Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura!! Winds of Rage!!

Asura vs. Kratos

Kratos tugs the string of the bow. The image of Typhon opens its mouth and spews forth rapid fire gusts of wind that will shred anything in their path. Asura blocks to first shot and quickly notices the gash left in his arm. He plays it smart and uses his speed to avoid any further shots, jumping and dodging around the arrows of wind. While on the run, he gathers his strength and fires a blast of energy from each of his six arms. The blasts form into one large ball of energy that rocket toward Kratos. Kratos uses the Golden Fleece to absorb the energy blast and fire it back at Asura before resuming his assault with Typhon’s Bane. Asura quickly dashes to the side to avoid his own attack and blocks several shots of wind. He ignores the cuts left in his arms and continues onward. Kratos fires several rounds of wind into ground creating a swirling tornado. One more shot sends it on its way. Asura does not stop when he sees the wall of wind. With a battle cry, he leaps at the swirling winds and digs his hands into it. The winds slice at Asura’s hands, carving deep trenches in his forearms and palms. Asura blocks the pain and spreads his arms wide, splitting the wall of wind. Afterward, he resumes his assault. The arrows of wind from Typhon’s Bane whizz past Asura as he weaves his way around them. He manages to avoid most of them but the few that he doesn’t leave cuts in his body. But his anger is too high for him to worry about them. His only course is to save Mithra. Asura takes a shot in his right shoulder but he pushes on through. He gathers his strength again and launches another blast of energy that takes the brunt of the wind arrows on its way to Kratos. Kratos defends with the Golden Fleece but he doesn’t immediately send the energy back at Asura. He fires at the ground and sends another swirling wall of wind at his opponent. A few more shots from Typhon’s Bane fuel the vortex, turning it into a churning torrent of wind.

Asura glares at the winds, builds his strength, and plunges his hands into the massive tornado. He pushes against the swirling gusts in an attempt to rip it apart like the last one. The winds of the tornado slash his hands and arms. Asura ignores this and continues to power through. Let the winds cut him; he will stop at nothing for his daughter who is trapped somewhere, crying for him. On the other side of the vortex, Kratos watches with intensity. He knows it will not be long before Asura destroys this tornado as well. He takes a moment to look at the Golden Fleece. It radiated with the power it absorbed. However, that power will soon dissipate. Then he looks at Typhon’s Bane. The radiant light that once glowed brightly within the bow is starting to fade as well. He figures there is enough power for one more assault. With his choice made, Kratos conjures another tornado and sends it away. A moment afterward, he releases the power the Golden Fleece absorbed from Asura.

Grunting fiercely, Asura fights against the powerful vortex that threatens to shred his arms to pieces. The rage burning in his chest grows and with a primal yell he pushes in the opposite direction of the vortex and destroys it. However, his moment of relief is short-lived as the third vortex Kratos launches swirls at him. Asura plants his feet firmly in the ground and spread his arms. He will destroy this tornado as well then he will crush opponent. The churning gusts close in on him. Just as he is about to dig into the tornado, the reflected energy of his own blast from before strikes him hard in his chest, unbalancing him enough for the vortex to suck him in. the winds born of Typhon’s anger swirl Asura around as if he were a leaf, threatening to tear him asunder. Deep gashes decorate his body from the powerful typhoon. If he doesn’t do something, Asura will surely be cut to ribbons. He thought about fighting against the winds but decided not to after seeing how damaging they can be. He can take a lot of punishment but he is not indestructible. Asura rides the winds until he is in the center of the vortex where he dives down to what he surmises is the middle. He begins to focus the white heat of rage burning within him. Outside, Kratos watches the red light glowing in the winds grow brighter. With on final surge, Asura explodes with power that completely decimates the violent hurricane. Kratos shields his eyes from the shockwave that rolled across the ground before looking up at Asura. He grinds his teeth in disgust. Curse the gods. Whether it is in his world or of this one, he cursed them all. Kratos aims Typhon’s Bane to the sky and draws the bow.

