Liberation Maiden review! SUDA 51 makes a 3DS game????

Liberation Maiden

Developer(s): Level 5/SUDA 51

Publisher(s): Nintendo

Platform(s): 3DS eShop

Genre(s): Action Sci-Fi Shooter

Release: Out Now

Rating: T for Teen

Guest Review by Marc Carter

When Japan decides to elect a high school girl as President, best to believe all hell will break lose! And it has as Shoko Ozora hops into her mech and exits the deteriorating city in a show of speed and power to fighting the nation’s enemies single-handedly.

Liberation Maiden starts off that way. Level 5, developers of Liberation Maiden has a thing for great gameplay but lack of a complete storyline because first of all you don’t know who you are fighting and why you are fighting them. All I got was that President Shoko is pretty much trying to purify her country of Japan back to the way it was. Ok, this would of been appropriate if the game came out on Earth Day. But other than that the animation looks superb, 3D, and even the musical score is amazing and will keep you hooked on the game for a long time.

You have complete 360 control of your mech. Combat is quick at times and even too much. What I mean is that there is too much going on and the fighting can be chaotic that you wouldn’t even know what’s going on or who even killed you at times.

Here’s how you play the game:
You are mainly using the stylus by holding it in your right hand and aim using the touch screen. With your left hand, you control the movement of your mech with the circle pad. As you move your cursor over the enemies, you are able to lock on, and when you lift the stylus from the screen, you fire off a bunch of lasers. There are other weapons that you will get throughout the game that function differently, but mainly the weapon you begin with is the one you use throughout the game.

Truthfully, your hands and wrist will get tired but since the game only has 5 levels you will get thru the game quickly. But with so many unlockable extras to pursue mainly from playing the game on a difficult level and even playing Stage Attack, there’s a lot more to this game.

Liberation Maiden is available on the Nintendo 3DS strictly on the Nintendo eShop for only $7.99 and it’s a MUST BUY for any otaku or anime fan.

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