movie – yup, it’s happening

Movie news website Deadline reported that New Line Cinema has tagged Greg Russo to write the script for a movie based on Space Invaders, the classic arcade game created by Tomohiro Nishikado. Russo is also penning the script for the proposed sequel to Netflix’s Death Note movie, writing a Resident Evil reboot movie and working on the planned Mortal Kombat film that will start production in South Africa later this year. He is also working with director/producer F. Gary Gray on a movie based on the video game Saints Row. Warner Bros, New Line Cinema’s parent company, acquired the movie right to Space Invaders in 2014.

Space Invaders launched in Japan in 1978 distributed by Taito. It would release in the US later that same year under Midway/Bally. The game has players take control of a laser shooting cannon to protect four bases from descending waves of aliens.

Source: Deadline