Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura: And so the battle ends!!

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Pumping one more burst of power into the Blade of Olympus, Kratos thrusts the blade forward and fires a powerful beam at Asura. Asura does not falter; he increases his speed to meet the beam head on. The fallen deity collides with the power of the sword that ended the Great Titan War. He is pushed back by it but he fights back. Asura will not surrender. He cannot. If he is to save Mithra, he must win. Summoning more power, Asura pushes forward. His left arm cracks before it shatters from his shoulder. He ignores it and pushes harder. Kratos feeds more Rage of the Titans magic into the Blade of Olympus strengthening its attack. Asura is stalled for a moment. Briefly, he sees Mithra with teary eyes in his mind. She is crying. He must end his daughter’s suffering. His strength is fading but Asura does not care. He must save his daughter. He must stop her from crying. He will. With one final surge of power, Asura pushes against the godly power of the Blade of Olympus. Kratos is shocked when he sees Asura burst forth from within the beam of godly fire, his face twisted with rage. He raises the Golden Fleece on his right arm but Asura is attacking on the left. His defense is not in time. Asura drives his remaining arm into Kratos’ face. Pushing hard, he sends the Spartan hurtling towards the ground. A moment afterward, his right arm shatters.

Both warriors fall back to the earth drained of their strength and slam into the ground with tremendous force. They have fought an incredible battle that pushed them to their limits and beyond. They fought for their goals. They fought for quest for revenge. They stood in each other’s path and paid the price. However, only one of them can be the victor.

His fingers twitch a little. Kratos slowly opened his eyes. His body racked with pain from his plummet back to the ground. Grimacing, he heaves his body around and gets to his knees. He takes a moment to allow the pain to pass. He sees the Blade of Olympus lying within reach. He used the last of the stored power he fed into it to give him enough strength to survive a fall that without doubt would’ve killed him. Kratos takes up the sword. Using it as a crutch, he pulls himself to his feet. He cannot die. Not yet. Zeus must pay for betraying him. He must murder the King of Olympus. Gaia and the Titans will also pay for their betrayal. Sheer will is driving Kratos now. Just as it did when his body was crushed by the Colossus of Rhodes brought to life by Athena when he stole some of the godly power he inherited when he took the throne as God of War. He refused death then. He does so now. Just as Kratos takes a step, he turns around to the twinge at his back.

Asura stood before him. He too is heavily damaged from their furious fighting. Both of his arms are gone. The empty sockets sparked with electricity. He glowers at Kratos. Like him, he cannot die yet as well. The Seven Deities must pay for their betrayal of him, the murder of his wife Durga and kidnapping of his daughter Mithra. Asura has sworn to crush any who stand in his way. Kratos is no different. Whether he is with his former comrades or not does not matter to Asura. Kratos stood in his path. He must be removed. Asura drops into a battle stance. He will end this battle whether he has his arms or not.
Kratos sheathes the Blade of Olympus on his back and draws the Blades of Exile. Their magic renews some of Kratos’ lost strength, but only enough for him to stand fully. He glares fiercely at Asura. He sees a godlike being who has abandoned a village who paid him tribute and in turn paid the price for his negligence. All gods are the same. Betrayers. Liars. Deserters. This false god is no different. He will rid this world of him. Kratos drops into a battle stance. Defeating Asura will be no effort. Without arms, he cannot defend himself. That will be Kratos’ advantage.

Both Kratos and Asura dig their feet and push off hard. Their feet devour the ground as they charge each other bellowing forth fierce battle yells. This will be their final assault. The impact of their clash echoes through the air. They stand together. Kratos has a Blade of Exile jammed in Asura’s side. Asura has a knee buried deep in Kratos’ gut. Now it is a matter of who will relent first. For what seemed like minutes, one of them begins to waver. Kratos spews blood over Asura’s shoulder. Sadly, the Blades of Exile could not heal him enough to withstand Asura’s attack. Slowly, he staggers back, sliding the blade out of the false god’s side and drops to one knee. He looks up at Asura in defiance. Kratos will not submit even in death. He is Spartan. Spartans do not surrender.

“You will pay, false god,” he says. And then he collapses to the ground.

Asura looks down at the ash colored man with the red tattoo. He scoffs and walks away. “I am no god,” he says. With the ash colored man dead, Asura continues his quest to save Mithra.


Asura fights his way through the Seven Deities in order to rescue his daughter Mithra who is being held captive. Single handedly, he decimates the Imperial Forces he once fought alongside and succeeded in purifying the strongest of the Gohma with the unlikely partnership of Yasha. Afterward, Asura prepares to face Yasha in a duel. He will use the experience he gained fighting the ash colored man who called him a god. He is no god. Yasha called himself that. And Asura will defeat him.


On a battlefield of an unknown location, two warriors duel. The ninja in blue uses ice powers to attack his opponent, the ninja in yellow who avoids his frozen onslaught with hellfire. Their battle is fierce with each of them employing the techniques they have studied and honed extensively over their years of training. The blue ninja launches an attack that proves costly as the yellow capitalizes on his mistake and lets loose a harpoon from his hand that attaches to the blue ninja’s chest. The yellow ninja yanks hard on the chain with a demanding, “Come here!” He slams his opponent on the ground. The blue ninja stands wearily, gravely injured from the harpoon and the fall. The yellow ninja steps toward him, preparing to end their conflict. Suddenly, the blue ninja’s body jerks forward before he is yanked into the dense fog. The yellow ninja gazes into the fog with his pupil-less eyes.

The sound of footsteps on gravelly dirt approaches. Soon a figure emerges from the blanket of fog. His head and body are embroidered with a bright red tattoo. His ash colored skin blended with the thick mist and in his hands he held two large wickedly curved blades that glowed with godly fire.

Kratos looks at the strangely clothed man before him. Cursed Athena, where has she sent him now? Is this punishment for losing his fight with Asura? He was tired of her games. He makes a mental note to kill Athena again if it were possible. If this is punishment, then so be it. He will defeat the warriors of this world and use the experience he gains here to defeat the Gods of Olympus.
And Asura.

The yellow ninja draws his hand back and thrusts it forward, sending the harpoon through the air again. “Get over here!” he said in a demanding tone.

Kratos snorts in contempt. He bowed to no one. Whatever this strange land is, one thing is certain. He will defeat all who cross his path in quest to destroy Zeus, starting with this ninja. He swings the Blades of Exile in a wide crossing arc to intercept the attack.

It has begun!

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