Chillin’ at the 8-Bit Lounge!

This past Saturday was the date of the 8-Bit Lounge, hosted by Dj CUTMAN. It was a night of music, retro games, and much more. If you missed it, then here’s a bit of a breakdown of the event for you.

So what was going on at the 8-Bit Lounge, you ask? Well, there was plenty of retro gaming going on the packed venue the entire night. Everything from NES to Nintendo 64 was available with games like Road Rash II, The Legend Of Zelda, and even Super Smash Bros. There were also a few special guests in attendance selling their wares that night. ScrewAttack’s SquarePainter was selling his 8-Bit paintings and TooManyGames sold some awesome T-Shirts, buttons and other accessories for gamers. Refreshments were provided by the event organizers and BruleBakery, supplying people with baked goods, drinks, and chili dogs in respect to everyone’s favorite Blue Hedgehog.

A packed house!!!

The highlight of the evening were the two performances of the evening, started off by Dj CUTMAN. Opening up with cuts from his latest album “WiiU Grooves”, he kept the party going strong, even unveiling some new material from his upcoming EP “Kirby’s Bass Face”. The second performer, or performers, were a chiptune group by the name of Bright Primate. The duo, which consists of a female vocalist and a guy with a Gameboy (seriously…), played a solid set for everyone, including a chiptune remix of the Charlie Brown Christmas tune.

Dj CUTMAN doing what he does best...

Overall, the 8-Bit Lounge was a dope event. Between the retro games and the music, it was a pretty chill event that’s worth coming back to.

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