Asura dives down to meet the assault head-on. He fires blasts of energy to intercept the gale force arrows. Some are destroyed by the arrows of wind while the rest explode on the ground around Kratos. He stops momentarily to block a few energy blasts with the Golden Fleece and reflect them back before firing more gusts of wind. Asura contends with the wind arrows and his own reflected blasts. He pumps his six arms like pistons, raining hell upon his enemy. He succeeds in destroying the gale winds of Typhon’s Bane as well as his own reflected power. The Golden Fleece absorbs Asura’s shots. It glows with radiant energy. Noticing that Typhon’s Bane is nearly out of power, Kratos focuses the gathered power within the Golden Fleece and feeds it into the bow. He pulls the string back. The fearsome image of the Titan opens its mouth wide and vomits powerful gale force gusts that form into a cyclone which barrels toward Asura. The storm Kratos created is massive, spreading out more than a couple thousand feet across at its widest. The fallen Guardian General has had enough of the mystic winds. He shoots down from the sky to meet the rising cyclone head on. He spread all his arms wide and thrusts them forward. The air explodes from the impact as Asura stops the cyclone dead in its tracks. The tip of the storm chews at his fists resulting in the loss of a couple fingers. Still, Asura does not relent. He pushes against the windstorm, driving back. Then with one powerful surge, he turns the cyclone in on itself. The winds are forced back at Kratos who throws his arms up to shield himself.

The winds explode against the ground, creating a dense dust storm. Asura stares down into the thick blanket of dust. The heavy wind begins moving the cloud. He can see deep trenches in the ground carved out by the violent winds. Soon he sees the ash colored man with the red tattoo. His opponent hasn’t been defeated. That is fine with him. Asura prefers to crush his opponents with his bare hands. He dives down at Kratos, knowing that he is strong and cannot be easily beaten by a mere breeze.
Kratos brings his arms down and checks himself over. The Golden Fleece has done a fine job of protecting him from the winds of Typhon. Without it, he would’ve been reduced to nothing but bone. Hearing an approaching battle cry, Kratos looks to the sky to see Asura diving toward him. He takes aim with Typhon’s Bane but the bow has spent the last of its magic and it disappears harmlessly in his hands. Very well, he has stored magic from the winds in the Golden Fleece. Kratos conjures the Nemean Cestus and funnels the magic into the gauntlets. The lion’s eyes glow with ethereal light. Kratos reels back and thrusts a lion headed gauntlet forward, clashing with Asura’s fist. The force of the strike pushes Kratos sandals into the ground and nearly buckles his knees but he remains standing. He prepares to launch a counterattack when Asura grabs him by the arm with his other hands and whips him through the air and through one of the stone pillars that are spread throughout the area. Kratos hits the ground and rolls to his feet.

Asura launches himself at Kratos. He clashes with the lion headed gauntlets briefly and flips over the Spartan to deliver a powerful blow to his back with his three left arms. The force of the blow sends Kratos tumbling across the ground. Asura continues his assault, caving Kratos’ cheek in with a solid punch. He does the same to his chest and gut and finishes with a crushing uppercut. Asura then grabs him by the Golden Fleece clad arm, slams him on the ground and with whirl lets him fly like a rag doll. With a ground devouring sprint, he catches up to Kratos just before he hits the ground and plows his face with a bone crushing blow. Kratos slams through several stone structures, bounces on the ground and slams into a large boulder. His force splits the boulder down the middle. Asura waits to see if he has finally defeated his opponent. When the dust from the impact clears, he sees Kratos still on his feet. This man, whoever he is, is not a coward like Yasha, he thought. However, he had no time to waste praising his opponent’s worthiness. Mithra is crying. Digging his feet, Asura takes off running. He draws back and throws a punch intended to end the battle.

Kratos dodges at the last second and Asura buries his fist in the boulder instead of Kratos’ face. Kratos attacks with the Nemean Cestus, striking Asura twice in his chest and drives a gauntlet into his face with the intention of taking his head off. He plants one foot firmly on the ground and throws his body forward. With a mighty heave, Kratos sends Asura through a stone structure, reducing it to rubble. Asura tumbles across the ground like a ragdoll before he manages to flip up to his feet and grinds to a halt. He shoots a fierce glare at Kratos only to find him not there. He scans the area. It is now that Asura notices the numerous stone structure and boulders tghat lay throughout. It is likely his enemy has hidden himself, but with the damage he dealt, Asura knows the ash colored man has not gotten far. He has underestimated him. This one still has fight in him it seems.

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