Defenders Episode 2: Revelations Pt. 1 Chapter 5

Brandon’s waitress walks behind the counter and she was about to get herself some soda when one of her co-workers with red curls walks up behind her. “Now he’s kinda cute.”

“What?” Brandon’s waitress said with a laugh.

“Oh come on Sarah, I saw the way you looked at him,” said Sarah’s co-worker, “Besides, he’s not bad looking. He’s kinda mysterious with those shades on.”

Sarah sarcastically rolls her eyes. “Karen, stop.”

“What?” Karen said innocently.

“I know what you’re trying to do. Every time that I take the slightest interest in a guy you always try to fix me up with him. Besides he might already have a girlfriend or someone he’s seeing.”

“Come on Sarah, how long has it been since Greg?” said Karen, “Six months? Seven?”

“Yeah, about that,” Sarah bashfully agrees.

“See? Now don’t you think it’s time to move on? Besides you didn’t see the way he looked at you,” Karen said sincerely.

“You really think so?” Sarah said unsurely.

“There’s only one way to find out. Go over and ask him.”

“I don’t know…”

“Go on. You’re only gonna be wandering about it all day.”

While Karen was still trying to convince Sarah to talk to Brandon, the show that was on the television mounted on the wall near the end of the counter was interrupted with a special news report. “The Buckingham-Royals high rise apartment building near 33rd and Walnut Streets has erupted in flames. We go to Noah Johnson who is live at the scene in our news chopper,” said the news anchor.

Brandon stops eating and looks up at the TV just in time to see the news program switch to a live shot of the apartment building. “As you can see the Buckingham-Royals apartment building has smoke pouring out of it as fire spreads through the apartments. Now from what we understand the fire began on the eight floor of the building and has spread to the 9th, 10th, and 11th floors. If we can just move the camera and look at Walnut Street and as you can see there are plenty of fire personnel and ambulance trucks attending to the people who were on or near the eighth floor where the fire began. There are still people coming out of the building to safety. Also while I was explaining what was going on, I just got a report from one of the news vans that there are people still inside the apartment building, trapped above the four floors that are on fire,” said Noah Johnson.

“Noah, let me interrupt for a second, is there any way that the firefighters can reach the trapped people?” asked the lady news anchor.

“Unfortunately no, the trapped people are much too high for the ladders to reach them. The only way that these people can be rescued is by helicopter. Unfortunately that may take some time.”

“Ok, thank you Noah,” said the female news anchor. Then the news program switches back to the female news anchor, “For those of you just tuning in we are reporting a massive fire at the Buckingham-Royals apartments located at 33rd and Walnut. We will be covering this story as it unfolds. We are now going live to Rosemarie Watkins who is a block away from the apartment building to give us a view from the ground. Rosemarie?”

Brandon gets up and takes the remaining half of his cheesesteak to the counter as Rosemarie Watkins begins to explain what is happening on the ground. Karen was still trying to convince Sarah to go over to Brandon, who was now standing at the counter. “Excuse me,” he said. The girls quickly went silent. Sarah turned around to Brandon and instantly begins to blush. “I’m sorry to interrupt. Can I get this to go?” Brandon asked.

“Uh…yeah…sure,” Sarah said hesitantly. Then she bends down behind the counter and comes back up with a small Styrofoam container and a bag. She puts the half of the cheesesteak in the container and places it in the bag. Sarah then hands the bag to Brandon.

“Thanks,” Brandon said as he grabbed the bag.

“No problem,” Sarah said softly.

“Ma’am, my bag,” Brandon said with a smile and a slight chuckle.

Sarah’s attention is caught as she looks at the bag and realizes that she is still holding it. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she says surprisingly as she releases the bag.

“It’s alright,” Brandon laughed, “You know that’s twice you refused to give me my order.” Sarah smiles shyly and blushes even more. “Well I’ve gotta go. You have a nice day,” said Brandon. Then he turns toward the door and walks out.

Sarah’s smile fades as she realizes she has just missed her opportunity to talk to Brandon. Feeling a little disappointed, Sarah walks over to the grill where Karen is standing, picks up a frying pan and hands it to her. “Here, hit me as hard as you can,” she said. Karen smiles at Sarah and laughs as she put the pan back on the grill.

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