Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 14

In the midst of it all, several angels have pursued the woman a split moment after Dante had tossed her. She quickly takes them out with some impressive aerial acrobatics, mixing melee attacks with gunfire. The angels, despite their best efforts, stood little chance against the woman’s agility. They are felled effortlessly. The glowing golden remnants of their defeat float to the ground like a gentle snow on a winter’s morning. The woman lands next to Dante. Through silent communication, they resume complimenting each other movements. Dante bends forward, allowing the woman to roll onto his back. With legs and arms spread, she cuts down the angels’ numbers using all four guns. Dante does his part in cutting down the angels. Balancing his female companion, he sweeps one arm across, pulling the trigger with superhuman speed. The arrows the angels fired are destroyed. Dante then sweeps his other arm across, using the same method to take out the angels.

Again with an unspoken signal, the woman rolls up Dante’s back as he stood to a handstand on his shoulders. She quickly swings her legs around, dispensing gunfire. Several swarming angels disappear in bursts of golden energy. Then the woman pushes off Dante’s shoulders, whipping herself into a fast barrel roll. She takes out a few more angels before landing in Dante’s arms. The Devil Hunter had already pocketed his pistols to catch her.

Dante and the woman go through a series of flashy dance moves with Dante leading and the woman disposing of the remaining angels. The duo moved in poetic motion, reading one another like longtime friends even though they only known each for merely a half hour or so. They were in perfect sync. The woman allowed Dante to guide her through the steps of their macabre routine. Each elegant move and flashy twirl was coupled with a blast from the woman’s guns. At one point, Dante lifts her up and they twirl around together, dispensing death like rotating turret. He releases her mid rotation. She slides across the grass on her knees. Dante quickly flips over the three angels that threatened to cleave his back. Upon landing, he draws Rebellion from his back. He slashes each angel in rhythmic sequence and bats their bodies away with the broadside of his sword. Striking an elegant pose and snapping her fingers, the woman conjures up three iron maidens. The ominously glowing containers catch each angel. They slam shut immediately afterward, destroying their captives.

Now only a small group of red angels remain. Dante spots them and cracks a wide grin. With a flash twirl of Rebellion, he dashes towards the group that has become frozen with fear. Dante drives Rebellion into the first angel he approaches. The sword’s awesome length pushes the angel to the center of the pack. Planting his feet, he swings Rebellion around with the angel still wriggling on its tip. One by one, the angels collect on the sweeping blade. With herculean effort, Dante launches the angels to the sky. He then returns Rebellion to his back and brings out his pistols for another romp. The woman does the same. In a hail of gunfire, the last of heaven’s helpers are reduced to glowing flakes that trickle to the ground, fading away just before reaching the grass.

“Guess our show was too much for them,” Dante says with a grin.

“Even heaven has critics,” the woman added.

“Well, that cured my boredom. Coming out here I was expecting to deal with another ghost story. Nice to know my time wasn’t wasted,” Dante said before giving Ebony and Ivory a quick twirl and placing them back home. He starts to leave when the woman stops him.

“Surely you can’t expect that brief interlude to be our main attraction,” she says.

Dante smiles and turns to face the woman. “You’re right. It wouldn’t be civil to leave in the middle of our date. I take it you want to further. But let’s introduce ourselves first. It’s only proper,” he says. The suspicion he had since he first entered the graveyard has been confirmed. The call he received was made by a person with a British accent. However, that wasn’t the only tip off. The voice was strangely calm. Granted, Dante has gotten calls where the person was calm but this calm he heard is different. Usually the ones with strangely calm voices either doubt his abilities or want him dead. Right now, he’s dealing with both.

Bayonetta has learned all she knows about Dante from Rodin. Since then she has been curious to see if the man stands up to his legends. Calling him with the password has proven one aspect of Dante’s character—his willingness to do jobs for those who provide it. The tussle with the angels has shown his combat skills. Now Bayonetta has one more test for the Son of the Dark Knight Sparda. How well he fares against his equal.

“You’re the son of a demon who stood against his own kind for the sake of humanity. You’ve established yourself as a mercenary for hire and you only take special jobs. I’m assuming the ones involving demons. Hope I’m not prying too much, Dante,” said Bayonetta.

“Well, it looks like you done your homework. Sorry, but I’m all out of smiley stickers,” Dante replied with his usual banter. “If our little romp a moment ago is any indication, you must the witch who hunts angels in order to keep her soul out of hell.”

“Well someone’s been telling you my dirty little secrets,” said Bayonetta.

“Wasn’t hard, all I had to do was ask around while on my last tour of Europe. Needless to say most of them dismissed you as fairytale,” Dante said. “Anyway, tell me how did you hear of me, witchy lady? And don’t say reputation, I tend to keep that secret.”

“If you must know, a little birdie told me,” replied Bayonetta.

“Uh huh, and was this little birdie a short, loudmouthed Italian by chance?”

“So you do know Enzo.”

“Not something I want to admit. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s say you and I take our date one step further,” Dante said and then he draws Ebony and Ivory, gives them a flashy twirl and brings them to bear.

Bayonetta smiles coyly and strikes a sexy pose brandishing her weapons as well. “Fine, you lead this time. But remember, this is only our second date so no tongue,” she says.

Dante responds with a flashy grin. “Don’t worry; I’ll try to behave myself,” he says.

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