J1-Con 2014 Recap Video

Philadelphia’s #1 anime convention, J1-Con was a huge success once again! This time we were in the University City area at The First District Plaza on 3801 Market Street.

Not only did we have anime screenings, vendors, gaming, great panels, and amazing cosplay, but we were blessed by the presence of A-list voice actor Vic Mignogna in person! Having him was such a blast! We were expecting 600 people in attendance, but ended up with 1,800 by mid afternoon. Best J1-Con to date.

With your help and constructive criticism, we can make each year better than the last. at J1-Con in 2013, we only had 400 attendees. So we are moving in the right direction.  No convention gets big without the support of the people! 🙂

Quotes from fans:

“I had an amazing time at J1 Con 2014. The crowd swell was beautiful. People had such amazing costumes! Such color and detail, at times it was hard to just vend and not keep snapping photographs.
Serendipitously, some people even found their team (ala Sailor Moon) who hadn’t come together. More of the same I say! More of the same! The after party was great fun as well:).”  ~ Rorie

“J1-Con was my first anime convention!! It was a really fun experience, I’ll try to go again next year! ”  ~ Helen

“Let me find out this going to grow to be the Otakon of Philly!! okay I like it lol”  ~ Jaleesa

“Can’t wait for the Musicfest!”  ~ Joseph

“You guys did a great job. I can’t wait to see it expand! I’ll definitely be at J1Con again next year. ”  ~ Emily

“Looking forward to see it expand. Great work everyone involved trying to get it to run smoothly.. From the hype guys outside to the people at the lines. Thanks Jason and crew and wish u guys best of luck.”  ~ Ramon

“You have my full support. I’ll be there at J1 music fest and the upcoming events that fellow. Can’t wait to see you guys again. I hope to make new friends along the way.”  ~ Seth

“I had so much fun at the con and the afterparty was a blast to be a part of! Looking forward to the future events!”  ~ Devin

“I’ll be at the next one! It was great!”  ~ Amber

“I had a great time! Hopefully the con will be bigger and better next year!! (Philly convention center?????) ”  ~ Isaac

“I had soo much fun! Let’s all make the next J1-Con even better than this year!”  ~ Janee

“I’d say it was mad awesome! I totally enjoyed it!! And whenever the next one is, yea! I deff can’t wait!”  ~ Khylil

“Axel had so much fun meeting new friends and hanging with familiar ones! Thank you to whoever gave me a ice cream bar…! J1-Con was amazing! Can’t wait for next year!”  ~ Marc

“SO happy to see someone bringing an anime convention to Philadelphia!”  ~ Aaron

“It was so fun hanging out and socializing in cosplay. All in all, it made a great birthday ; )”  ~ Christina

“Had sooo much fun at J1 Con, this was my second time going and my friends lexy and Darius’s first time coming to J1 Con. We absolutely can’t wait till next year. Thanks Jason.”  ~ Momo


Song: “Honeybell” by Maxo

Shot and Edited by Forrest Shamlian of J1 Studios.


Check out the Recap video from J1-Con 2013

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