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Fortnite World Cup sets four World Records!

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world right now, with 250 million players and a competitive scene that is rising to the top of the eSports world. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup packed out the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which usually opens its doors for tennis majors like the US Open. …

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J1-Con will host the TooManyGames Cosplay Contest!

  J1 Studios is looking for cosplayers to star in their next J1-Con Cartoon Network commercial. Here’s how they’ve been doing it: J1 Studios/J1-Con hosts multiple cosplay contests at varying conventions and give the winners FREE 3-DAY PASSES to J1-Con 2018 where they have the chance to compete for a main spot in the commercial …

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The Legend of Zelda Orchestra + J1 Studios + J1-Con are forging the Triforce of AWESOME!

Talk about making the Triforce of Awesome! The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses – a stirring orchestral performance of musical themes from the critically-acclaimed Legend of Zelda video game series accompanied by game footage on a giant screen. The Zelda Symphony is a groundbreaking multimedia production merging the visually striking digital art of …

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Jemmillion interviews Chris Alexander of J1 Studios!

The Fighting/Video Game community Jemmillion is back, and this time they got ahold of Chris Alexander, of J1 Studios. He’s an interesting fellow!   Read the article here: http://jemmillion.com/2015/05/18/interview-with-chris-alexander-the-head-of-gaming-and-business-development-at-j1-studios/ Follow Jemmillion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jemmillion and Twitter: https://twitter.com/jemmillion  1,544 total views

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J1-Con 2014 Recap Video

Philadelphia’s #1 anime convention, J1-Con was a huge success once again! This time we were in the University City area at The First District Plaza on 3801 Market Street. Not only did we have anime screenings, vendors, gaming, great panels, and amazing cosplay, but we were blessed by the presence of A-list voice actor Vic …

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J1-Con 2014 Footage Coming Soon!

As the post-con depression wears off, we want to thank you all for bringing your energy and making yesterday’s J1-Con 2014 such an awesome success! The number of attendees we were expecting was easily broken within the first two hours of the convention, and we were registering hundreds more guests throughout the rest of the …

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With the convention being tomorrow, we want to use this post to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support! There’s truly no way we could have gotten this far without the continuous love, support and enthusiasm from you, our fans and followers. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow! See you then …

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2 #J1Con – Follow us on Twitter for Winning Raffle Numbers Throughout the Day!

IMPORTANT! – During the day on Sunday, we’ll be announcing the raffle winners via twitter! This means keep your smartphones & tablets charged if you and your friends are participating in the raffles! Here’s the link to the J1-Con twitter account! https://twitter.com/j1con Below are a few preview pictures of what we’ll be raffling off. Not shown below …

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3 #J1Con

Hand picked by our most knowledgable of anime fans, we will be showing three awesome movies of Japanese Origin! Battle Arena Toshinden will be presented in english, while Gatchaman and Lupin vs Conan will have english subtitles.  2,230 total views

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4 #J1Con

The 21+ Afterparty is your chance to enjoy the music of DJ Tygermouth, to catch a cosplay burlesque show presented by The Ladies of Philly Burlesque, and to drink and party with all of the guests and vendors from the convention! Drinkin’ with Vic?? Whaaaaat!?!?  1,604 total views

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