OLDSTYLE: The Baroque Remix Project

In the 17th and 18th centuries, musical composers like Vivaldi and Bach rocked the dance halls with their keys and pedal drops. Though they were popular composers in their times, today, the genius of their music is seldom heard by todays youth. With changing times, it would take a great electronic force to recreate the powerful and moving melodies of said earlier composers. Behold, friends! OLDSTYLE is here, and it would have the 18th century gettin wild!


From the OLDSTYLE Bandcamp page:

OldStyle is a collaboration between baroque cellist Emily Davidson and electronic music producer Chris Davidson, better known as Dj CUTMAN. OldStyle recreates 17th and 18th century classical pieces by composers like Bach, Vivaldi, and Rameau, by remixing them in styles of electronic dance music (EDM).

OldStyle includes both 17th and 18th century selections, multiple nationalities (Italian, French, German), high Baroque composers like Bach and Vivaldi, and other favorites like Couperin and Ortiz. The album highlights the differences of these genres by arranging in various styles like pop, house, trap, and hip hop.


released 20 October 2014

Produced by Chris & Emily Davidson
Arranged by Emily Davidson
Mixed by Chris Davidson
Ortiz Reprise features production by Jack Vanoudenaren
Solfeggietto was originally produced by Dj CUTMAN, and remixed by James Landino for OldStyle

Check it out & download on the OLDSTYLE Bandcamp page.
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