Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dance with the Devil Chapter 25

Bayonetta shoves his fist away and goes on the offensive. Claws of fire and lightning swirl around the Son of Sparda who effortlessly blocks each strike until he issues a powerful deflection that knocks the Umbra Witch off balance. Dante capitalizes and drives forward an armored fist. He sees the familiar glint in Bayonetta’s eyes and cancels her time altering ability with his, forcing her to block at the last second.

Witch Time is canceled out each time Bayonetta uses it to avoid the fast attacks from Dante. Seeing an armored fist aimed for her face again, she tries to use Witch Time but thanks to Dante’s time altering ability it is rendered ineffective and she sways her head to the side, suffering only a graze on her cheek. Then her instincts scream for her to duck under the back-fist that follows. From her position, Bayonetta swipes the claws on her right arm upward. She misses cleaving her opponent’s chest, leaving her open for a counterattack. With opportunity handed to him again, Dante strikes. The moment she feels the bladed knuckles of Gilgamesh touch her left side, Bayontta quickly employs another mystic art of the Umbra Witches. Bat Form is an evasive maneuver a witch will use in a tight situation if Witch Time fails for any reason, whether it is fault of the caster or another time-altering magic art. She quickly reforms and whips out a flaming greave at Dante just as the last bats fall into place. However, Dante is ready to defend her strike.

Blows exchange between the witch and the devil at superhuman speed. Once again, the sound of clashing metal and powerful electric pulses reverberate throughout the town. The hollow buildings capture the sound and amplify it, adding dynamic sound to an already dynamic battle.

Dante whips around a vicious back hand. Bayonetta blocks and thrusts forward outstretched claws. A sway to the side saves Dante from being skewered. He then takes hold of her arm and, with a quick spin, launches her through the air. Dante slams one fist against the ground, producing a shockwave that strikes Bayonetta. The shockwave’s incredible power catapults the witch into a car. The tires screech as the car is violently shoved back until it and Bayonetta slam into the pile of automotive twisted metal created by Dante earlier. The Umbra Witch is slow to her feet. She shakes off the after effects of the shockwave and stares at Dante over her glasses with the demeanor of a wicked school teacher. A devilish grin slides across her face. Striking a pose, she raises one arm. The Durga claws on her right arm vanish in an electric spark and then, with a snap of her fingers, she conjures the hand of Madama Butterfly. The wicked feminine appendage hefts a car and tosses it like a child’s toy.

Dante gazes at the tumbling vehicle exhibiting no expression. The car threatened to crush him yet he makes no attempt to move or stop in any way. With one blow from Gilgamesh, he could decimate the vehicle. Or he could switch out the armored gauntlets and greaves for Ebony and Ivory and blast it away right down to the wheel wells. To satisfy the coolness factor, he could take up Rebellion and slice the car in half at the right moment so that the two halves would slide on either side of him while he rested the blade across his shoulders and flashed his trademark grin. Dante does nothing. His eyes remained fixed on the car plummeting toward him.

The Son of Sparda gazes at the vehicle curiously. His lips curl into his familiar grin. Methodically, he raises one hand, extends his index finger and gives the bumper a tap, bumping it a couple inches in the air. Dante stretches his grin and chuckles. The car that was hurtling toward him now hung in the air, held by invisible strings. He had called upon a latent power he hasn’t used in years. To be honest, he wasn’t sure it would work at first. But the moment he was able to cancel out Bayonetta’s time altering magic raised his assurance. His time altering magic Quicksilver is an ability he hasn’t used since his youth when he left behind his life as a mercenary-for-hire to begin his business as a Devil Hunter. It was when his brother Vergil sought out the power of their father Sparda. Dante had traveled deep into the tower Temen-Ni-Gru to stop his brother when he encountered the devil that granted him this very power. Geyron was a horse-like devil that drew a frightening carriage—both were wrapped in an unearthly glow. Dante fought and defeated Geyron. He then acquired his soul thus granting him the same time manipulation abilities the devil horse used against him. Dante hadn’t used the ability much even then but found it to be useful in a pinch.

With Quicksilver engaged, the world around stalled, frozen in time. Papers and leaves were held fast just as the light breeze pushed them along the ground. Over at a nearby building, a nest of rats were stopped midstride while they fled for their lives as their peaceful existence in the town is now disrupted by the ruckus of the grand battle taking place. Dante takes a quick look over at Bayonetta, who stood like a wax figure set in the perfect pose. He takes a moment to admire her, giving her a coy smile through she currently cannot return it. Returning his attention to the car, he takes hold of the bumper. The car is feather light. “Looks like the Witch of the West can use a lesson about throwing things at people,” he says while gently shoving the car forward. Dante lets the car go and undoes Quicksilver with a snap of his fingers. The car rockets toward Bayonetta like a cannon ball. Because of Quicksilver’s time-altering magic, Dante did not need much force to send the vehicle hurtling through the air.

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