Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 26

Bayonetta sees the car she had just thrown heading straight at her. She doesn’t why or how Dante was able to send it back without her knowledge, but she appreciates his cunning. With a grin, she braces herself and catches the vehicle. The force generated cracks the asphalt around her feet. Nevertheless, the Umbra Witch’s inhuman strength holds her firm; then, she casually tosses the car on the pile with its weather beaten brethren. Bayonetta look at Dante with a sultry glare. He is more than she expected. His skills are just as famous as she was told. Still, she has yet to be satisfied. She wants to see the true depth of his power. Breaking into a sprint, she sets out to do just that. Dante throws her his coolest grin and matches her headlong rush. The space between them decreases rapidly. They both are ready to lay all their cards out in full view for the other to see. There truly will be no holding back this time.

Once in range, Dante throws a metal fist aimed for Bayonetta’s pretty face. He quickly blocks an attack at his left and engages her in close range combat before the witch whips out a fiery kick intended to singe his hair. After missing the kick, Bayonetta arcs her body to keep from having her cheek driven in by Dante’s sudden appearance to her right. Again, they engage in a session of ferocious flying fists and whirling kicks. Dante drives up with an uppercut but quickly pulls his rising fist into a vicious back fist and clashes with the lightning claws of Durga when Bayonetta appears at his back. The devil and the witch battled back and forth using their time-altering abilities with incredible skill. The sheer mechanics of this “time” battle are mind-boggling. All of their movements flowed like silk, smooth and fluid while at the same time they are sharp and precise. Their dextral use of their time magic—Bayonetta’s Witch Time and Dante’s Quicksilver—is uncanny. To use such incredible magic takes immense skill and great mental concentration. Dante and Bayonetta both have immense skill; however, their use of time magic is on an instinctive level. Not much focus is required for them to control the flow of time at will other than during the activation stage. After that, it’s all about flow.

Dante uses Quicksilver to hold the witch midway through a high roundhouse kick. He rushes to her back, deactivates Geyron’s ability and aims for her kidney. Bayonetta, having already sensed the Devil Hunter, initiates the magic used by the Umbra Witches for centuries, swings her raised leg down and cancels Witch Time just as she starts into a back flip. Dante’s superhuman senses alert him to danger and the Son of Sparda pulls his upper body back just as the flaming claws graze his chin. A quick application of Quicksilver holds his sleek opponent in place in the middle of her flip. Rushing at her, Dante whips out an armored greave set to plant it in her back. Quicksilver is cancelled and Dante slams Bayonetta hard in her back. However, her body bursts into a cloud of bats while she simultaneously casts Witch Time. She reforms just to Dante’s left and extends both arms forward, charging the lightning claws attached to them. Witch Time ends and Quicksliver begins as Dante activates Geyron’s ability just before he is zapped by the electrical discharge from Durga’s lightning-endowed claws. He raises a fist high and slams the ground generating a shockwave the moment he allows time to resume its normal course. Using Bat Form and casting Witch Time, Bayonetta escapes the devastating power of the shockwave having been struck by it once before.

Regaining her form a safe distance away, she looks back at Dante with his fist still planted in the asphalt. A plan quickly forms in her mind. This move has him committed just enough for Bayonetta to capitalize. The Umbra Witch sweeps one arm upward and cancels Witch Time. The electric blue fist of Madama Butterfly shoots Dante into the air. He tries to use Quicksilver but it fails. “Not this time sweetheart,” Bayonetta says with a cynical grin. She used her time-altering magic to cancel out Quicksilver. She noticed that Dante had to look at whatever he wanted to cast Geyron’s power on in order to use it, unlike Witch Time in where Bayonetta relies purely on instinct. With the Devil Hunter of the ground, she can begin her assault. She goes through a series of stylish moves while chanting an incantation. The cat-suit comprised of her own hair disappears from most of her body. In the sky, six magical glyphs appear around Dante and from each of them an arm emerges. They are nothing like the magical appendages he has seen before. These arms are powerful, bulging with muscle. Like Madama Butterfly, this is another Infernal Demon Bayonetta has made a pact with. Hekatoncheir is a six-armed giant summoned from the Inferno that is capable of pulverizing mountains. Now it will pulverize Dante.

One arm comes barreling toward Dante. He meets it with Gilgamesh before mustering up the strength to shove it aside. He does the same with another arm and another and another and another. The arms attacked him ferociously, intent on pummeling him to paste. Dante does have amazing combat skills even in the air; however, he is more effective on the ground. He uses the momentum of another defensive punch to hurl himself back to terra firma. Unfortunately, Hekatoncheir’s monstrous fist appears to bar his path. Dante thrusts an armored fist forward, but the arm’s immense strength shoves him back. He does the best he can to defend against another fist shooting toward him from the right. But he can do nothing about the other fist driving at him from the high left. Dante gets bashed hard and is sent tumbling through the air only to get slammed by another set of powerful knuckles. The arms of Hekatoncheir viciously bash Dante around. In the air, Dante has no momentum. Bloody and bruised, he does his best to fend off the giant’s mighty fists as they bash his body to pieces. The demon blood in his body cannot heal him fast enough. The moments he blocks one fist, Dante is crushed by another and then another and then another.

Dante has fought many opponents, many powerful devils including the King of the Underworld himself. His mind trails back to that battle with Mundus. The would-be god attacked Dante with his might that was built over the two millennia since his defeat at the hands of Sparda. It was a tough, intense battle that was barely won in the end. However, Dante’s only true test of skill came from his battle with his twin Vergil. Vergil had beaten his brother in a couple altercations with him nearly killing Dante. The fact that he was the only one who knew how to truly kill him was what made the other Son of Sparda Dante’s most dangerous enemy. His victory over his twin was narrow though. This time may be different. Bayonetta has matched Dante every which way, proving to be more formidable than even Vergil. Her magical powers rival his demonic energies. As he is bashed around more by the fists of the great giant Hekatoncheir, this point becomes more evident to Dante. A terrible thought begins to enter his mind as a spiked knuckle bores through his body. He may lose this battle.

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