Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 7

A moped drives down the street with a red warming bag strapped to the back of it. The young delivery boy takes a right and aims his vehicle down a wide alley towards the lone building at the end. After parking his moped in front of the building, he unties the warming bag and removes the lone pizza inside. The young man looks the building over curiously. “I wonder what those guys were talking about?” he says. When the order came into the pizza shop, all of his other co-workers refused to take the order. He asked why and all they said was ‘don’t expect to get paid’. He also recalls them saying something about the occult and this guy having something to do with it. There was something else his co-workers said but the young man dismisses it and rings the doorbell. A couple moments go by. He rings it again. No answer. Just as he was about to press the button once more the door latches open. A tall man with striking silver hair gently takes the pizza from him.
“Thanks, I’ll owe you,” was all he said before immediately shutting the door. The young delivery man was left on the stoop with a bewildered expression. He didn’t even get to tell him how much it was.

Dante walks back to his desk with his pizza. He sets it down and then himself. Opening the box, he breathes in the sweet scent of meat, cheese and sauce. ‘Devil May Cry’ is Dante’s business that he established after his mercenary days, reinventing himself as mercenary for hire. However, unlike other mercenaries, he only takes jobs that interest him. If he could he’d refuse every uninteresting job that came his way, however, those jobs are necessary. They keep the lights on and the water running. Dante picks up a slice of pizza and looks at it a bit before chomping down.

“Hopefully Alejandro can fix this,” Trish said appearing from a room in the back. She continued to muse over the small patch of missing hair, courtesy of her battle with the Assaults last night.

“What’re you whining about? It’s barely noticeable,” said Dante.

“Whatever. You ever pay them for the other five pizzas you got before?” Trish said, changing the subject.

“I working on it,” Dante answered casually, biting off the first mouthful of his next slice.

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